Christmas Buffet at SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai

By Anonymous - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

December is a month full of delicious food, gracious gifts and happy time spent with family and friends. Aren’t we all most pampered during the month of December? Well I am. It is after all almost the end of 2017, we should pampered ourselves before a new year approaches, don’t you think? I have been sharing about gifts for Christmas since the beginning of December so today I would like to take you on a gastronomy adventure. If you are hungry, please go get something to eat while you read, if you are not, please also go get something to eat because this post is going to make you hungry!

G Hotel always has a place in my heart, for the best buffet,  cheap beer and impressive decor. This year SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai did it again with a Christmas Buffet that will make everyone’s tummy smile happily.  I love the ambience at SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai, minimalist will love this place as there is minimal festive deco but SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai  doesn’t fail to set you into festive cheer upon entering. Buffet Dinner at SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai or even at TASTE cafe at G Hotel Gurney never fails to impress with a  very wide spread which I did find it a little too wide because I don’t know where to start or where to end. Lol.

The Christmas menu for SPOON features a harmonious mix of palate pleasing flavours for the buffet dinner. A warm bowl of Cream of Cucumber with Green Apple or Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Enoki Mushroom and Lemongrass Flavors to gush down the starters.

Roasted Turkey with traditional Stuffing is a must have ever Christmas, served with Giblet Gravy and Apple Cranberry Sauce you tastebud will thank you. This year, the Beef Wellington at the carving station is one of my favourite dish. The beef is so tender, one helping is surely not enough.

If you prefer something lighter, head to the Japanese Sushi Section where you will find freshly cut Sashimi, Salmon, Japanese Octopus and a variety of Sushi.

The Under Heat Lamp section is the perfect place for you too snack on a pizza or two as Star Pizza would be featured in that section. Guess whos the Star this Christmas? The Margarita Pizza and Hawaiian Fantasy Pizza most definitely. This section is kids favourite too. A section that I seldom see is the Live Action Station, here you can treat yourself to Shawarma, a Levantine Meat Preparation where thinly sliced season chicken is placed on the tortilla bread filled with condiments of your choice such as avacado, capsicium, tomato, lettuce and Jalapeno together with the sauce. If you are feeling a little Italian on the night, you can feast on Penne, Linguine and Spaghetti where the chef will cook it fresh before your eyes at the Live Action Station.

What is a buffet without barbeque? At the Barbeque station, you can get the chef to barbeque your favourite marine morsels and meats such as King Prawn, Squid, Lamb Chop and Bratwurst Sausages. I especially love the squid that the chef barbeque, as they still taste very nice cold. Yes, I left it untouched just to see how it would taste like cold, and surprisingly they still tasted really good.

The main dishes such as the Turkey Piccata Milanese is a must try, as this is Turkey Breast baked together with tomato sauce, egg and cheese. It's so creamy and I loved it a lot. Roasties Potato with Champion Salad is perfect for a guilt free treat, Lol. It's Christmas so let’s put all the guilt behind us and feast first, we can always workout harder in the gym after Christmas. Do not miss out the Duck Confit with Berry Sauce, the duck is marinated with chef’s secret recipe and is slowly roasted in low temperature for more than 2 hours. You will love this dish because I can tell you the meat is so tender and  skin so crispy. Grilled Fish Fillet on Mushroom Risotto, yster Gratin with Curry Sabayon, Lamb Champrione, Butter Rice is on the menu as well.

Now the best section of the buffett and also my favourite section, the Festive Desserts section! I spent most of the time in this section just being amazed at how beautiful everything is, standing here is enough to put you into the festive mood.  Warm Christmas Puddings served with Vanilla sauce, Assorted Christmas Cookies the kids would surely enjoy, not to forget traditional desserts such as the Christmas Yule Log. There’s also a Chocolate Fountain where you can dipped biscuits strawberries, and melon into the fountain of chocolate sauce, this made me feel like a kid which I really enjoyed. If you are not a sweet tooth like me, just take a mouthful of everything ok? Desserts are meant to be sweet!

The Christmas Buffet at SPOON is my choice of Christmas Buffet and this is happening everyday from 6.30pm - 11pm at G Hotel Kelawai. Good News for you! If you book before the`10th of December 2017 you can get the early bird discount which is 15% discount off the price of RM170 nett per person which is RM144.50. Such a deal! If you haven’t already decided where to have that Christmas Family Dinner or Friends Gathering, book your table  SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai today!
Alternatively if you prefer G Hotel Gurney, you may try out the buffet at Taste Cafe.  Details below.
Christmas Sparkling Brunch at Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney
24th & 25th December 2016
6.30pm - 11 pm
RM 120 nett
*free glass of Sparkling wine
Christmas Day Dinner at Taste Cafe, G Hotel Gurney
24th & 25th December 2016
RM 180 nett
6.30pm - 11 pm
*free glass of Sparkling wine

*Children enjoy a 50% discount in TASTE Cafe, G Hotel Gurney & SPOON at G Hotel Kelawai.

ADD ON RM 75 per person per table for free flow of house beer or wine
* 50% discount for children aged 6-12 years old

G Hotel Gurney
168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang,
Tel. 604 238 0000

G Hotel Kelawai
2, Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang.
Tel. 604 219 0000

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  1. I will certainly stay at the dessert section and you'll find me eating the gingerbread and candy houses! Oh my!

  2. AH, Christmas is over but the feasting doesn't have to stop! I am drooling over this buffet spread, especially the Yuletide desserts.

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