BERING “ Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic”

By Anonymous - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

BERING is a renowned brand of a watch if you don’t already know, and it originated from Denmark. In 2008, Danish adventurer Rene Kaerskov’s heart was conquered by the cool, simple beauty and infinite white expanse of eternal ice of the North Pole where he had directly parachuted into. Overwhelmed, the vision of a new watch brand begins. A watch brand that would be as pure, clear and breathtakingly beautiful as the Arctic itself hence the tagline of BERING  “ Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic”

I was captivated by the beauty of the watches as I held them, indeed BERING blends minimalistic Danish design and optimal material strength in a unique way. Many of BERING watches feature simplistic dial designs and BERING collections is characterised by clear, streamlined forms and pure elegance. BERING watches are made of high quality material such as HighTech - ceramic and sapphire glass, with their extreme scratch resistance and strength, ensuring that time leaves no trace.

Are BERING watches good? If this is the question that you are asking, let me share my thoughts. BERING watches focuses on the use of Premium Quality materials such as surgical stainless steel, titanium and ceramic. BERING also uses sapphire crystal glass which is extremely robust, crystal clear and scratch proof material used by renowned brands for watches which can be on the pricey side, so it is nice to see it on BERING as the watches are on a very affordable range. So back to the question, yes you will find that BERING offers a wide selection of beautifully designed watches that uses quality material thus is value for money. That is in my humble opinion.

Let me share some of my favorite BERING watches with you.
The BERING Smart Traveller Watch is one that I would like to highlight. This is made for all the jet setters. This is BERING’s first-ever smart traveller BLuetooth-enabled smartwatch. This is every jetsetters and globetrotters travel essential as BERING Smart Traveller watch automatically adjusts itself to local time no matter where you are. This watch comes with Bluetooth, automatic time synchronization, automatic time zone switch, automatic summer/winter time switch, automatic perpetual calendar and a jet-lag prevention mode. THere is also a Travel Planner function that allows you to plan you travel journeys and the smart traveller will display the time of your destination on your smartwatch helping you get used to the rhythm of other time zones and prevent jet lag. The BERING Smart Travellers continues to redefine time with its minimalist design which is so elegance and sleek and not to mention durable. A two year battery life, made from durable material, scratch resistant sapphire glass and a stainless steel case, this is a must have for those who trots the globe ever so frequent.
The BERING Max René is a very unique watch. This beautiful piece is perfect for the fashionista in you because it allow you to change straps, change color and change looks. Yes! One watch, many looks. Its design is fairly simple but the idea is ingenious. This is a watch whose appearance can be changed according to your attire or mood.
The straps of the Max René collection can be replaced quickly and easily without much fuss. Push out the straps and push in the new ones, there you’ve got yourself a new look for your watch. The Max René is made of stainless steel, and the case is polished silver in colour with a case height of 6mm and case diameter of 31mm. Featuring a pin buckle strap and straps made from silicone, this watch is definitely for the fashionista. The Max René Rose Gold is equally as beautiful.
The BERING Classic Collection is also one of my favorite. The cool look of stainless steel and the puristic and clear line of the BERING watch design complements each other's ideally and is just perfect for any occasion. The one that in the photo is the Classic Collection in Polished Rose Gold. The case is made of stainless steel and its glass is sapphire glass, with a safety clasps and featuring a 38mm case diameter. I never really like watches with a large diameter as I have a very small wrist,but since I held this in my hand I am beginning to learn to appreciate watches with a larger diameter. The straps as seen in the photo is black in colour and made of stainless steel
Heres something you might not know, BERING watches is “ Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic” so they hold a special place in their hearts for Polar Bears. BERING Charity Watch features different designs from time to time as their Charity Collection and for every watch Charity Collection Sold BERING donates 15USD to the animal welfare organization “Polar Bears International”
BERING has a wide collection and I am sure you will find one that your heart's desire. Visit BERING Kiosk at Gurney Plaza, Level 1 to have a look at the beautiful watches. Did I mention that they are affordable? For those out of Penang, BERING also has kiosk and counters throughout Malaysia. Find out more by following BERING on social media.

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