Stay Warm in the Pool with Cheekaboo!

By Anonymous - Sunday, January 28, 2018

All kids loves water play, and baby Vegas is no
different but I'm always worried about letting him
play in water for too long because he always
catches a cold after. Last weekend, we were invited to Escape Theme Park, Penang. The Theme Park consist of a a Water play and Adventure Play. I'm very sure the children are going to enjoy their day they but I started to get worried about Baby Vegas catching a cold. I was thrilled when Cheekaaboo sent over a thermal swimwear for Baby Vegas. I had been searching for thermal swimwear for white sometime as I've heard that these swimwear helps keep babies warm in water.

The thermal swimwear from Cheekaaboo are made from high quality neoprene, which means that it provides a water repellent layer whilst keeping the heat trapped inside to ensure that baby is warm. I am so amazed with the thermal swimwear! Baby Vegas was in the pool for more than 5 hours without turning blue! 😝 That would not have happened with any normal swimwear, he would barely last 30 minutes. He was kept warm throughout our time there in and out of water. You know how it gets colder when you are out of water due to the breeze.

Cheekaaboo swimwear is also 100% UV protective on the covered areas and that is not all, these swimwear is also chlorine resistant. It is so important to get a good quality swimwear for babies as their skin is still so fragile.

I also love the fact that the thermal swimwear dries quickly. It's neoprene material also give a better grip, which is good as there were slides and this material makes sure I held onto him firmly. Baby Vegas is such a squirmy baby especially when I try to dress him, but lucky for me this thermal swimwear is easy to put on. The Cheekaaboo thermal swimwear features a wide Velcro fastening at the back from the nape of the neck right down to the waist. There's a Velcro fastening on the nape of the neck where the zipper ends which acts as a safety feature, so that the zipper stays in place and  Baby Vegas  is unable  to unzip himself.

Cheekaaboo thermal swimwear comes in many designs and colours. I love how these thermal swimwear are brightly coloured. You can easily spot Baby Vegas in photos thanks to his brightly coloured Thermal swimwear from Cheekaaboo. Cheekaaboo doesn't only cater for babies but kids up to 8 years old. I'll be getting another 2 pieces suit for Heiley so that she too can have endless fun in the pool.

If you guys remember I have previously blogged about Cheekaaboo Swim Diapers and Sun Hat too! Read about it Here Cheekaaboo also has water toys,floats, and so many other accessories. Cheekaaboo is definitely my choice when it comes to water play.

Are you planning a family holiday ? Do your kids love the water? Well then, You have to check out Cheekaaboo! Thermal Swimwear are priced from RM139.90 before discount depending on the types of Thermal Swimwear. The Kiddy Twinset Suit is now at RM 108.88,  which I will be getting for Heiley. I must say this their thermal Swimwear it is worth every cent as they are made with high quality material and ensures that the little ones have a great time while being kept warm. They are having a Gift Set promo #MyFirstCheekaaboo right now that is so worth it!

More information on the Website. Links below. 😉 Check out with the promo code 'GAYLENCKB' and get 15% off [Valid until 14th May 2018] *not applicable for SALE items. 

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  1. Cheekabo is a good brand , i have one

  2. Actually i am looking for my kids swimming suit... finally find it Cheekaboo

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      sujud syukur kpd Allah Swt
      Kini Q maksum ingin menjadi perantara kepada semua saudara dimanapun anda berada.kami mohon parmisi tak ada lain hanya menawarkan jasa yg sesuai dengan kemampuan yg kami miliki dgn tujuan membantu anda yg mengalami permasalahan hidup seperti"
      1.anda kalah dalam persaingan bisnis
      2.selalu kalah bermain LOTTERY/LOTTO/TOTO/PODI dll sebagainya
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      5.anda mau disegani oleh majikan
      6.penyakit tak kunjung sembuh medis non meds
      7.penarikan dana gaib lewat ruwatan khusus,aman tanpa tumbal.(bukan perajahan).
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  3. Ohh, never heard of this brand before. Will keep in mind next time when I have kids!

  4. Wah.. So advance. I dont even know that nowadays got this thermal swim wear for kids and babies. What a considerate product.

  5. A couple of fun pools for your child are the wilderness themed infant pool with a tree-top sunshade and 4 worked in bugs for your infant to play with.pool toys

  6. Thermal swim wear! this technology is perfect for my baby. He likes swimming so much that I have bathtub installation to let him play in the bathroom. Thanks for the view.