Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++, Lightweight Non Greasy Sunscreen

By Anonymous - Friday, October 13, 2017

Believe it or not, I seldom use sunscreen on my face. I know it's important, especially when I'm living in a tropical country but most sunscreen I've used has that sticky feeling and I hate having a sticky face. It's not glam at all. Some sunscreen even made me look like a ghoul because of the white cast effects, it's not Halloween everyday or else I won't mind looking like a ghoul. 😂 Recently the nice people at The Butterfly Project handed me something that has made me change my perception of sunscreen forever. Yes. Forever.

It's the Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++. 30ml. This little baby is made from 61% of Hawaii Kona Deep Sea Water alongside 30 kinds of ocean plant extracts and 45 kinds of plant extracts. It is also free from Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Mineral oil, Artificial flavouring agents, Artificial colours, Benzophenone.


The Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ 30ml is perfect for UV Protection, Whitening and Anti- Aging. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB, and the best part of this is that it's not sticky, oily, or heavy. It has moisturising effects too! Made with almost all natural hypoallergenic ingredients it is suitable for everyone even those with sensitive skin.


What's the texture like?  Instead of the usual cream type. This is a fluid type of sunscreen which does have a light yellowish color, however when you apply it on your skin it instantly becomes clear and water, which also gives the skin a slight Brightening effect. Is this magic or what? How about the scent? Well, it has the usual sunscreen smell which I actually like, but the scent from the Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ scent is not so overwhelming comparatively. This is really good for those who doesn't like the sunscreen smell.


How does it work? The Ultra Hydro Sun Essence turns into water the moment it touches the skin and smoothy wraps around the skin and then forms a coating film and then penetrates into the skin and leaving you with non sticky protected skin. 😃 How to use? To use it is very simple, take an appropriate amount and Pat onto the face. It's not cream or gel but fluid. Be careful when pouring it out the content onto your palm. Packaging? It's packaging is also something I like because it is travel friendly. It's small travel friendly size makes it easy for me to take it along with me anywhere.


Will I be repurchasing the Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ ? Yes! Yes and Yes! Here are my reasons why:-
♥️It's lightweight
♥️It's not sticky/greasy
♥️It's fluid and not the cream type
♥️Super fast absorbing rate
♥️It doesn't make me look like a ghoul
♥️It's travel friendly packaging
♥️It's natural ingredients

The Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA+++ can only be bought from Althea.kr for RM58

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  1. Great to know. Keep Sharing

    Unbox Knowledge

  2. You doesn't apply sunscreen yet still look fairer than me. Wish to try this sunscreen soon!


    1. Lol, Look fair only in photos... I have a lot of pigmentation because I dont apply sunscreen but now will apply as this is a reall great sunscreen. You will like it.

  3. Sounds like a very nice product. You look gorgeous and flawless too.

  4. I also seldom use sunscreen coz most of my facial products already contain SPF. But i am quite attracted to this.

    1. It is recommended to use by a skin specialist I spoke to, as BB creams with SPF etc is not on its own and its just different than a stand alone Sun Screen

  5. I like sunscreen which is not sticky, I shall try this when my sunblock finishes.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I also hate sticky sunscreens, I'll definitely try this one.

  7. Must use sunscreen ASAP! Hope it is available here in the PH <3

    1. You can get it from Althea. Hehe I am sure Althea delivers to PH. :)

  8. I love non-greasy sunscreen too! I want to try this.

  9. wow Nice article and You have awesom photography skills

  10. Yay i also have this, I got it 6months ago! One of my best sunscreen lotion for face that i've tried and loving it. I gave this 3-thumbs up!

  11. I totally agree with you, I hate when sunscreen is greasy and all over! I would love to try this out.

  12. I'm using this sunblock too! It's really good! I'm totally in love with it