Horien Eye Secret - Daily Disposable Contact Lens

By Unknown - Monday, February 26, 2018

Eyes are the windows to the souls so they say, and I agree which is why after trying out the 3 months contact lense from Horien Eye Secret (Read about it here) I have decided to try the daily disposable contact lens as well. I seldom wear contact lens unless I have an event or photoshoot, So I thought daily contact lens would be more suitable for me as I could easily dispose them after the event instead of keeping them and then reuse them in probably 2 months later.

The Horien Daily Disposable contact lens are disposable color lens, with 38% water content to ensure that the lens is moisturize and slowing down the water loss, which makes it more comfortable to wear for longer hours. I might not be wearing contact lenses everyday but when I do I expect them to be comfortable and not irritate my eyes as I have rather sensitive eyes. Horien Eye Secret uses Bio-molecule 3D Wrap (BMW) technology that ensure that the color additives will not leak and provides wearing comfort. We wouldn’t want to risk our eyesight trying to be pretty do we? It is rather amazing what a pair of contact lenses can do in terms of makeup tutorial or just to perfect that #LOTD [Look of the Day] Check out my video, I pair my greenish Makeup Look with the Green Colour Daily Disposable Contact Lens. What do you think?

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  1. I feel you are really knowledgeable about contact lenses. May I ask for personal tips on choosing contact lens solution?