Budget Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 2017

By Anonymous - Saturday, December 02, 2017

Christmas is here. For those who has an advent calendar *crying because I don’t have one to open you would have already opened up the 1st and 2nd of December. Christmas is the season of giving, this is the time when we are all kinder and more open-hearted. Christmas is also the time we are all scratching our heads on what to get for our family and friends. I have come out with a Althea Christmas Gift Guide for the ladies! If you don’t already know, Althea is the world’s largest online Korean Beauty Store with the lowest price directly shipped from Korea. I have put up 10 items from Althea that would make perfect gifts for all the makeup fanatics because I am one myself. Pssst They are budget friendly too. You are welcome. Let's start.
10. COC Take -Out Brush Kit RM70
A 9 piece which is perfect for touch up anytime;anywhere. This set comprises of multi brushes which are most frequently used for eyes, lips, and face. The sizes of the brush is compact so it's perfect for the jet setters. It comes in a practical Mini Acrylic case so you can just open it anytime, anywhere. It also comes with a mirror!  This would make the perfect gift for ladies on-the-go. Get it here [ http://bit.ly/2j8WeVE ]
9. A:Concept  A: Tint Lip Balm 3clors & Lip Balm KIT RM81

If she already has the A:Concept Brightening Cushion then this will be a hit with her. This kit comprises of natural colours like Red, Pink, Coral and a Mint Fragrance Lip Balm in a pop tint case! If she already has the cushion then she could easily place any one of these into the pocket of the cushion. How brilliant is that? Get it [ http://bit.ly/2zVnH7G ]
8. Princess Jasmine Contouring Set RM 83
With this contouring set you can easily achieve Princess Jasmine’s look, this comes with MUlti Highlighter, Slim Pop SHare, and Lavender Cushion. Get it Here [ http://bit.ly/2AkaC6S ]
7. Snow White Makeup Set RM89
Fairy Tales give Christmas that additional oomph, so this Snow White Makeup Set will surely make her smile. This set consist of Peach Me Tone Up Cream, Althea Petal Powder, Luxe Mascara and Sixteen Tint . Get this set here [ http://bit.ly/2kcIRa1 ]

6.A:CONCEPT Make You Concept Black Set RM106
This will make the perfect gift for those who has the need to touch up their make up every now and then. This set comes with a All-In One brightening Cushion and 2 Lip/Cheek in A:Coral and A:Red. The packaging makes this a must have as the lip/cheek could be hidden in the pocket of brightening cushion and that makes it perfect for on-the-go. Check out my review here [http://bit.ly/2iYvbeO ] and you can easily get this for that someone for Christmas and I am sure she will be delighted. Get it here [ http://bit.ly/2nkYSfs ]

5. Peripera - Mini- Mini Peppy’s Carrier (Seoul) RM99
This is definitely one of my favourites. Every girl probably knows about Peripera and they most probably cannot resist the cuteness of this carrier. This carrier turn 360 degree and the handles are functionable too! One can personalized this little carrier with the stickers that comes with it.  A complete makeup could easily be completed with this carrier as it consists Ink Concealer, Ink Multi Shadowing, Vivid TInt Water, Ink Airy Velvet and Ink Velvet. You can't go wrong with this kit. Get them here [http://bit.ly/2iyrtMH]  before stock runs out.

4. Snow White Keep In Touch Makeup Set RM99
This is another fairytale set from Althea which is perfect as a gift. The Keep in Touch set consist of Glow Cream, Cushion, Lip Tattoo, Brow Pencil and Brow Tattoo. Get it here [ http://bit.ly/2j7qtMr ]

3. CLIO Pro Artist Liquid Concealer Kit RM67
This is a must have, for me at least. I have tried this and it has really good coverage. This kit features a cream concealer, a pencil concealer and a brightener. These babies works wonders at concealing all the flaws while keeping skin hydrated. Fits the bag perfectly for all the touch-ups she needs. [http://bit.ly/2AMjfb4]
2. 16 Brand, 16 Brickit Shadow Hit 10 Choco   RM120
This is a pallet that I would love, with 10 colours to create different looks from day to night. It is highly pigmented too. Check out the swatches here [ http://bit.ly/2AnQYow ] This would be ideal for beginners too, with 10 shades to experiment different looks, she will be a pro in no time. You can get this here [ http://bit.ly/2AnQYow ]

1. Althea Box #36 Party All Night Box RM118
You already know what an Althea Box is and I am not sure if this is going to be the last box for 2017 but this box will be the PERFECT gift! With 5 Full Size Items in this box, any girl would say Thank You. The #36 box features Konstante Elganz Fixer,  Water Lip Tattoo in Rose Gold, Full Cover Liquid Concealer, Power 10 Formula Samples, Max Change Oil Foam samples and the 16 Brickit Shadow Hit Choco. This box is worth every penny, think of it the 16 Brickit itself is RM120. Need I say more? Get this for her [ http://my.althea.kr/party-makeup-box ] If this list doesn’t suit you, check out Althea.Kr for more, they might be coming out with some Christmas Specials too, but if this does do get them quickly as they are shipped directly from Korea, we would want to tell her Santa is late this year, do we?

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*all images are from Althea.Kr

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  3. Great christmas ideas! You can also get cheap custom printed t-shirts as christmas gifts!