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By Anonymous - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When Heiley was born, I was in the search for baby products for her skin, hair, and everything else as her skin has a fairly rough texture and was pretty sensitive, and is still sensitive now.  I was trying to avoid the chemical and toxins, as baby’s skin is still fragile.  It is know that some substances, when applied to the skin, may be absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Any ‘natural’ products in the market would only require 1% of natural ingredients to be called natural, what happens to the 99%? A mix of chemicals and water to make up to the 99%, that’s how. Eczema and allergies among children are increasing, as research shows that is because of early introduction of ‘toxic toiletries’ being the major factor. It got easier as Heiley grew up but she does have sensitive skin and can only use certain brands of body wash.  Now that Vegas is 15 months old, I have had my share of searching high and low as well. Lol.  I am so sad that I didn’t find out about these earlier, but I am so happy that it’s still not too late.

I was given these products from Little Innocents Malaysia, and I immediately tried it on Heiley and Vegas, and I had very high hopes on these bottles as they are organic and safe to use, even for mama.  I have not come across this in the market because if I did I am sure I would be a loyal customer. Lol.  

Little Innoscents is an Australian brand and established in 2007. It is one of the first organic baby skincare companies to be recognise as certified organic. It is 100% free from synthetic ingredients, paraben, SLS and SLES, petro chemical and GM material. 

Little Innoscents 100% organic, natural baby products are Australia’s trusted way to protect delicate skin. Every Little Innoscents product contains only natural, aromatic botanicals and gentle organic skin care ingredients. Safe, soft and bursting with sweet natural scents, Little Innoscents make baby bath time a pleasure.

Little Innoscents was developed by an Australian mum who was searching endlessly for natural and organic product for her first born child, Alex. She was disappointed by the cocktail of worrying chemicals she found in baby skincare products, including many labelled as ‘natural’ and soon she developed her own line ‘Little Innoscents’

Little Innoscents is  100% Australian made and owned,  Cruelty free, never tested on animals.
Supported by Australian organic certification you can trust  environmentally friendly  Hypoallergenic and pH balanced so it won’t irritate and upset the precious balance of good bacteria living on your baby’s skin Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, with no petrochemicals and nothing synthetic.  Naturally scented using the purest essential oils .Sourced entirely from nature and it  is suitable to use from birth.  Little Innoscents is gentle, yet effective at soothing problem skin.

The moment I received the package and opened it, I was thrilled and even posted it on my Insta story on my Instagram.  I hope you didn’t miss it.  Follow my Instagram as I will be posting the kids bath time with Little Innoscents. Lol.  The tubes are very colourful, and it is pleasing to the eye every time I walk into the kids bathroom.  The bathroom smells heavenly after their bath time too. I am going to share my experience of each tube of love with you. I received a total of 10 tubes
  • Organic Hair & Body Wash [Spearmint & Sweet Orange)
  • Organic Conditioner [Naturally Scented Cherry Coconut]
  • Organic Moisture Rich Body Lotion (Floral Ylang Ylang)
  • Organic Intensive Soothing Cream (soothing Calendula)
  • Organic Winter Blues Balm [Warming Eucalyptus)
  • Organic Milky Whites Toothpaste [Yummy Mint & Strawberry Swirls)
  • Organic Paw Paw Balm [Petrochemical Free]
  • Natural Sun Lotion SPF 30
  • Little Innoscents Hair Fudge

This is a All-in-one low allergy gel designed for minimum fuss, it is gentle enough to use daily. Designed to gently hydrate, cleanse and protect our child’s skin from top to toe. It is formulated with active ingredients to relieve dry, itchy skin. It has anti –inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients pH balanced so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin like Heiley’s. It has low suds, which is a key indicator that there are no synthetic foaming agents in its formulation. More foam doesn’t mean cleaner skin okie? Don’t get the wrong concept.  I can see that Heiley’s skin condition is getting better than before. It doesn’t feel as dry anymore. I love the way it lathers on the skin when I bath Vegas. I have tried it myself, so I could tell you exactly how it feels. It feels like lathering oil on my body, at first I wasn’t quite use to it as I expected a more foamy texture. *more foam doesn’t mean cleaner skin, remind self.  This surely doesn’t strip off our skins natural oil, as my skin doesn’t feel dry after. Infused with Essential oil specially for  hydration  such as spearmint, lavender and sweet orange.

I have got to admit this; nothing gets me more frustrated than combing Heiley hair. I have tried so many conditioners on her hair and non seems to work the way I want it to.  Little Innoscents conditioner is as of now the best for her hair, but still …arghh.. I think its Heiley’s hair that is the problem. Lol. Anyways, Little Innoscents Organic Conditioner is really smells like Cherry Coconut, you can smell a faint coconut smell atop the Cherry.  It detangles,  repleshnises and smoothes out hair.  It is blended with palnt extracts and dericed solely from fermentation nd plant materials using sustainable green chemistry. It does not dry the hair of natualy oils.

This body lotion provides hydration, protection and nourishment to the skin. I used it on the kids after shower time as its provides hydration and is effective in helping with itchiness,  Heiley scratches a lot lesser these days especially after a day out side.  It smells really nice too as it is scented with Ylang Ylang. I would highly recommend this lotion to mamas that are looking for one. This is going to replace all the lotions at home, as I used it and it does keep my skin hydrated when I am at home confined in an air conditioned room, and it’s not sticky like most lotions I have used.  I really dislike carrying the baby after lotion as he feels so sticky. Lol. This doesn’t happen now, happy baby; happy mama.

Is your baby prone to nappy rash? Well this might be the answer to your prayers.  This intensive soothing cream is just perfect for nappy rash and treatment of redness and itchiness caused by eczema, psoriasis and dramatis. Our usual nappy rash cream is basically a thick cream which creates a barrier with zinc oxide and petrochemicals that covers the skin. Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream doesn’t work the same, it penetrates the skin and helps to sooth and heal the inflamed area. This cream smells way better than any nappy cream I have used. I got a bit adventurous and tried it on myself, no! not where the sun don’t shine, but since it’s a soothing cream and designed to be deeply moisturizing with certified Shea Butter and Avacado Oil, I thought why not try it on my cracked heels, and to my amazement it does help soothe and moisture them, you cana also use it on insect bites, haven’t tried that and don’t intend to. Who wishes to get bitten right? Lol. With ingredients like Shea Butter, Avacado Oil, Calendula Extract this is just perfect for the whole family. Papa could even use this as his after shave.  One bottle for everyone! Happy Family; Happy Mama. I am telling you, this is really good! I’m going to purchase another bottle and keep it in the nappy bag for emergencies.

I was a bit sceptical with the name of this tube, Winter Blues Balm, because where I am right now, there is no winter *how sad, lol. Well actually, its is called winter blues balm because it brings warmth to the body, I do apply  ‘Vicks’ on the children when they aren’t feeling too well just to keep them warm, and this does the same. You can place a little on the soles of their feet to help them breath easy during sleep time, I apply directly on their chest as I do apply some other essential oil on the soles of their feet therefore I didn’t want to mix the both.  This bam is filled with natural beeswax, certifies Organic Shea Butter and infused with essential oils of pepperming, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I got a bit adventurous and applied some on my tired shouders while typing this and it feel nice and warm. The ingredients gently absorbs into skin and melts away discomfort. This also has  anti bacterial , antifungal and anti microbial, ant virau and anti inflammatory properties. Sounds so great, It is great!

Mamas who’s having trouble getting their kid to brush their kid, raise your hand! *raise and waves like a mad woman. I am having so much trouble that I actually made Heiley stick a piece of paper on the toilet door that says ‘BRUSH TEETH’, Lol… or she will just conveniently forget. This toothpaste is fluoride –free, children do not need fluoride as too much of it will cause dental fluorosis and can be toxic for children.  This is safe to swallow and I have tried it on Vegas, he seem to enjoy swallowing it.


I have heard so much about the Paw Paw Balm, and I am so happy to finally get to try this product. I have read so many reviews about this balm. The Little Innoscents Paw Paw Balm is filled with nourishing beeswax shea butter, calendula Vitamin E, Avacado Oil, Sunflower Oil and most importantly Australia Organic Paw Paw to heal and hydrate the skin. If you still do not know what is Paw Paw, well it is actually Papaya. The Organic Paw Paw Balm from Little Innoscents is great to relieve crack lips, I use it as my lip balm now. Lol. It is also used for nappy rash, insect bites relief, after sun care, crack nipples *ouch and almost everything else. This is like a miracle balm. A must have in every household, if I must say.

Heiley spends a lot of time in the sun now that she is in primary 2, she is getting more tan than ever. Lol. Active kid she is.  I seldom apply sunscreen on her except when at the beach but I have recently tried to make this a routine when she goes out in the sun. Little Innoscents Natural Sun Lotion is uniquely formulated and provides the skin protection from the harsh, drying sun. This is a mineral based sunscreen which contains zinc oxide as the only active ingredients and the best part, No preservatives. It also contains Vitamin E Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Rosehips extract. This sun lotion gives you 3 hours water resistance.

This product is a God send product, I have been searching high and low for a kind of wax for Vegas, I just can’t wait to style his hair. Lol. I have searched so long that I have already given up, I have gotten used to his unruly hair, and then bam! Little Innoscents Malaysia sent me this! Happiness is looking at a young boy with nice hair. LOL. I immediately took it out and started stylish the boy’s hair, Perfect. Little Innoscents Hair Fudge is just perfect to to style his hair and keep the entire frizz under control. Little Innoscents Hair Fudge is made with Sandalwood and Orange Infusion and is completely alcohol, Paraben and SLS Free so it’s safe to be use even in newborns.  It has a strong hold without the white flakes and washes away easily without leaving any icky residue on the hair or scalp.

I honestly can’t tell you how much I love these. I am very happy that these product suits the kids, and Heiley loves them as much as I do.  It is also great to know that this product is organic and safe to use for the kids. It really does what it claims and the price is affordable comparatively, after all it was developed by a mother for their child. J

Do you like what you have read? Well if you do this is your chance to try these products for yourself. Would you like sample? Follow the steps below, and you will be well on your way.

How to receive a FREE sample of Little Innoscents?

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2. Message our Facebook page and type "I would love to try Little Innoscents!" and include your details as below:
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  1. First thing I have to say, your baby just look like you!
    Australia products I love~ I went australia few times I bought their product quite alot!

    Stepheny Siew

    1. Haha thanks babe. And yeah the product is really impressive

  2. I love how your describe your baby smell like fruit. The packaging attractive to me. Will consider this brand once become mummy.

    1. Lol he smells so good I like hitting him even more now.

  3. Baby smells like food??? Yummehhh!!! wanna kiss kiss bite him. hahaha...they really have a good range for babies.

    1. Hahaha I do it everyday. 😂 Terrible Mama I am

  4. im asking for the sample now!

  5. Ia so colourful and I like the packaging of it

  6. this seems a great 108% organic product & hope I could get this for a try - Racheal

  7. this seems a great 108% organic product & hope I could get this for a try - Racheal

  8. wow, I don't know about this before. Thanks ^^

  9. Great review. I am expecting my baby soon so I am now renovating my house such as bed room renovation to have extra space for a baby room. Thanks for sharing.