You are what you eat. What are you feeding your love ones?

By Unknown - Saturday, November 25, 2017

My parents were right,  you are what you eat. Now with children of my own, I try my best to give them the best in terms of a healthy diet. We can cook all the healthy meals we want but the fact is that our agricultural  produce contains residue from pesticides. This may not cause a problem today, but in the long run this might threaten our health and for children below the age of 12 should stay off these residue as much as possible as they are after all in the growing years and this will directly attack the nervous system. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of the food we consume, which is why ‘clean food’ is important.
Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash, I knew that all our produce is treated with pesticides and contains layers of wax, but it did not occur to me that just basic cleaning and washing with a normal detergent is not enough. Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash cleans like no other. Watch the Video I have attached. I wanted to make a video for you, but I am still caught up! I promise to make a video with Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash soon, with a step by step on how to use, anyways I am writing this first because I am just too excited to share this product with you.

Our parents have always told us to eat less outside food, I guess I finally understand. All our produce has a certain degree of chemical and pesticides, as long as the food regulation is approved it can be sold. On a short term basis these doesn’t do much harm to our bodies however on a long term it can cause some serious damage. Every produce needs to be thoroughly cleaned and we definitely clean them thoroughly at home however when we eat outside, how sure are we that the produce is cleaned thoroughly. I guess, this is why our parents have always told us to eat less outside and not to less younger children eat outside. Nevertheless, just washing them is not enough anymore.
Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash is an innovative cleaner for vegetables and fruits made from 100% domestic natural ingredients without any chemical . The raw material use do not contain chemical compounds and produced using a number of patented technologies. Food and Vegetables cleaned using Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash is pesticides residue free,  99.99% serialized of harmful bacteria, and shelf life is increased.
How to use? Add Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash into 2L of water, shake the bottle lightly into the water and mix well. Submerge your produce into the mixture and watch as the pesticides residue are left on the surface of the mixture. If you do not wish to cook them yet, store the produce without rinsing and if you would like to consume immediately, all you have to do is rinse with running water.
Mama-cares Natural Calcium Wash can be found on Iyashino Online shopping mall. Cleaner produce, healthier you! You can get a RM20 cash voucher when you quote my name ‘Gaylen’
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  1. Dint know got such a convenient food cleanser to use

  2. Great sharing. i've been looking for this type of product all the time but i didnt know where to get it. Now i can eat the fruits without peeling the skin. thank you for the sharing.

  3. Always had been weary of the residue in vegetables and fruits. Just had no idea the amount still left even after washing. Now I have a solution for it. Thanks for recommending!

    1. This will clear up all the residue and make sure its safe for eating. :)

  4. this is a great product since we have oh s much pesticides in our vege and fruits nowadays...