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By Unknown - Monday, October 09, 2017

As a lover of all things Japanese, I was so excited to be able to visit Sango Japanese Restaurant. Nuzzled at Level 2 of Crystal Crown Hotel in Petaling Jaya this place is indeed a hidden gem. I visited  Sango Japanese Restaurant with the squad  last weekend. I have read the reviews on Facebook but still I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sango Japanese Restaurant as you know, most Japanese restaurants are almost just the same. I surely underestimated.The restaurant has a nice ambiance and it is rich in its Japanese ethnic. There are many seatings arrangements so it depends on your preference if you would like to be seated at the Yakitori section, Tatami Private Room , Teppanyaki Section and Sashimi Bar section. Us? Well we opted to be seated at the main dining area.

Salmon Carpaccio 1.JPG
For starters, we were served with Salmon Carpaccio, which is raw Salmon with Spicy Truffle Vinaigrette. Salmon Carpaccio is salmon fillet served raw. This is a dish that is not only delicious but refreshing and healthy as well because it is served raw. This is definitely an impressive and a deliciously fresh way to start our meal.

Gyu Tataki Truffled Ponzu.jpg
Next on the table was the Gyu Tataki Truffled Ponzu, thinly sliced beef marinated with Citrus sauce. Its aromatic flavours is by far the best Tataki I have had. The portion size was extremely generous, and the flavor of the dish was par admirable.  

Wagyu Kushiyaki2.jpg
Wagyu Kushiyaki was our next dish. In Japanese cuisine, "kushiyaki " refers to all foods that are skewered and grilled over an open flame. Wagyu Kushiyaki is a sophisticated dish of Japanese skewered beef with a bold flavor, bursting with savory and sweet goodness. The Wagyu Kushiyaki at Sango Japanese Restaurant is a sophisticated sidh that is bursting with savory and sweet flavors

Wagyu Toban-Yaki.jpg
Wagyu Toban-Yaki is the star of the night, Toban-Yaki means to roast on a ceramic plate as ceramic plates continue to emit heat for a long time after being removed from its heat source, and yes that is what we did; We pan fried our own beef on a ceramic plate. Our steaks turned out perfectly tender and juicy thanks to the chef’s skills in marinating the beef. Personally, I can eat this all day, everyday. I’m always game for beef!
Jumbo Seafood Teppanyaki.jpg
Jumbo Seafood Teppanyaki, a style of cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. Sango Japanese Restaurant serves a variety of seafood what has been cooked on a teppanyaki. There were Salmons, Squids and Prawns. The Prawns was cooked in a most unique way, and it tasted really good too. We were trying to figure out was it egg or Salted Egg. Lol. You go try and you tell me ok? Cannot ask the chef!

Tempura Moriawase.jpg
Tempura Moriawase , tempura consist of  shrimp, sweet potato, beans, fish, and seasonal vegetables that have been battered and deep fried, I don’t take vegetable so I didn’t try this dish but this tempura is pretty impressive in terms of presentation. The chef manages to make it so delicate, it was indeed very pleasing to the eye and to my camera lens. My camera ate, good enough. Lol
Caterpilalr Maki.jpg
Caterpillar Maki or Caterpillar Roll, I really dislike the name it is just so ewwww! But anyways this dish has my favourite Unagi in it! They call it caterpillar Maki because thin slices of avocado wrapped around the rice and the unagi. Take a look at the photo and let your imagination run wild. Lol. If you don’t see the resemblance, I have nothing to say… Lol
Sango Bento Box.jpg
The Sango Bento Box is a bento that has a combination of 5 types of dishes. Crispy Chicken with salad, 3 types of juicy sashimi and California Maki topped with lots and lots of Ebiko, Deep fried salmon and buckwheat noodle (Cha Soba), this dish can be found in most Japanese Restaurant, tho the Sashimi here is fresher compared to many.
Yakitori Omazake.jpg
Yakitori Omazake, this is where you choose you favourite yakitori skewers and they are lightly seasoned so the fresh ingredients itself does the talking. I don’t eat vegetables so I only ate the chicken wings which were tender and tasted really good being dipped with the egg yolk.

Overall I really like the sashimis that is served at Sango Japanese Restaurant as they were fresher compared to many, the presentation of all the dishes were impressive as well. What I love most? I love Sashimis but the Wagyu Toban-Yaki, simply took my breath away. Do go try it out if you are anywhere near as I can assure you that you will love one if not all of their dishes. This is indeed a Japanese Restaurant that has the expertise and knowledge in Japanese cooking. ‘LIKE’ their Facebook page for more promotions as you never know they might have a ‘Wagyu Nite’. Lol. *you will definately see me there if there is. LOL.
Sango Japanese Restaurant Facebook
Crystal Crown Hotel (Level 2) Petaling Jaya,
Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm-230pm 6pm-1030pm
Contact: +603 7958 5228





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