TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream, made for the little ones.

By Anonymous - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Being parents, we always want the best for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy because their smiles and laughter means so much to us. I am always on the lookout for products that can contribute to my childrens overall wellbeing. I was sent the Baby Herbal Cream and Baby Body & Hair Oil from TROPIKA which are suitable for Vegas and Heiley. Tropika is a Malaysian brand. TROPIKA products are manufactured locally using natural ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil and Herbal extracts. Products from TROPIKA are free from chemicals and harmful ingredients which makes it safe for babies and toddlers.

TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream is made with Virgin Coconut Oil, Ginger, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Root Oil, and Menthol. This Herbal Cream is a special blend which has been passed down from generations. So what does this Herbal Cream do? This cream helps to alleviate your child’s ailments, soothes and eases breathing to ensure that our children has a good night's sleep. A child that has enough sleep is definitely a happy child. Happy Baby; Happy Mummy!

I have tried the TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream on both my children, Heiley and Vegas. TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream comes in a 50gm Jar at RM39.90. The texture of the cream is not to heavy and it's white in colour. It has a herbal scent which might need some getting use to, though it is not really that bad. I am still hugging and kissing Vegas after I apply the cream on him. LOL. Its very easy to use and the TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream isn’t greasy at all after application. I was actually expecting to be carrying a very oily baby. LOL. Apply the TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream on your childs feet, joints and stomach after shower. At night, the TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream can be rub on child’s chest and back just like how you would with Vicks. I only use the TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream during the day as during the night, they already have another regime which is Essential Oil. The TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream is also effective for Colic or Wind in the stomach. Just the other day, Vegas was having a little flu and I used this on him, I could tell that he does feel much better as he slept peacefully through the night. Yay for me. The TROPIKA Baby Herbal Cream is also HALAL therefore it is suitable for our Malay friends too.
TROPIKA Baby Body & Hair Oil, which is the other product that I receive. This Body & Hair oil is formulated with Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender essence and other natural ingredients. This has been specially formulated for babies ad children. Lavender is used to protect the skin against infection, irritation and nappy rash. I used this as a massage oil on Vegas after his shower and this oil absorbs fairly well, once it is fully absorbs there is not greasiness however I didn’t liked the idea of applying on his hair as it left him with a very oily head. Lol. I tried once, and yes it did leave him with a oily head therefore I don’t do it again. Hubs tried it on his hair and is fine with it as he just applies it to the ends of his long hair. LOL. Did I already mention that after he applies the oil I cannot resist but to carry him just because he smells so good! I also use this myself because I simply love the smell of Lavender and applying Pure Lavender Essential oil on myself can be very costly so the TROPIKA Baby Body & Hair Oil Lavender is just perfect to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day. It comes in 30ml, 125ml and 250ml for RM20, RM75 and RM130 respectively. This is also suitable for all skin type including those with sensitive skin and eczema.

Beside these two products that I have tried and tested, TROPIKA also has other products for babies such as Bubble Wash, Baby Soap and Body Lotion which comes in a variety of smell like Rose, Lavender and Chamomile. They also have an insect repellent with Citronella Oil which I think I will be getting soon enuf since Vegas is a Mozzie Magnet like me. LOL. Check out their Social Media for more info. TROPIKA products can be bought online or in store.

Tropika Website

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  1. Good for kids. I also used it sometimes.

  2. I use it for my baby as well... it is really good.
    but for baby wash im using the one from Maternity love