By Anonymous - Friday, August 26, 2016

I am! Yes. A Turophile is someone who fancies cheese! I never say No to cheesy stuff! If I've to choose something that has flavours, I will always pick the cheesed flavoured ones. Wine! Wine is never complete without cheese!

What? I heard you ok! You said it's fattening... as if I don't already know that...but it's worth it! I can starve for 3 days after that... lol  or I can hit the gym... *wishful thinking

I'm obsessed with the cheese tarts from Uncle Tetsu. Mad mad love. It's really cheesy! Texture is perfect! Creamy....you can take it hot, the best I had was just out of the oven... room temp is my least favorite. You can put it in the fridge ..it has that ice cream like texture... I like it with my coffee. Kiddo like it too.

Uncle Tetsu has several outlets here in Penang. And you know what? If you are just so lazy , like me. Hehe. You can actually get it delivered to you by DeliverEat.

Are you a Turophile? Not? Check out thee yummy pictures... you might be one real soon...

I am not gonna show you the fillings.  You've gotta go get them to know.

If u know any cheesy stuff that I don't, plssssss let me know.

You won't regret it!

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