[Fashion- E01] LeBelle18 Boutique, Yay or Nay?

By Anonymous - Thursday, December 07, 2017

Swan wannabe
Let's go Shopping! Christmas is coming and next would be Chinese New Year… I'm sure by know you already know that I do most of my Shopping online. I shop almost ALL my clothes online. I've got friends asking where I buy that dress, that top , that bottom. I’ve been asked so many questions like ‘Buy from where?’ 'Can fit ah?’ 'Material how?’ 'How fast can receive wo?’ It's the digital age dahlings so we've gotta keep up! So, where do I usually shop from? Ease of transaction? Quality? There are so many online Boutiques and website offering beautiful pieces of clothes, but not everyone I've come across meets my expectations.I'll start sharing some of the websites and I'll also share with you on how user friendly the website is, quality of the clothing, postage time and so on.

If you follow me on Social Media, you would have seen some of my #OOTD. There's a recent one that receive a fair bit of compliments. Thank You! All the comments and the likes on Social Media makes my day and give me the encouragement to continue what I love doing. #OOTD. LOL . Well here's the picture I'm talking about.

I don't really like to dress up unless I have something going on or I've got a shoot to do. My basic everyday style is baggy pants, oversized tee and casual shoes. 👖🎽👟I like to dress as comfy as possible as I am mostly running around with a camera or I'm at home in front of my laptop. So when I bought this dress, I was a little skeptical about wearing it as there were frills and all strings, I never thought I would be wearing it. Lol. Thankfully I had a review to be done and this dress was a life saviour. 😍LeBelle18 is where I got this dress from, I got 2 dresses from LeBelle18. The blue one and the white swan like one. I got the swan like one for shooting purpose.

LeBelle18 offers a variety of clothes. They also offer a collection for Men, Bridal, Kids, Evening Gowns & Muslimah Wears. Most of the clothes at LeBelle18 is on pre-order basis, there are limited Ready Stocks. What is pre-order? If you are not familiar with this term, pre-order means that purchase the clothes first and it will be shipped to you within a period of time usually 2 weeks. All online shopping websites has a Terms & Conditions and a FAQ section so you've gotta read them ok. All your questions will be answer at the FAQ.

Let me answer the questions that are not in the FAQ. Lol. I received the clothes in good condition and the transaction was a breeze, tho I didn't like the waiting time but then like I said this website is a pre-order website. What I like about LeBelle18 was the exchange policy, the blue dress I wore was actually a replacement. I ordered another dress but when it arrived it didn't fit me, too small 😖 so I exchanged that dress for the blue dress in the photo. Do remember to check out the return and refund policy. The quality of the Blue Dress is really good, it's cotton. I'm usually a size S/XS, however this blue dress is in Size L. Always remember to check the measurements and have your own measurement on hand when ordering. This will make it easier to shop online.

The White Swan Like dress is very nice but it is only suitable for photo shooting purpose in my humble opinion. The material is a little too thin and the cutting a little too see thru especially from under the arms. It looks really pretty in photos.

Overall the measurements on the website and the real items matches. LeBelle18 site is very user friendly and makes ordering a breeze. Questions are also answered promptly which is great because I really do not like to wait too long for replies as I tend to lose interest in the piece of dress. 😂

LeBelle18 offers discounts from time to time. So you've gotta sign up for their newsletter or follow their Facebook so you'll receive first hand news. If you visit LeBelle18 now you will see that there is a collection of Cheongsam, which I will be browsing these few days. I'll surely be ordering my Cheongsam for Chinese New Year 2018 from LeBelle18. Do order early as this is a Pre-Order Website. Links below! Happy Shopping Dahlings! Friendly advice, get your measurement ready and memorize it, prior to shopping. LOL. Get some snacks too...so you can snack on while browsing as the collection is huge.
Do I look pretty? 

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  1. Replies
    1. Assalamualaiku
      sujud syukur kpd Allah Swt
      Kini Q maksum ingin menjadi perantara kepada semua saudara dimanapun anda berada.kami mohon parmisi tak ada lain hanya menawarkan jasa yg sesuai dengan kemampuan yg kami miliki dgn tujuan membantu anda yg mengalami permasalahan hidup seperti"
      1.anda kalah dalam persaingan bisnis
      2.selalu kalah bermain LOTTERY/LOTTO/TOTO/PODI dll sebagainya
      3.masalah dalam rumah tangga,kurang harmonis
      4.masalah hutang menumpuk
      5.anda mau disegani oleh majikan
      6.penyakit tak kunjung sembuh medis non meds
      7.penarikan dana gaib lewat ruwatan khusus,aman tanpa tumbal.(bukan perajahan).
      8.penampakan angka jitu lewat mimpi,bisa dilakukan sendiri,tapi setelah di transfer ilmu dari kami. Jika Saudara berminat silahkan hbu langsung (KI RONGO)di 0823:8831:6452: atau whatsAApp. karna didunia ini tidak ada yang tidak mungking yang penting ada kemauan dimana ada kemauan pasti ada jalan keluar (KI RONGO)siap membantu andah dengan berbagi masalah bagi orang yang serius Trimah kasih Wassalam.

      ini kisah nyata kami Salah Satu Member KI RONGO TKW HKG Berasil Menang 375 jt yg mau Gabung Silakan Hbu Di whatsAApp 0823:8831:6452: atau tlp untuk konsultasikan masalahnya (KI RONGO)siap bantu andah berbagai kategori masalah Terima kasih wasalammm.

  2. You definitely looks pretty. Yay for you...

  3. Yup you look gorgeous ����

  4. Yeah you look cute. I like your kind of fluffy dress, so kawaii :)

  5. You look pretty. It's definitely a yay!! I love the cheongsam at LeBelle18. All so pretty

  6. such a dreamy outfit... must look into getting one for myself too

  7. Oh, you look so beautiful! I love your gorgeous outfit from LeBelle18, will check this out.

  8. The description you gave on these clothes are very typical of China products. Too thin and sheer. Too small even though already bought a larger size.

  9. seeing this remind me my own online business.. wah.. miss those selling moment.. but now im a buyes le.. haha.. this site seems good.. can explore explore..


  10. seeing this remind me my own online business.. wah.. miss those selling moment.. but now im a buyes le.. haha.. this site seems good.. can explore explore..


  11. You look very pretty,nice dress.

  12. You look so cute and pretty in their dress dear!! I am definitely going to shop more for CNY clothing now!!