This cartoon is going to change! Four in a team? #PowerpuffGirls

By Anonymous - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kiddo Heiley with her new Powerpuff Girls Beanie 

Oh-My-God! I receive a  surprisingly cute package in the mail today. A package that leaves me wondering now and until September 18th. Why? The cartoon that I was obsessed with as a child is going to change, How? Why? Omg!! What’s going to happen? What is her name? What colour is her hair going to be? Pink perhaps? Who is going to be her voice? Yes! I am talking about the Powerpuff Girls. Sugar, Spice, Everything nice, and the enigmatic Chemical X - the ingredients needed to make the perfect little girls … or so Professor Utonium led us to believe. 20 years after the launch of Cartoon Network’s most popular original series, there’s a new Powerpuff Girl in town, and she’s got the POWER. I give you a hint, her name starts with the alphabet ‘B’, LOL….

Powerpuff Girls merchandize. Shooo Cute...
Premiering over one weekend, the 5-part special will transform all that we know about the origin story of The Powerpuff Girls. Cartoon Network revealed a form of silhouette and up till now her identity is still kept a secret and will be revealed Globally on Monday, 18th September 2017 at 5pm. Cartoon Network Asia will be revealing her live on Facebook. So, mark your calendars and watch it live with me at “CARTOON NETWORK ASIA” You need to watch this if you are a Powerpuff Girl fan as this is going to be an interactive experience that will give you the opportunity to learn about what make her so awesome. *I am already going thru my collections of Powerpuff Girls digging buried memories, thanks Cartoon Network .The first three episodes of the 5-part special will premiere on Saturday, 23rd September and the final two episodes on Sunday, 24th September on Cartoon Network Astro Channel 616. You can visit or Cartoon Network Asia Facebook Page

Vegas wants in 

Let me bring you on a little history, Powerpuff Girls was created by Craig McCracken in 1998, The Powerpuff Girls follows the three sisters who have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and forces of evil that threaten the city of Townsville. TO date, the show has earned two Emmy Awards, five nominations and countless animation honors including the Kids’ Choice Awards - Favourite Cartoon category, the Annie Awards - Character Design in an Animated Television Production and the Primetime Emmys - Outstanding Animated Program.


Fans of Powerpuff Girls, anyone can be the fourth Powerpuff Girl. Visit from now till 17th September and create your very own Powerpuff Girl avatar. Upload it on Cartoon Network Facebook Page and share why you love the #PowerpuffGirls  and you will stand a chance to win personalized Cartoon Network Goodies every day. This is so cool. You wanna see my avatar?
Thank You Turner Asia Pacific for this thoughtful gift. You have definitely made the kids smile today and mama too.

Hahahah. I had too, I am sorry I just had too 

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  1. Oh gosh! That is indeed super cute! brings back the childhood in me.

  2. Children will sure love this...
    Especially girls.

  3. This was my childhood favourite! Excited with the amazing new addition! The show must go on

  4. A new addition to the Powerpuff family, thats cool! Am excited to know her name!