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By Anonymous - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I have always like to experiment a little in the kitchen especially when I am too stressed out because making snacks and healthy stuff makes me happy. I remember not too long ago I was into Overnight Oats. We all already know how healthy this breakfast can be, I like mine topped it with a lot of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. I also tried to make my own Almond Milk. I also tried to make teething bars for Little Vegas back then with Rolled Oat, simply because I felt that teething bars that are sold outside is a little too pricey. I try my best to homemade everything for Little Vegas when he was younger, now that he is a 18 months I do it less, but I still find snacks that is lower in sugar or preservatives.

Previously I had a lot of trouble sourcing these items, sometimes it's because there are not sold in the same place *I am very lazy when it comes to shopping or it's just way to pricey. Lucky me tho, I came across Signature Market. Signature Market is a leading marketplace in Malaysia with more than 500 varieties of natural & organic products for everyone, yes including toddlers snacks! Yay! Signature Market also offers these products from 20%- 50% off the retail price. Yes, wholesome products at wholesale prices. They deliver right to your doorstep too! Shipping is Free for purchases above RM100! Can life get any better than this? Healthy Life is made easy with Signature Market. *no more excuse now huh?
Let me show you my latest haul from Signature Market, I got all these for about RM204! As you can see, this was delivered to me in 2 huge boxes and the items were nicely packed. All the items received were in excellent condition. I love Muesli Bars, they are so convenient when I am in a rush. This time around I got plenty of Muesli Bars and Plenty of snacks for the kids *I hope they last longer than 2 weeks, fat hopes

Muesli Bars are the best snack in the world especially if you are always on the go. They are compact, super delicious and easy to eat with one hand. They are also a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. A healthy muesli bar can keep me full till my next meal, so I snack less on unhealthy snacks. Now, I manage to get 2 boxes of Carmans . One which is the Carman's original fruit free muesli bars which has been voted as the Top 6 best Muesli Bars by Huffington Post. These bars are high in fibre and low in saturated fat and sugar. The other one I got is the Carman’s Super Berry Muesli Bar. Carman’s Muesli Bar are comparatively bigger compared to the ones I get at the store.

I also got 2 boxes of Yogood Muesli bar which both the kids love so much. I let Heiley take it to school for snack time. Yogood bars is a fusion of cereals and fruits and coated with yogurt or chocolate which makes it a big hit with kids. The Yogood Muesli bar can be found in grocers, but at Signature Market I get it with a discount. I got the Strawberry Yogood Muesli Bar at only RM 11.30. Some other online sites are selling them for RM15+.
Signature Market also has wholesome cookies, such as Black Sesame Energy Square, Mine Biscuits with Quinoa and lots more. This time around I got the Triple Chocolate Cookies, Lemon Walnut Almond Cruncher and MAC Chocolate Chip Cookies. I got these because we were going for a family getaway and I thought, why not? Lol. It turned out that these cookies were so good, they were gone like 30 mins after I opened them. Psst, they taste almost similar to a certain brand that is FAMOUS. You have gotta try these if you love cookies.  
What did I get for the kids? I got several items for them, one which is the Yogood Junior Cereal Biscuit which taste so good it became mama’s snack instead. No Joke, even hubs loved it.
I got 2 boxes of Natural Foodies Apple Banana Sticks and Apple Beetroot Sticks. These are baked with natural ingredients and there are no Preservative, Artificial Colouring or flavoring. It is perfect to pack in the To-Go bag because it comes individually packed. I also got the Happy Baby Puffs which I believe is every kids favourite, I tried it myself but I didn’t like it. Heiley tried it she loves it. Hmmm...must be only the kids taste bud that finds this yummy. Beats me. All kids love candies, and this is one thing I really try not to give the kids especially Vegas because he is still too young. I came across Yumearth on Signature Market. Yumearth is an organic, simple, natural candies. Gluten Free. Vegan. USDA Organic. I bought it and let the kids try this. For the first time, Heiley tells me ‘it's sour’ ...but continues sucking on the lollipop. I do give it to Vegas once a while, especially when I am stuck in a massive traffic jam and he is getting a little impatient. No harm I believe.

That is my latest haul from Signature Market. They also sell a Raw nuts & seeds, Nut Butters, Fruit Spread, Dried Fruits, Spices and so much more. I have some really great news for you, Signature Market is having a really great promotion now which is RM1 for Organic Chia Seed (200g) worth RM29.90 + extra 10% off on 1st purchase + FREE 3 months membership worth RM50. Yup! You read it right, what are you waiting for? Logon to to enjoy this promotion! One last thing before I go, the website is really user friendly. Yes. Shopping friendly too. It's really easy to view items in your cart and also view the items. I really love their website.
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OK, Bye for now. I need to go and restock now!

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  1. Great article and thank you for your recommendation. Now i have better alternative for shopping my snacks. :)

  2. thanks for this WOW recommendation... so far i tried one product only... hope i can check it out more...

  3. Thanks for the information! I don't usually buy organic food for my family, but I think I should do it sometimes.

  4. How do you think, is this online store good enough? Thanks!

  5. Nice post. Even I switched to organic food recently and love the change.

  6. If you want to lead a healty lifestyle than switch to Organic food online.