9 Herbs Beauty In The Drop is miracle in a bottle

By Unknown - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A good piece of canvas is important to an artist, likewise a good primer is important to a makeup artists. A good makeup primer allows makeup to go on smoother and allows makeup to last longer. Did you know that makeup primers can also help smooth fine lines, wrinkles and pores? Now that I got your attention, I would like to share my experience on this very unique primer which I was given the privilege to review. This is not a paid post!

I receive this parcel in not a very nice condition, where the bos was a little squashed nevertheless the contents was in perfect condition. This package from 9 Herbs is called Beauty In The Drops (BitD). When I first opened the bottle, I was taken aback by the packaging. It looked like a bottle of Nail Polish to me, and in a colour I do not quite fancy. Purplish Pink! I don’t mind pink, but I’m not a fan of Purple since the day I wore a purple dress and I find myself looking a little more mature. Lol. That was back then, maybe I should wear purple again and see how I look like now. So yes, the bottle is purplish pink and looks like a bottle of nail polish! There is a dropper for you to easily drop the content onto your face or palms. I like this dropper idea as it keeps my table clean and also it is hygienic. The contents of 9 Herbs, Beauty In The Drops is also purplish pink in colour that looks glittery, to be honest I was very skeptical to apply it on my face, because of the glitter. Lol. I don’t fancy a unicorn face.
Let’s get into the ingredients and find out what is in this glittering concoction and if it's as magical as it looks.. 9 Herbs, Beauty In The Drops contains Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E.  These are all 100% Natural Ingredients, which will only do your skin all the goodness and no harm.
Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax which has the same characteristic to the human skin. Jojoba Oil softens and smoothens the skin and has inflammatory properties.  Jojoba Oil also overcomes oily skin problem thus preventing acne.
Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3,6,9 and is suitable for all skin type. Argan Oil mousturizes and rejuvenates the skin, smoothen and lighten dark spots and helps in preventing acne and inflammation.

As skeptical as I was, I had to try it and I have to say this is one great primer. A little goes a long way with this as with 3 drops I was able to cover my entire face. I have tried different ways of using this….and to surprise me even more this is non greasy even tho almost all its ingredients is oil. Lol.
On a side note, after using bitD my selfies looks prettier too. Lol
BitD alone, my face looks smoother and brighter. It makes me look as if I have a thin layer of BB Cream on.
BitD + BB Cream + Makeup, makeup definitely last longer and putting them on is such a breeze as my skin is like a piece of expensive canvas. Lol
bitD + BB Cream + Makeup + BitD, the finishing looks very really good! And selfies looks great too!

I have already recommended it to Christina and the rest of the squad and they approve! If you would like to give this primer a go, as usual check out the links below! You won’t regret it!
More information here

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  1. Oh this 9 herbs beauty product looks great and interesting. Will definitely check and give this a try.

  2. Product looks good on you. Might check it out.

  3. Haha it really does look like nail polish and the colour is more suited for nails. Can't really imagine putting in on the face and it doesn't show! Good job.

  4. Oh wow is in purple shade! So cute and elegant packaging also! I never try purple corrector or makeup base before, this one looks good!

  5. The packaging looks so cute, and its rare to see a serum in other colors! Im gonna check this!

  6. no wonder your skin always looks good!!