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By Anonymous - Monday, September 19, 2016

I have specific goals in life, once of them is to have flawless, glowing skin. I get really upset when my skin's a b**** ... 

Having a baby, affects everything. I meant EVERYTHING, but I am not complaining well at least I am not now. The joy and laughter that both my children brings words cannot describe. When you are pregnant, you are glowing. 9 months of glowing skin... whee! My greatest nightmare after the 9 months has recently just begun! Hairloss too! WTF! I want my flawless glowing complexion back! I wasn't prepared for the effects of post-pregnancy hormones on my once-glowing complexion. 2 months after Vegas's arrival, my skin was having a party! A party that requires no invitation. 

Reading the instructions
Dry skin, hormonal acne, spots, pigmentation, Loss of radiance....and the list goes on. I am desperate! There I said it. I was doing a lot of research online as I wanted to get my glow back. I came across De'Weiss from Germany. De' Weiss means Pure White in German. I was introduced to them by a friend. She gave me a piece of mask to try, honestly the first time I used it I didn't see much till the next morning when the ugly red pimple seem to have subsided. The mask has a cooling effect on the skin so its really comfy to put o especially after a hard day's work. 

I'm putting on the mask while Mr. Hubs is helping me take the photo.
Blue layer to be removed after I placed it nicely on my face.
I waited for a whole 30 mins before I took it off, I am surprise I can actually lay there on my bed for a whole good 30 minutes, I usually give up by the 15th minute, I guess the mask is really comfy to put on. No complains on this one! You might not see much difference on the photo because my problems aren't visible on photos and also thanks to my wonderful phone's camera, lolx but I definitely see and feel the difference. Bye Bye Taiwan maskssss and all the other mask I still have. Anyone wants? I'm only gonna use this and e-pure from now onward. 

Before vs After
Miracle? Oh yes! 

After putting on the mask, I went and put on the Night Repair treatment which is one of their Star Product. Essence then Serum. It is said that after 7 nights of the treatment you can see the difference on your skin, honestly after the 5th I felt that my skin texture has improve a lot. 

Since I tried 2 of its product and it seems that its really working great for me, I have decided to start of on the whole range for my skin. 

Bye bye ugly complexion, glowing complexion I can' wait till we meet again.

Cleanser, Toner,Moisturizer, Sunblock, Revival Essence
He got bored of watching me taking photos to show you and started screaming...Lol
Email me (  or PM me on Facebook if you wanna know more about this...or if you wanna try out the product for yourself, I will be more than happy to assist...let's glow together! I shall update this post in another 3 weeks with photos too....meanwhile I shall start doing some research on my laser treatment to decide where should I do it  UR Klinik or AO Klinik. Have anyone went? Tell me your experience and do share the results with me.... 

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