MYCYBERSALE 2017 is Back with a Bang!

By Anonymous - Monday, October 09, 2017


Hello! Its that time of the year again, and this happens to be one of my favourite event! I’m sure by now you would have already know that I am an online shopper. I shop online almost everyday, which is why I am basically stuck to my phone or laptop most of the time! This event is the event every online shopper awaits! Taaa Daaa! Its MYCYBERSALE 2017

What is MYCYBERSALE you ask? *Tsk Tsk Tsk MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s Biggest Online Sale Event! This is an event that gather Malaysia’s popular eTailers, selling at the same period, with awesome discounts on products & services and free shipping too! This is an event initiated by the government and spearheaded by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) with the aim of boosting the eCommerce and to heighten Malaysia’s online shopping culture. *clap clap MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s largest cyber sale with participation of 4,500 merchants from 400 E-marketplaces. MYCYBERSALE 2017 will take place from October 9th - October 13th 2017. You can find out more about MYCYBERSALE 2017 on their website ( and to make things more interesting, MYCYBERSALE is offering RM50,000 worth of Lucky Draw Prizes too! Shop and stand a chance to win anything from shopping credits to a GIntell massage chair. Ten lucky winners stand a chance to win RM1,000 in cash and another 20 stands a chance to win a Samsung A8 Mobile phone!

Cheekaaboo Banner1.jpg


This year CHEEKAABOO is one of the participating merchants in MYCYBERSALE 2017 alongside other participating merchants. Did I hear Ostrich? No, #CHEEKAABOO is not the Ostrich that was running loose on the Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur, that's Chickaboo! You may visit her at Ostrich Wonderlands tho.  

So, CHEEKAABOO is a online eTailer that offers a range of cheerful and bubbly protective swimwear and floaties designed for our precious little ones. Swimming has always been our family's best-loved sport, and now it's the kids favourite too! Which kid doesn’t like to get wet and splash around? I have always had difficulties looking for the right swimwear for my children, I am looking not only on quality but also style *I like a little style and my main concern is always about keeping them warm in the pool (and out). CHEEKAABOO has exactly that!
So what did I get from CHEEKAABOO this time around ? Vegas gets a blue Reusable Swim Diaper which has cute little Octopus prints which I simply adore! This is Vegas’s first Swim Diapers. What are Swim diapers? Swim Diapers is what all Mamas need to prevent an embarrassing situation, the sole purpose of a swim diaper is to contain poop and prevent the spread of all the nastiness that comes with it. *nope, its not to contain pee .
Reusable swim diapers are preferred by most parents and pool operators too. Reusable diapers generally fit better as they don’t stretch out and sag like those disposable ones.

Remember to measure your child before you make your order at CHEEKAABOO, you will want the diaper to be fairly tight to contain ‘stuff’, do not order them too big or they won’t do their job! Vegas is wearing Reusable Swim Diaper in Size S, despite being 15 months old and weighing 10.7kg, the boys got a small behind. Lol. CHEEKAABOO Swim Diaper is made of 85% polyester 15% spandex and it is composed with an inner layer waterproof material to prevent an embarrassing moment. It has special leak guard which is made to withstand total immersion in water, so there’s no need to worry if your child loves soaking in the pool! Its very easy to wash and it dries quickly too! The best part, it’s reusable!

Vegas also got a Reversible Sun Hat to match his Swim Diaper too! The Reversible Sun Hat is exactly the same prints as his Swim Diaper and it's just too cute! The best part about this Sun Hat is that it is reversible! This one reversed into a pretty red sun hat, this is perfect for me because Vegas really hates anything on this head and I have to make sure he puts in on because it can get so hot by the pool. I usually fail because when I am not looking he will just take it off! So what do I do? I reverse this and make Heiley wear it instead, I think girls are much easier to deal with when it comes to looking cute and pretty. So now the sun hat actually belongs to Heiley. Lol. Boys will be boys!
This Reversible Sun Hat is a UV Protective sun hat and is just perfect for Malaysian weather, it keeps Heiley’s head cool from the sun and looks very stylish too. It is made from 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex and it's made with very soft and stretchable fabric which gives a cooling effect, and it has a drawstring so that the hat doesn’t fly away! I really love the quality of the swimwear from #CHEEKAABOO. It’s Free Size so its fits right up to 8 years old! Perfect for this mama!


If you haven't’ already gotten the perfect swimsuit for your children, go to CHEEKAABOO []. In conjunction with MYCYBERSALE 2017 , CHEEKAABOO is giving Free Shipping and there’s a clearance sales on the website with up to 80% off! CHEEKAABOO  is a variety of products to suit our needs, my next haul from CHEEKAABOO  will be the Warmiebabes Suit which is sure to keep Vegas warm as it offers full coverage  from neck to ankles and it minimises water inflow and outflow by creating a layer of insulation between the neoprene suit. I will also be getting the Sea Pals bath book which is going to be a great help during shower time.
So what are we all waiting for? With a clearance sales up to 80% and Free Shipping just for MYCYBERSALE 2017 [ October 9th - October 13th 2017] It's time to Check out #CHEEKAABOO and  Let's go to the pool and have some splashing fun today!

#sushividmcs #sushivid

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  1. This brand swim wears look good. Will check it out.

  2. Mycyber sale! I am looking for big home expo sales as I am looking for renovation services. Please share with us if there is any info.