Lazada Online Revolution - What's my view?

By Anonymous - Sunday, November 05, 2017

Online shopping and Traditional Shopping, I have being going online for the past 5  to 6 years. Much as I don’t like to feel like a slave to the modern world, I seem to favour online shopping more due to its pros such time saving, competitive pricing, special online discount, tho online shopping does have its cons as well such as not being able to see the product physically, delivery time, shipping fees and of course fraudulence. How do I overcome this since I buy almost everything online from diapers to milk powder to cosmetics and bedsheets? Well, choose a reliable and trustworthy platform. My favourite?

If you have not shopped on Lazada before, this is your chance,  Lazada Online Revolution is happening from  11 November to 14 December 2017. During the Online Revolution Sale, Exclusive Deals, Discount Rates and Offers can be expected on Lazada. This is going to be the biggest Online Sale of the year! Are you ready yet?

Let's take a trip down memory lane about Lazada, I remembered the first Item I bought on Lazada was a External Hard Disk. The experience was nothing but pleasant. It arrived earlier than expected and the packaging was well. Unharmed. Lol. Usually we would worry about items being damaged by the delivering party, but with Lazada it seldom happens. Since then I have brought so many items from Lazada I lost count. There was once, the item that was sent to me was missing the spoon (Baby Bowl with suction, see above picture for an idea) and I messaged them on Facebook and they refunded me with RM20 ( I bought it for RM16.69) as compensation and told me to keep the wrong product. Lol. Very nice people. I have had a lot of nice experience with Lazada, I joined one of their contest “Park & Son” cosmetic and I won too! Thank You Lazada.
Being an online shopper people often ask me what do I prefer buying online? Well, honestly EVERYTHING. I got my laptop online from Lazada, I got my Clothes Dryer and Washing Machine from Lazada, I got my Camera from Lazada, and  I get all my kids Milk and Diaper, Snacks, Toys  from Lazada. If you have to know what I would really prefer? Gadgets and Electronics, because Lazada has the best deals even better than what you can get from retailers. Now that Lazada has Taobao collection, it's even better than before. I can’t read chinese so it's hard for me to purchase from taobao but now I can. *lets dance I simply love online shopping because I can do it anytime, anyday. There’s no excuse for No Cereal, No Washing Detergent etc. I can time everything as Lazada will let you know when are your good expected to arrive. I can shop from the car, the office, well basically everywhere. Hassle-Free. I don’t have to carry heavy groceries as it will be delivered right to my doorstep. It can be very troublesome to shop for grocery with 2 kids in tow, and 1 who's 18 months. Let's not go there.

Now that the Online Revolution Sales is here, I have a long wait, it is actually in my cart already. Lol. Take a look, but I am not sure how many of this is going from Cart to my doorsteps *insufficient fund la but can we all have a moment of silence for those that are not going to make it to my doorstep? Now, do you like what you see in my cart. I really hope that the camera is going to reach my doorsteps. *I need more jobs so I can make more money before the Online Revolution Sales

Join me and Shop the Universe ----- >

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  1. Congratulations on the win! I tried to join but never won before...abit disappointed huhu but it's ok there's always a next one hehe! Come online shopping like this Lazada and other e-commerce platforms are the place to go for online deals! Now is the YES sale