Who do you love most, Daddy or Me?

By Anonymous - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I read several articles throughout the day, most of them revolving around family, babies, relationship and such. I came across several topics that I find rather interesting. One of which; Who Comes First, the Kids or your spouse?

I have been brought up in a family where my father has always put my mother above all things; even us. My siblings and myself we were taught from young; by my father to always put my mother before my father. My mother has never said it verbally to put my father above her but her decision making has always revolves around 'Ask Daddy First', 'What did Daddy say?','If your father say ok, then ok' so yes basically my mother as well put my father above all else. I wouldn't say that my parents are the perfect couple *they do argue, they do hate each other at times but they are my role model of making this Family Thing work. We all have our differences, we are all just normal human beings. It is the love my parents has for each other that has kept the family going strong.
    A happy family don't just happen, it takes everyone in the family to make it happen

Now that I have a family of my own, what are my views? What will I be telling my children? Well, let's put it this way, down the road if my children ask me "Who do you love most, Daddy or Me?" I would tell them ''Daddy''.  You see, I believe that if my marriage is perfectly well, my children would be too.  My marriage is the foundation of my family, if that cracks everything else falls apart. I know, I have been there. I have never wrote this in print but yes this is not my first marriage; and neither is it his. We both should know better when it comes to the ugly side, and yes he is a step parent who adores our daughter, sometimes even more than I could ever adore her. I am blessed. We are blessed. Will I be neglecting my children if I put my husband above all, NO my children's basic needs will be met and we [Hubs and myself] will do it together, by keeping Mr. Hubs as priority and keeping communication going on, providing for the children's needs will eventually fall into place.

I firmly believe that my children would be happy children if they were brought up in a happy family. Yes. We all want to give our children a better childhood than our own, and we tend to focus so much on the child's development and future and forget the basics which is A HAPPY HOME. When my children know that their parents are in love with each other they will know that they are loved too!

Happy Wife. Happy Home. *Ladies gotta agree on this, rejoice ladies.
Happy Home. Happy Kids.

After all that being said, my priorities didn't change, it added instead. Yes. That would be my answer.

More than anything else we can do for our children, the example of a happy marriage supports and encourages the possibility of creating such a relationship in their lives. The time to experience the true blessings of a marriage is not after the kids have left home.

We are One Happy Family.

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