I can't keep calm! It's VEGAS!

By Anonymous - Sunday, August 21, 2016

No magic lamp. Lol. But Taaa Daaa My magic rocker. Works most of the time, gives me a least half an hour.


Another thing that has helped me a lot is the 'Lavender' Essential Oil diffused in the room, he seems to sleep much better with it, this month (Chinese 7th month) I was taught to put drips of 'Purify' Essential Oil on the corners of his cot to keep him calm. So far So good! Hehe.
The title says it alright! His cries gets me nervous, frustrated and confused. Yes. I feel bad for being like that as that's the way only way he could actually communicate with us. I am going thru it again after 7 year. LOL. I am still learning, little by little, day by day.

Its 3 months, Vegas is 3 months old today. These 3 months wasn't easy for everyone, as each and everyone of us is still trying to get used to life with a little baby. I was pretty ambitious after Vegas was born thinking I could get my life back like before. LOL. Yes. The drinking. You know what is going thru in my head when I am drinking now? Milk feeding.... yes, to be drunk & feeding milk (Formula) is not something I wanna do. I have done it, I admit and it was a torture. I miss drinking, but for another few months that's definitely off the calendar.  We had to sacrifice our normal routine and time, but I guess this is part of love & part of being a family. Thank You Mr. Hubs. You've been very supportive especially in times that I breakdown due to too much stress.
I am proud tho, proud that we could still manage it despite all. I love you B.

Do you know whats the best part of the day for me as a mother?  Its the moment Vegas and smiles at me, the moment when the 2 siblings are playing together and Heiley Jie Jie watching after her little brother, the moment when Mr.Hubs fetches me after work, the moment when I unlocked the door to my parents and dinner is ready. Those little moments never fails to bring a smile to my face no matter how upset I get with work.As a mother of 2, I have to be honest I feel guilty most of the time. Especially when it comes to Heiley, I haven't really being spending time with her. Most of my time is caught up in the office and with Vegas. Time is my indeed my greatest enemy today. *cries
Heiley always tells the brother 'Be good Di, Give Mummy a rest', when she says that I feel so loved and so proud of my baby girl. She's such a sweetheart. During weekends when Heiley is with me, she's the biggest help I can get. She calls herself 'Mummy's little helper', she doesn't complain and helps with stuffs that I allow her too. You say she like that you melt or not?

I have always made plans in my mind to bring Heiley for an outing, but time never permits. Its not easy to handle a little baby in the outdoors. I thank God that I have my parents helping out. I am a blessed child. I really have to find ways to make it up to her. December. Hopefully. I really thank God above for my baby girl, she taught me a lot.

My daily schedule, for now. I will need more time to slowly get used to it.
8am-10am I'm getting myself ready for work and getting the baby ready too.
11pm-7pm I'm in the office
7pm-8pm I'm taking my dinner at my parents
9pm onwards I'm trying to calm a fussy baby
     *not always the case tho and its a yay! when he's being good.
11pm I'm too tired to do anything.

Yes that's pretty much it. Weekends?  Well since I can't do anything on weekdays, on weekends I try to pack the day as much as possible (grocery, facial, hair, nails, shopping etc); most times I fail. Lol. I need more hours. Anyone has a magic lamp I could use?

Ohh yaa...colic...Vegas was really really easy to burp! and I really have 'Digest Zen' Essential to thank for this. I diluted it with Coconut Oil and apply it to his tummy once every few days and he's a happy baby. No colic and also he passes motion easily. Yay! One less headache to deal with. Parents you should try this for your baby, and it works for my gastric too... hehe. I also put some 'On Guard' on his tiny feet, just to boost his immune system, but I guess the flu bug was strong this round, we are all feeling under the weather, only Mr Hubs is fine. My Mom & my Dad has caught the bug too.

Now time for some happy pictures that makes me proud. Did I mention he is about 6.7kg now.
Chubby little baby. Proud Mama.
Happy Wife. Happy Family.

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