Book a room with a car at Tropics 8, Penang.

By Anonymous - Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Book a room with a car, no not breakfast but a car. Yes the car come with the room vice versa. Yes. Alright the school holidays are here, well they’ve been here for more than a week actually. Lol. I’m always a little more stressed up on weekends and school holidays as I have more to juggle, but I am glad I have help from my parents and inlaws.

Christina Ho [ ]
Iris Yeoh [ ]
Carmen Dianne [ ]
Have you made any plans this year end cum school holidays? If you have not, may I suggest that Penang as a destination for a little Cuti-Cuti Malaysia? Penang has a lot of new attractions that will keep you and the kids occupied and happy. Penang has a new Avatar Secret Garden, well I haven’t visited this one myself. There are also many museums such as the Upside Down Museum, Camera Museum and Ghost Museum. Entopia Penang (previously known as the Butterfly Farm) has also been revamp and there’s a new water theme Park at Escape Penang. The Habitat in Penang Hill is also a new addition to the island, not to forget the beaches and countryside.
With all that being said, if you are visiting Penang with the family having a transport makes the holiday a much more pleasant one. Yes? Well, now you can actually book a room with a car. Yes! You heard me right. A room with a car for only RM288. Sounds like a good deal? We came across this deal from our previous trip, The Squad was scheduled for Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks ago and we needed to rent a car for the trip as there were 4 - 6 of us and our own vehicles could not fit us all. Thankfully, New Bob Rent-A-Car arranged a Toyota Avanza for our 3D2N use. New Bob Rent-A-Car is a leading car rental company that focuses on offering quality vehicles and a rewarding experience. They are also listed on Lonely Planet for having one of the best rates, which is why we went to them and we are so glad we did. The Toyota Avanza allowed us to do our shopping, travelling from place to place with so much comfort; something which my own car would never be able to do as we travel in a squad of 6. Lol. We also found out that for travellers travelling into Penang, they could book a room at Tropics 8 and get a car to use too. That is such good news that we had to check out Tropics 8! I mean with such a deal who knows you might get a shabby run down hotel. Let me help you check it out ok?

Tropics 8 is  located in Georgetown, Penang. To be precise it is at Gottlieb Road, which is perfect as you can easily access main shopping malls like Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon and not to forget it is very close by to Gurney Hawker Centre. Batu Ferringhi and Teluk Bahang is also easily accessible from here. With a car and Waze, I assure you that you won’t get lost. If you get lost you PM me on FB ok?, maybe I can save you. We visited Tropics 8 and we were simply in awe. The rooms at Tropics 8 is has a modern minimalist designs, or if you might like modern contemporary style. You can choose between the [Standard Suite + Car], [Premier Suite + Car] or the [Family Suite + Car], depending on your needs. The Premier Room which we were in comes with a Flat-Screen TV, Kitchenette fitted with a Microwave, Refrigerator and Stove.
Kitchenette. I love the table top! 
Flat Screen TV, we are not in Penang to watch TV are we?
The Bedroom, nice view of the City 
A very spacious toilet with two entrance, either from the bedroom or the living room! 
A Sofa Bed which is also a BED
The Living area and a table and dresser for those occupying the Sofa Bed, how thoughtful 
The Premier Room is a One Room Unit which has a King Size bed and a huge space which is equipped with a Sofa and a Sofa Bed which can be turned in a nice bed with a small fee. This room could easily fit 4 adults and 2 Children, and Tropics 8 is definitely Instagram Worthy. The rooms are also very clean and the air conditioning is working very well, a little too cold tho. LOL. You should be thankful as Penang weather can get really humid! Now the best part is that The Premier Room + Car is only RM288 per night. Yup! Can this deal get any better?  A new modern clean spacious clean hotel room + a car for only RM288 per night! There is also the 2 Bedroom Suite King  or Queen  if you need more rooms. They also have other promotions on their rooms such as entry passes to several attractions in Penang. Follow their Facebook Page below. With all that being said, if Penang sounds like a plan then check out Tropics 8 or New Bob Rent-A-Car for more deals.

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  1. wow! perfect hotel come with transport. can made trademark soon..

  2. Assalamualaiku
    sujud syukur kpd Allah Swt
    Kini Q maksum ingin menjadi perantara kepada semua saudara dimanapun anda berada.kami mohon parmisi tak ada lain hanya menawarkan jasa yg sesuai dengan kemampuan yg kami miliki dgn tujuan membantu anda yg mengalami permasalahan hidup seperti"
    1.anda kalah dalam persaingan bisnis
    2.selalu kalah bermain LOTTERY/LOTTO/TOTO/PODI dll sebagainya
    3.masalah dalam rumah tangga,kurang harmonis
    4.masalah hutang menumpuk
    5.anda mau disegani oleh majikan
    6.penyakit tak kunjung sembuh medis non meds
    7.penarikan dana gaib lewat ruwatan khusus,aman tanpa tumbal.(bukan perajahan).
    8.penampakan angka jitu lewat mimpi,bisa dilakukan sendiri,tapi setelah di transfer ilmu dari kami. Jika Saudara berminat silahkan hbu langsung (KI RONGO)di 0823:8831:6452: atau whatsAApp. karna didunia ini tidak ada yang tidak mungking yang penting ada kemauan dimana ada kemauan pasti ada jalan keluar (KI RONGO)siap membantu andah dengan berbagi masalah bagi orang yang serius Trimah kasih Wassalam.

    ini kisah nyata kami Salah Satu Member KI RONGO TKW HKG Berasil Menang 375 jt yg mau Gabung Silakan Hbu Di whatsAApp 0823:8831:6452: atau tlp untuk konsultasikan masalahnya (KI RONGO)siap bantu andah berbagai kategori masalah Terima kasih wasalammm.