I Love You Mom Dad.

By Anonymous - Friday, June 03, 2016

Sleepless Nights. Long boring days. Confinement Period *let's keep this for another time, rolls eye

Their cries are displeasing. Sleep so erratic, and not to mention breastfeeding so painful. No, I am not complaining. In fact I am grateful. Grateful to my parents. Grateful to Mr. Hubs. Grateful for being given a chance to be a mother. Mother of Heiley and Vegas. The first month ain't easy. It's the month that everyone in the family is trying to get a familiar with the new addition and to try set up a feeding routine *we try REALLY hard
I'm blessed to have my parents around helping me deal with Baby V during the day so I get to do my things, run arrands,work and even catch up on some sleep *I know what you're thinking; confinement, like I always say I'm not one to follow rules and yes we shall keep that for another post...
I Love You, Mom and Dad. That's what this post is about... being a mother of a newborn makes me feel very grateful for my parents and Mr.Hubs and Kiddo.
Having a newborn in my life now, I begin to appreciate my parents even more than I ever will. I doubt that any of us has memories of the time we were infants. 9 months in our mothers womb and then into the world. Little infant us, we needed full attention and care. We needed to feed every 2 hours, change nappies , bathe and the lot. We sleep 23 hours in a day and yet our parents barely 3 hours if they are lucky and yet there's no complain. They do it so willingly. It doesn't end here; the parenthood journey is a lifetime. Now that I'm a mother of 2 my parents still treat me like a child. The saying goes that forever we will remain a child in our parents eyes; true story. I feel bad when I think about the times that I was a rebellious little brat; I still am even at this moment. I try to be a fillial child; I am a fillial child to a certain extend. I wish I could do more, to show them I love them and I'm grateful that they are my parents and no other.
I was going thru baby pictures of me the other day and I saw so much memories. How hard my parents worked to give me a great childhood. How they brought me up from a little infant to now a mother of 2. Blessed. Grateful. That's all I can say.

To my Mom and Dad,
I don't know how you both did it bringing up the 3 of us and now your 2 grandchildren. I just want to say you did a great job. An awesome one if I must say. I've yet so much to learn from you. I may not say it often to you, I love you! So much. I will do my best to give you a happy family and a easier life *not that it's difficult now but I still want to do better.

Me and Daddy. A 2 year old with my own playroom. image

2 months old me. Chubby. That's proves my parents hardwork

That's kiddo Heiley and her grandfather; my father
Baby V with his Grandparents; my parents.
Thank You Mom and Dad. I Love You.

Your rebellious daughter.

It's 12 days to Baby Vegas's full moon.
I should go and get busy.

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