A Mask A Day Keeps the Wrinkles at Bay

By Anonymous - Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Beauty regime can sometimes be such a chore. Do you feel like that sometimes? I feel it every time I start putting on makeup because I know when the day ends I’ll have to remove, cleanse, double cleanse and the lost goes on. Meh! Have to bare with it for the sake of great skin.

Last weekend, I attended a beauty workshop that focuses on this brand of facial mask called Dr. Morita.The founder Dr Jou was present to Meet us and present to us the products of his company Dr. Jou Biotech Co. Dr. Morita is a Taiwanese brand that has been a pioneer in masking technology. It has a research center in Japan to tap on Japanese technology for its products, and the popularity of its high-quality facial masks and eye masks gave Dr. Morita its first claim to fame. Dr. Jou also shared some tips with us such as Making sure the mask fully covers face, especially areas that have wrinkles and fine lines. This will ensure that the serum from mask is fully absorbed into these areas, and all over your face.

Before the event started a skin hydration test was done and I scored 30.5%, during the workshop we were ask to remove our make up and use the Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask for 10 mins and after that another test was done. I was really surprised at the results! 56.5%! Wheee! That's such a huge increase!  My skin also felt supple until the next day. Lucky me as the day I attended the event was also the last day of Guardians promotion for the buy 1 and get 1 free Dr. Morita facial mask range, I bought an additional 30 pieces of Dr. Morita mask and I got different once. I must say that up till now the have not failed me. Out of the many I have tried I personally love the Intense Hydrating Serum Mask and I highly recommend this to everyone. The first time  used it and hubs saw me he actually commented “Why is your face glowing?”.

What I learned from this workshop is that the Dr. Morita facial mask is suitable to be used daily, and if you do use it daily you may  skip the rest of the steps of your Beauty regime such as Toner, Moisturiser. I am still very skeptical on this and to be honest I still wouldn't skip the rest of the regime even though I have been practicing ‘A mask a day keeps the wrinkles at bay’.

Dr. Morita has quite a wide range of mask so I'm very sure there's something for everyone. Dr. Morita facial mask and products can be found at Guardian Outlets Nationwide and Guardian Online. Do watch out because sometimes there is a buy 1 free 1 promo! Follow my Insta Story or Facebook to be updated.

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