A Traditional Facial Treatment

By Anonymous - Saturday, August 26, 2017


I attended the Grand Launching of La Herballe Medi & Spa earlier this month.”Congratulations on your opening. May your business continue to prosper.” The theme for the opening was Pink, one of my favourite colour. I wore my Bell Dress for the event. It has been 2 years since I wore the dress, and I am so glad I could actually still fit into it. La Herballe Medi & Spa was founded by Ms. Jacqueline Goh and o August 6th La Herballe Medi & Spa has opened its 4th outlet here at Kristal Point, Penang. During the opening, we were brought to visit their treatment rooms and they also did a demo for us with their top selling product which is the La Herballe’s best selling products is the  Face/ Body wash, which is a formulation from Japan. I have to say that I was rather skeptical as the packaging wasn’t very appealing, and you know how much I am for packaging. So,the main ingredients in their products are green apple peel, green tea and lavender. All these ingredients are rich in Vitamin A, E and C. My hands were used during the demo, and yes I did notice a fairer complexion after the wash. La Herballe’s products do not contain alcohol and they are plant based so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. La Herballe’s products are also ‘Halal’ certified. I was given a complimentary traditional treatment voucher and a bottle of the signature body and facial wash to take home too. Thank you for the generosity.

Treatment Room 
Consultation Room
The weather has been rather unpredictable of late, I guess my skin has gotten affected by it. Skin feels drier than usual and more oily than usual during the evenings. Wtf. I guess it's time to visit the saloon for some treatment, and this is when I remembered that I still have a complimentary treatment from La Herballe Medi & Spa. Made my appointment with La Herballe Medi & Spa together with a friend, Christina.

La Herballe Products

The session started with a thoroughly cleansing of our faces using their top product which is the 2 in 1 Face/ Body wash. After cleansing, scrub is then used to gently exfoliate the skin, and then a steam machine is placed over the face to soften the skin to help in the extraction process, and followed with a mask. The last step of the traditional treatment was moisturizing cream. Yes, the steps are pretty simple, and no modern machine is use during the traditional facial treatment. I had rather clean pores as I do clean them myself with the tool and I do actually do all the above myself once a week, I am vain and I know it. Lol. My thoughts on La Herballe Medi & Spa, well to be honest a traditional facial was never my preferences, I still prefer those modern treatments that involves laser, LED lights, exfoliating machine and such. Lol


For those who are looking for a traditional  treatment, you can consider La Herballe Medi & Spa. Try it out, it doesn't suit me but who knows, it might suit you. Check out the Facebook and Website below.

La Herballe Medi & Spa
303-01-30, Krystal Point 1, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact No : 012-4707799


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  1. will try it out one day for my super sensitive skin!

  2. You looks rejuvenated and refreshed after your treatment...i should look it up too...

  3. Pink is also my favoutie colour. I would love to give it a try. Hope they come to Ipoh soon.

  4. Everything looks so pink! I want to try out the lavender one haha Also love that the products are rich in Vitamin A, E and C!

  5. Looks really effective on you dear =) I always suffer dry skin, time to visit La Herballe Medi & Spa!

  6. Haha, I'm with you as well because I prefer modern facial. Btw, your outfit is gloriously nice!

  7. Arhh. I have not been to facial for sooo long. I guess this is the time for me.

  8. I miss facial time. gonna book an appointment soon

  9. Congrats for this grand launch. Now you have another beauty place to hangout :)