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By Unknown - Sunday, September 10, 2017


Slimming pants is not something new,  and today I am going to share with you a new type of slimming pants. This is the kind that you can actually wear while you are sleeping. Yes. You read it right. Lol. Loose inches of your waist while you sleep.

The basics of slimming pants is to designed to help us sweat more, burn more calories during our daily activities like walking around, light exercises, watching tv and household chores. Most slimming pants is not advised to be worn to sleep, however today I am going to share with you the kind that allows you to do so. Lose inches while you sleep. Sounds good? Read on.

I really want that behind that I have been dreaming off all my life, but squats are somehow just too much of a torture for me. I am still trying. Lol and I need to get rid of some belly fats and thighs fats which I have recently gained thanks to all the late night snacking and my new slimming pants has indeed helped me a lot. I have been trying them out for almost a month before writing this to share with you, my thighs are less flabby however the tummy is still here *I should stop late night snacking Let me introduce to you a new line of slimming pants;
KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings
KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Sleeping Pants



I am so in love with my new pants from KEEXUENNL, I have been wearing them day and night for the past month. KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Sleeping Pants aids weight loss and beautifies the skin too, and it doesn’t make you sweat like other pants. Sweat and sleep is rather yucky to me. So how does the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings and Sleeping Pants helps us trim those inches and beautifies our skin. With the use of new high-technology, a varieties of plant  that aids in fat burning is wrapped in capsules and carefully added into the fabric. When the skin and fabric touches, microcapsules will gradually split and release the active ingredients which will the penetrate into our skin and helps us achieve our idea thighs. The KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings and Sleeping Pants can be worn up to 24 hours a day and also to sleep. I wear the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings and Sleeping Pants especially when I am at home and doing household chores such as mopping the floor. I did try to use the with my slimming cream, and it was all good. Do wait for your slimming gel/cream to dry before putting on the pants ok?


That’s not all, the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings and Sleeping Pants come in 4 different type One which is the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings which is made suitable for outdoors and workout sessions and the other 3 which is the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Sleeping Pants is for sleeping and lounging at home which is the Lavender, Rose and Dark Sea. All the 4 has the same fat burning function and skin hydrating functions. One more thing which I really like about this is that its fabric is actually a ‘ice feeling’ fiber, with ICE TOUCH cold technology. WHen the fabric touches our skin, it will instantly produce a cool feeling, it effectively drops a little more than 5 degree celsius of our body temperature.  Too bad it doesn’t last long enough, the icy sensation only last a mere 2 second. The fabric is very thin and light, fits the skin well and when we sleep the microcapsules is squeezed out and fat burning capsule is released into the skin. While we sleeping our body will secrete a leptin (LEPTIN) slim hormone which can speed up the fat metabolism, anti-fat cell formation. With the release of these microcapsules, leptin secretion is stronger thus accelerating the decomposition fat. Now, back to what makes each different from the other.


Rose:Helps in the disappearence of celulites on our thights, especially good for those with stubborn cellulites. It has a nice smell when worn too, make the soom so pleasant to smell. The smell is not from essential oil or fragrance but from the natural ingredients in the microcapsule.

Lavender: Relax our mind  and ensures good night sleep, the smell of lavender is released when you wear it and  we all know lavender has that calming effect. Please be reminded again that the scent that you are smelling is not from essential oil or fragrance but from the natural ingredients in the microcapsule.

Dark Sea: This is a limited edition KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze and also the latest addition and this is 2 time more fat burning properties, two times more Icy Feeling and has anti aging properties.

You must be wondering, so how long do you have to wear them to slim down? Well, this depends on individuals, but it is recommended to wear them more than 5 days a week and at least 8 hours a day. I have been wearing them almost round the clock. Lol. It is however advise that pregnant women should not be wearing this even tho there are no chemicals that can harm the body, but it is not advisable . It is also not suitable to be worn during that time of the month, ladies. First and foremost, it's not going to be comfortable.

Do not put these pants into the washing machine, I have mention above that the contain microcapsules and we wouldn’t wanna destroy them faster than we should. Wash your KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze pants by hand, the microcapsule last longer. The can last a 15-20 times hand wash, after that you can start wearing them like normal leggings. The same goes for the Icy Feeling ya. I have washed them 20 times and yes, I wear them like normal leggings now, and it's still so comfy.

My personal favourite is the KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze which can be worn for workout sessions and even shopping sessions. Yes, it instantly give me the body to die for, that curvy shape. Lol. I have been pairing my  KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze with many tops and they all look so good with it. Check out my photos below.


I would recommend this to those who would like slimmer thighs and a firmer behind but doesn’t like the sweatiness that come with it, and to those that wishes to lose inches just by sleeping. The KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings is also very flexible, check out my video HERE where I wore my favourite KEEXUENNL Lightning Blaze Leggings to the gym. The boss of KEEXUENNL is so nice and would like to give you a special promotion, yes you.  Just quote my name ‘GaylenKasai’ upon checking out and you get to buy it at just RM120 each.

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  1. Will it cause skin irritation when u wear for sleep?

    1. Not for me. :) So far my friends that wears this don't have skin irritation problems too. Hope thi helps. :)

  2. Do we need to wash before wearing it the first time?