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By Anonymous - Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I kinda like this shot, its not easy to capture me smiling like that! This shot is an 'After' Eumora shot but i was smiling so much you can't see anything. Lolx. Read on for the more serious side. :p

Who wants flawless skin? Put your hands up! You’ve gotta read this!
THE Eumora facial bar, I heard about it several years back and I know that the price is costly. Therefore I did not purchase It! Yes. I am sometimes Stingy like that! I got lucky tho’, I was chosen to review it several years later which was about a month ago… Receiving the product made me so happy!
Why is Eumora facial bar so unique and effective? Why is it so raved about by celebrities, near and far? Eumora facial bars, enhanced with Moor & Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) is formulated with 100% world-class grade of ingredients imported from Europe.

Characteristics of the Facial Bar:
Bio-Available: The substances present are in colloidal form, thus they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the skin system.

Antiseptic: The moor contains high proportions of phenol substances and these acts as natural antiseptic.

Detoxifying: The high proportion of humic acid and other humus substances from the moor enables the moor to draw toxic substances trapped in the tissues.

Anti-Inflammatory: Moor has consistently been found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.

Ion-Exchanging: The presence of humic acids from moor also causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the moor.

Eumora facial bars is suitable for everyday use on all skin types, to cleanse and moisturizes skin for a brighter and refreshed result. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well as the facial bar is odorless and made from natural Moor clay with no artificial element.
What is Moor & Hma (Hydration microalgae factor)?
Moor is made of Deep Moor from Austria, it is basically a mud with nutirents formed during the Ice Age and has the essence of 700 types of plants hormones, natural antibiotic, organic compounds herbs and flowers. It goes way back in history and is also knows as the Elixir of Life
Hma (Hydration microalgae factor) is formulated from a world-renowned pharmaceutical patent by a European company, derived from microalgae cultivated in the Hawaiian fresh water lakes. It includes a component that is similar to the structure of hyaluronate 3D mesh structure, which aids in moisture absorption.

I started off using the Euroma facial bar once at night and once in the daytime. It is rather easy to use the facial bar and if you wet your hands enough, it will create a rich lather which will foam slightly if you add more water to it. Fragrance  free and there’s a little bit of stinging sensation upon lathering on my face, I left the product for  3 mins  and moisturize after. My skin felt firmer right after using Eumora. It feel well cleased. You have to follow the steps on the packaging to use it.

Wet your hands and put Eumora facial bar on your hands to create a thick lather. Do not allow the bar to be wet directly under running water, you will hate yourself for doing this…. You would want to preserved the bar as long as possible. Apply gently onto skin, add more water if needed to spread the lather and leave on for 3 minutes. After which, rinse off with water and store the facial bar back into the soap bar holder.  

It worked miracles on my skin,  my dehydrated and imperfect skin is doing really well these days… the bad news is My Eumora Bar finish already as I only got a small bar for trial…it worked wonders…. I can't be stingy anymoe, gonna get this! This will be my cleanser from now on....

Before Eumora

After Eumora, but pls let me be honest, not much difference can be seen from the photo ( I hope) but I definately felt that my skin is much more moisturized and pores are smaller, make up glides on easily too. Skin feels supple and bouncy!

This bar is definitely worth its hefty price tag! I will be using this as my facial cleanser from now on, especially when my skin is being notty!


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FAQ Below:


1. Is the Eumora Facial Bar suitable for all skin types?
The Eumora facial bar has a skin balancing formulation that works on oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin; on both fair and dark skin. This is achieved through HmA and Moor working together to detoxify and restore skin moisturize and pH balance; to bring back the natural radiance and glow of healthy skin.

2. Are there any harmful ingredients in the product?
No. All ESABEE products are developed to be effective, safe and gentle to our skin and friendly to the environment. Both nmA, nutrition microalgae factor and HmA, hydration microalgae factor are powerful proprietary ingredients derived from natural products to help nourish and protect our body against the stresses of modern lifestyle.

3. Should I use moisturisers after using the Eumora Bar?
Yes, we recommend that the Eumora bar be used with a gentle moisturizer, preferably formulated with natural ingredients as your face/skin is undergoing a detox and process through regular cleansing with Eumora.

4. Are there any after effects of using the bar?
The gentle formulation and pH balance of Eumora is designed to minimise all after-effects to the skin. However due to possible pre-existing toxic conditions and skin sensitivities caused by over-exposure to strong exfoliants in some individuals, the detoxification action of HmA and moor may cause a “healing crisis”. Please contact a distributor or our office for further clarification.

5. Can I leave the lather on my skin or face for more than 3 minutes?
The amount of lather and how long you can leave it on varies from skin to skin, the instruction on the box is a basic guide to allow most users to experience the unique effects of using Eumora. However leaving it any longer, may result in a slight increase in the therapeutic effects. However as the skin is a live respiratory organ, any therapeutic effect will eventually be counteracted by the skin’s need to breathe.

6. What is Healing Crisis?
“Healing crisis” is the initial visible effects of the detoxifying process experienced by a very small minority, as the skin organ expels toxins which may have accumulated under the skin over time. The most common examples are localised dryness, itchiness, redness, peeling or even breakouts that will gradually disappear as your skin organ heals and is a definitive sign that Eumora is working.

7. How long does a Healing Crisis last?
It varies from person to person depending on the current condition of the skin. It may range from a few days to a few weeks. It would eventually result in a more radiant and youthful look!

8. Is there anything I can do to help with the symptoms of the “Healing Crisis”?
You can apply a gentle moisturiser (Preferably formulated with natural ingredients) if your skin is experiencing dryness. As for other symptoms, it could be due to the products (Cosmetics, etc) that you have been using. Stop using all such products and monitor the symptoms.

9. What is the difference between SLS & Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate?
They are all surfactants with similar sounding names that behave quite differently. Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate (DLS) is one of the gentlest surfactants which helps remove surface dirt by weakening the bond between dirt particles and the skin. Compared to the more common and cheaper ALS/SLS/SLES which typically produces a rich lather very easily, DLS is easily differentiated as it tends to produce a much thinner lather while cleaning just as well.

10. Why is the Eumora formulation so effective?
Eumora is formulated with active ingredients derived from microalgae and moor imported from various parts of Europe. It is then manufactured in GMP certified facilities in South East Asia according to a secret formulation that works for a wide range of skin types and amazingly for a broad range of climates!


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