Horien Eye Secret Contact lenses, makes your Eyes Shine Brighter

By Anonymous - Tuesday, January 09, 2018

You know how contact lenses actually make your eye look instantly brighter and livelier? well , yes that is a fact. I have tried out many brands of contact lens but I have not found one that is comfortable enough to wear for more than 12 hours. I do not put on contact lenses on a everyday basis, I do it only when I have an event or when I need to look good. I have rather a rather big Iris where some contact lenses I’ve tried in the past actually block my vision. Is that even possible?  I don’t know but it did.
I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about the Horien Eye Secret contact lenses. Horien Eye Secret is from Taiwan. So I got my hands on these lenses, tried them and now I’m gonna share my reviews.
Horien Optics Malaysia, established in 2014 aims to introduce only the Safest and best quality lenses to Malaysia. They have been in the optical industry since 1995, and has always been associated with high quality and safe product with affordable price. They are loved by Taiwanese and have been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award for two years now.
Horien Eye Secret is a 3 months disposable color lens, with 38% water content to ensure that the lens is moisturize and slowing down the water loss, which makes it more comfortable to wear for longer hours. I might not be wearing contact lenses everyday but when I do I expect them to be comfortable and not irritate my eyes as I have rather sensitive eyes. Horien Eye Secret uses Bio-molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) technology that ensure that the color additives will not leak and provides wearing comfort. We wouldn’t want to risk our eyesight trying to be pretty do we? It is rather amazing what a pair of contact lenses can do in terms of makeup tutorial or just to perfect that #LOTD [Look of the Day]

Horien Optics Malaysia has a wide array of products from clear to coloured lenses and options of 3 months, 6 months disposable contact lenses. There are so many option, I am lost. The colour options is rather unique too such as Pink and Gold, I have never imagined myself with Gold Eyes. Here I have with me is the rather unique ones, Pink, Gold and Green. Lol. Green is rather normal but Pink and Gold.

I tried on the Gold Colored Pair to complement what I call a my home photo-shoot makeup. Lol. What do you think? I have use this pair for more than 5 times, which I usually don't with other brands even tho it says 3 months I'll just throw them after 3 uses because they get more uncomfortable after each use. But I'm loving this one, after 5 uses and they are still comfortable. 💪
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to find out how the Pink and Green color looks on me. I'm very certain that they are gonna look good! I'll be doing my first makeup tutorial with the Pink Colored ones so make sure you follow me on Facebook - Gaylen KaSai at The Whole Enchilada

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  1. Your eye contact lenses looks beautiful and fits to you. and I really love the color of it.

  2. wahh u are so lucky can used contact lenses. Unfortunately I cannot use contact lenses, my eyes very dry

  3. Am looking forward to buy my very first Horien. Been using the same brand for quite some time na dit is time to change to a new brand.

  4. Your eyes looks so big and natural with Horien Contact! It looks really moisture and comfortable to wear it!

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