A Working Mothers thoughts.

By Anonymous - Sunday, August 28, 2016

"Let's go drinking" ... "Where?" That would be my answer before Vegas. Since his arrival, I was forced to leave behind my life of drinking & late nights partying. I do miss them terribly, but I have got other more important matters to attend to now;my family.  I've had a million and one arguments with the hubs since Vegas. We never once argued before Vegas. I guess we were both too tired and stressed out over the months, we are slowly getting the hang of it...and I'm happy we made it this far.

Dear friends, many of you still thinks that we do not look after Vegas ourselves. Mind you, we do every night and on weekends. When we are working my parents are looking after him, thank you.
Stay at home mums (*bow bow, my respect to you), working mother's (at least we get a breather, a breather comes with a price).. we all face the same challenge.

Being a mother to a 3 month old baby is joy and pain at the same time. I cannot do late nights at work like I used to or work 24/7 or weekends ( I still have Saturday half day, which is really a hassle), but still I am lucky.  Lucky that I've my parents to look after Vegas when I am unavailable. Lucky that Hubs is trying to be a hands on daddy. Lucky that I've a boss that understands. I am blessed and grateful. I have friend that lost their job as their bossed didn't understand or is less human . 😂

Dear bosses, we (mothers) feel bad when we have to leave work early or take a day off work. Many times its not because we want to but we need to, especially when a child is feeling unwell or when caregivers are not available. I would know as Vegas got sick the past week and I had to leave work early every other day so that we could take him to the doctors. hubs has been great help in taking care of the night feeds when told and doing what he can. I want to let him take full charge and I Believe he can, but mummy's Boy is mummy's Boy. *why u torture me son? Bosses we will deliver our jobs just as well as before we became mothers. We just need a little bit of flexibility and understanding. We mothers still strive to be good examples for our children.

Employers out there, have a heart be considerate. Mother's will never use their child as an excuse. Our child is our reason;not our excuse. Employers who are parents would definitely make things better.  😄

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