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By Anonymous - Saturday, April 08, 2017

Don't care....
Who’s not tired after a long day at work? Tell the truth and shame the devil, raise your hands NOW! *waves like a mad women Well, I am going to play the role of your savior and bring you somewhere you can CHILL! 

There are so many bars and cafes in my lovely island; Penang, but there are just a handful of rooftop bars. G Hotel Kelawai houses one of the most exclusive and chic  atmosphere rooftop bars – Gravity Rooftop Bar. This place is just perfect to unwind after a long day. Not just that, it would be an ideal place for a more laid back business meeting or brainstorming session, being able to relax in a meeting to let the ideas flow. Did I mention it’s quite romantic once the sun sets? *wink

Gravity Rooftop Bar is located on the 24th floor, as you enter the hotel lobby take the lift to the 24th floor *take note that the lift towards the very end doesn’t go to the 24th floor, so make sure you take the first and middle lift.

Open the door at the 24th floor and you will be greeted by a calming infinity pool accompanied by a stunning view of the island, lush hill views, and a seascape glimpse and not to forget the the iconic Penang Bridge.

There are 2 types of seating at Gravity Rooftop Bar; bar stool and lounge. I personally prefer the bar stool seating *because I am short; I like to sit higher la

Before my visit, I knew that Gravity Rooftop Bar is well known for their cocktails and mocktails. Now that I have been here; I swear their Pomegranate Mojito is to die for! No! I am not exaggerating. Well ok, I liked it; a Lot! Mojito is my favourite drink laa…

Pomegranate Mojito
I had 2 glasses of that and a few other drinks.  Pomegranate Mojito is a make from Rum, lime and mint leaves, self-made brown sugar *don’t ask me what this is; I am not the bartender, pomegranate syrup and soda water. This is their Signature Cocktail; so you MUST try ok? For the non-alcoholic friends, well JK Jam is their signature Mocktail.

I did not try the JK Jam but I am sure with a blend of orange, mango, lychee, grenadine and lemonade juice it is definitely yummy. Even without the alcohol it already sounds so refreshing. *with alcohol it would be a boom! Forgive me, I happen to be deprived of alcohol of late.  Gravity Rooftop Bars serves many other types of Cocktails & Mocktails apart from the 2 that I mentioned. Go and explore, be adventurous with your drinks. *evil laughs. Pina Colada, Singapore Sling, Cosmopolitan just to name a few. 
Gin Berry and Strawberry Margarita

Now, besides alcohol they also serve imported bottled beers such as Asahi, Corona, Budweiser. The also have a good selevtion of aperiif cognac, whiskeys and liquors.  For non alcoholic drinks, juices, smoothies, soft drinks are available. They also have San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit juices. They carry San Pellegrino Lomonata & Aranciata Rossa. They have some promotion from time to time, do ask the friendly staffs for the current promotion. *don’t be shy, they don’t bite

Wine O’Clock, is RM75 per hours and you can indulge in free flow of red or white wine to your heart’s content

Beer Promo, 2 pints from RM49 nett

Buy 1 Free 1 on house pours, 5pm-7pm  

*stomach growls I think someone is not happy; because she’s growling. Chilling is not complete without some bites! Food! Yes, well to be more exact light bites are available too. Gravity Rooftop Bar has its own kitchen on the 24th floor, so all the lovely bites are freshly made upon order. We tried almost everything on the menu that evening. 

Satay Lilit Ayam

This is a new menu that Gravity Rooftop Bar has, they change their menu every 3 months. Be sure to go when you can so that you can taste the yummy bites I did.

Popular bites like Satay Lilit Ayam, which is a Balinese style chicken on lemongrass skewers are made with minced chicken with yellow spices and palm sugar. I personally liked this, maybe because I love poultry, but the fragrance of the lemongrass is just yummy. 

Volcano Prawns 

Another bites that deserves a scream would be the The Volcano Prawns which are grilled with spicy mango, pomegranate salsa and crispy wonton chips on the side.

Chicken Tulip
The highlights of the menu which is I think you should try are Chicken Tulip, oven marinated chicken wings in unique barbecue sauce  made from honey and spices *perfect to go with the beers. 

Beef Sliced Lolipop

For the beef lovers, do try the Beef Sliced Lolipop
*it does look like lolipop, I think that where it got its name. This is a meat patty rolled with sliced beef and glazed with smokey chili for a tastier beef  Eat this while its hot, else you might not like it as much. 

Yakitori Chicken Meatball

Yakitori Chicken Meatball, grilled homemade chicken meatballs served with Japanese Yakitoru sauce is yet another bite I would personally recommend. *me and chicken Lol 

A variety of Dim Sum
Devil Wedges, Salt and Pepper Fries, Gravity Burger chicken Katsu Sandwich, Pollo Pizza, Cheesy Smoked Sausage Pizza, Dim Sum are other bites that you should try. You can definitely come here with an empty stomach with all this yummy bites. 

Cheesy Smoked Sausage Pizza
Gravity Burger
Devil Wedges

Do watch my VIDEO to fully check out the environment and the view.
We were lucky that during our visit, we experience the Sunlight, Rain and Moonlight. We also saw a lil rainbow. You might be able to see if you can see it in the video, and as usual more photos below. Lol. *took too many photos, dunno where to post laaa


GravityRooftop Bar.Address.  G Hotel Kelawai,2 Persiaran Maktab,10250 Penang,Malaysia

.Contact No.  +6042380000

Poser! >_<

The Chef and The Manager. 

We-fie with hubs

Selfie! I love selfies... 

Dim Sum anyone?
                Excuse us while we take some 'lomantic' shots


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