ID.AZ Dermastic, the answer to your prayers

By Anonymous - Friday, January 19, 2018

The weather has been rather fickle lately. One moment it's hot and humid, the next it's pouring cats and dogs with a relatively low temperature. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about the low temperature because I do enjoy the low temperature, a lot in fact. Thanks to the weather, I finally got the time and mood to be doing some ‘Me’ time which is a bubble bath and a facial mask!

I received this parcel in December which explains the festive greetings on the card, but I was so busy in December that I did not have the time to actually try out all 3 of these facial mask. Now that I have finally gotten to it, I want to share my personally experience with you.

Now, ID.AZ Derm Mask is a Premium Mask from Korea, by ID Healthcare Group - Pla Cosmetics  and they have have 18 years clinical experience and 60,000 clinical cases. You know how much I love Aesthetic treatments, and after aesthetic treatments it is advise to take care of the skin so that it recovers properly, however many fail to do so thus resulting in poor recovery of the skin, with that in mind ID Healthcare Group - Pla Cosmetics to have products made to restore sensitive skin. ID.AZ has a wide range of products for everyone, today I will be sharing about the latest addition which is the ID.AZ Dermastic Line (Mask)

ID.AZ Dermastic Line is a daily skin care solution for hypoallergenic, soothing and moisturizing skin. There are 3 types of mask in the Dermastic Line which is the Dermastic Gold-Fit Mask, Dermastic Water-Fit and Dermastic Bright-Fit. Each mask has its own magic. The packaging of the Dermastic Line is rather simple but elegant. I always have a spot for minimalist designs

Dermastic Gold-Fit Mask [Nourishing] which is also the highlight of the 3 and features a tight elasticity hydrogel material unlike many other premium mask which features cotton or fiber. I prefer hydrogel mask compared to cotton or fiber ones as I find it less messy. The gold colour Premium Hydrogel Mask hold 99% of liquid, locks moisture and releases nourishing serums into the skin. Just by looking at this mask, I am already in love with its Gold Colours. So luxurious.  The Dermastic Golden- Fit Mask is divided into two section. Upper Half and Lower Half, and this ensures a perfect fit. This luxurious Golden-FIt mask contains Real Gold, and gold is well known for its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. The Dermastic Golden- Fit mask also contains honey, royal jelly, propolis, aloe vera and red ginseng. The Dermastic Golden-Fit mask  filled with all the nutritional properties for skin is sure to leave your skin glittery and glam. This retails at RM19.90

Dermastic Water-Fit Mask [Hydrating] is great for dehydrated skin like mine, it gives skin an instant boost of water. The Dermastic Water-Fit Masks is soaked in serum which contains Marine Water Collagen such as Deep Sea Water, Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. The material of the Microfibre mask is rather thin, which helps gives a better fit and prevent slipping.There is a layer of gauze unlike other mask that I have used which has a layer of glossy paper or sometimes just the paper mask without an additional layer to hold the essence.The Dermastic Water-Fit mask is great to soothe stress skin after a day out in the sun, and there is a generous amount of  essences in the package  which I used all over my neck. I would highly recommend this to those that need instant hydration. The Dermastic Water Mask retails at RM12.90

Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask [ Brightening] helps to brighten up dry and dull skin. The Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask contains Green Tea and Licorice extract which calms skin as well as detoxify skin. The pearl and blueberry brightens the skin. THe Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask is a microfiber sheet Mask which is thin, almost transparent to me. It also has a gauze layer attached to it which you will have to remove. The thinness of the Mask make its so much easier to fit the face. I love how my face glows after using the mask and is still glowly the next day. This Mask retails at RM12.90

Overall, I love all the 3 types. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be the Dermastic Gold-Fit Mask. Why? I made it my favourite because of its Hydrogel Material which creates less mess for a butterfinger person like myself. The Dermastic Gold-Fit Mask is priced higher comparatively to the other 2 because of its hydrogel material, but it is worth every cent. You can get the ID.AZ Dermastic Line at Watsons Outlet Nationwide

ID.AZ Dermastic Gold-Fit Mask
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. If you have great skin condition use this to maintain its condition, if you have rather bad skin condition well this might be the answer to your prayers. Always remember to apply toner prior to putting on the mask and do not leave paper mask overnight, or else you might end up with even drier skin that before. If you really have to leave overnight, there is a mask for that which is called a Sleeping Mask. Lol. Check out the links below

ID.AZ Facebook | ID.AZ Instagram
ID.AZ Dermastic Bright-Fit Mask
Peel Off the Gauze Like Layer
Leave for 10-20 Minutes and Pat Dry
Enjoy brighter skin

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  1. looks like a great mask to try out... will look into getting some for myself and my team mates...

  2. Assalamualaiku
    sujud syukur kpd Allah Swt
    Kini Q maksum ingin menjadi perantara kepada semua saudara dimanapun anda berada.kami mohon parmisi tak ada lain hanya menawarkan jasa yg sesuai dengan kemampuan yg kami miliki dgn tujuan membantu anda yg mengalami permasalahan hidup seperti"
    1.anda kalah dalam persaingan bisnis
    2.selalu kalah bermain LOTTERY/LOTTO/TOTO/PODI dll sebagainya
    3.masalah dalam rumah tangga,kurang harmonis
    4.masalah hutang menumpuk
    5.anda mau disegani oleh majikan
    6.penyakit tak kunjung sembuh medis non meds
    7.penarikan dana gaib lewat ruwatan khusus,aman tanpa tumbal.(bukan perajahan).
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