Brace yourselfs. I am now 3 cm taller!

By Anonymous - Monday, August 28, 2017

Would you believe it if I told you I am actually 3cm taller than I look especially in person?  No, I am serious. I will be at least 3cm taller if I could just stand straight without slouching. Lol. I remember some films that I have watch on how princesses are trained to stand, walk and sit straight. Book on top of head kinda thingy? Hahaha! Well, honestly I have terrible posture. It might not seem that way to you, as I do straighten up before the click of the shutter which explains the photos/video you see. Lol. Since the arrival of my youngest child, my backache is getting from bad to worse, that's when I figured, maybe I should start adjusting my posture. Maybe, just maybe a good posture would cure my backache.

I slouch a lot, even when I am walking.
I have been reading a lot about Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support which is a wearable brace. The Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support claims to correct poor posture by training your body to keep your shoulders back, helps to correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures and relieves posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headache. They got me at back pains, shoulder pain and headache.

Jonlivia Phiro Back Support gives me an additional 3 cm in height 
I have been suing the Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support for about 2 weeks now, and I am so happy to tell you that it did improve my pains and not only that I am actually walking with better posture. In the beginning I was wearing it only at home, but some days when I am just going out without being dressy and all, I wore it outdoors. I wore it while driving too. Yes. I get occasionally stares but I guess people got bored of staring.

Easy to wear and comfortable

The product is  rather simple to wear, it is kinda like putting on a vest and it is rather comfortable once you get use to it. First you adjust the large waistband below your waist, then adjust the other two smaller bands which adjusts the tightness. It will pull back your shoulders straightens the neck and spine.  Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support is made of lightweight material which is stretchable. With velcro strips you can adjust it to your comfort.

I wear the  Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support most of the times when I am home and less when I am outdoors, the moment you put on the  Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back your back will be automatically straighten. It is recommended to wear it for at least 30 mins a day, but I wear it for a much longer period of time. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks now and it does seem to be doing me good, which I am very happy about.
Good Posture even when working in front of the laptop
It's easy to wash the  Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support , all you have to do is hand wash with mild soap in warm water. Rinse and Air dry. Lol. No ironing require.

Back ache has deifnately imporved 
If you are like me and would want to have that 3 cm increase in height for good, try this. Lol. Jokes aside, if you would like to improve your posture, you can consider the Jonlivia’s Unisex Phiro Back Support.

Jonlivia also carries many other activ wear and shaping wear.  I do work out and Jonlivia Hotpants is one of the pants that I am using during my workouts, which is great in making me sweat more than usual, I am also using the Jonlivia Hot Belt to get rid of the stubborn fats on my flabby tummy. I have yet to try their Activ Singlet & Sports bra.

Check out Jonlivia’s page below for more.

Video HERE

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  1. Now I want to be 3 cm taller too! Thanks for sharing about the product.

  2. Is a good support the back. Encourage you to sit or stand proper. Thanks for recommendation.

  3. This product is quote good. I want to be 3 cm taller too hehe.

  4. Wow.. 3cm taller? Thats a great achievement.. I agree we all need a good back support...

  5. Wow.. 3cm taller? Thats a great achievement.. I agree we all need a good back support...

  6. I also love this back support! It definitely helps to adjust our posture correctly =)

  7. hahaha really can be taller.. You are right!