What is PRP Treatment and how to get the best out of it?

By Anonymous - Sunday, April 08, 2018

Is flawless skin one of your beauty goals? If it is I suggest you read this. Since forever, having flawless skin that requires no cover ups is my main beauty goal because I believe great makeup starts with a great base and in this case;skin. In this entry, I will be sharing my own personal experience.

I have been visiting Premier Clinic since 2017 and everytime I walk out looking different, better definitely. If you have been following me you would have known that I have done several procedures at Premier Clinic and they are 2 Filler Procedure [ Dark Circles and Nasolabial, both were done separately] and before that a laser LED & Treatment on my face in 2017 and beginning of 2017. I had a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) back in 2015 and a Botox Procedure in 2013. Honestly,  I haven't had much ‘surgery’ done because besides my nose I am rather satisfied with everything else. Lol, I might consider getting a boob job but I still haven't found the reason to do so. By now, you could already tell that I am really into aesthetic treatment. I believe that see everyone is beautiful without plastic surgery or Aesthetic but one can surely enhance those features. Yes?

So, what was I doing in Premier Clinic this time around? And guess who’s the doctor, yep, non other than Doctor Nigel Ong! He’s really friendly and easy to talk too, jokes too! Dr. Nigel is mostly at the KL City Branch and now Premier Clinic KL City is open 7 days a week too! This time,  I did the PRP Treatment [ Platelet Rich Plasma]  What is is PRP?  PRP is the use of concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma, where a portion of the patient's own blood is derived and centrifuged to remove red blood cells. This can be used to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems. I also did Botox on my jaw, the same spot I did in 2013.

PRP Treatment for the face is also fondly known as the Vampire Facial. These platelets are high in growth hormone and this procedure aids cell turnover or recovery and i swear to you, it works. This is the best procedure I’ve done thus far. So, let's go thru the procedure so that if you are considering it already you will know where you are headed and we are also going  to find out how to get the best out of this treatment.

After filling in forms and consultation, I was escorted to the treatment room where I was asked to lay down on the treatment bed where my face was cleansed. Next, numbing cream was applied. My blood was then taken from my right arm and the blood was spun in a centrifuge, separating the platelets from the red blood cells. I was rather proud that I had quite a nice amount despite the lack of sleep the night before. Did you know that you can get the best out of PRP Treatments if you have a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips. At least two days prior of the PRP treatment, try to be healthier than usual. Reduce the intake of sugary foods or fatty meat. Minimize caffeine. Smoking & drinking to be avoided for 12 hours and If you are taking any anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulation medications do let them know.

Now that the plasma is ready,it's time to inject it into the face. I was shock when I saw the needle, watch my Facebook Live Video here and you'll know what I meant. I didn't expect it to be injected with a needle, I honestly thought it would be done with a device or something. Ahhh, I amaze myself at what I would do in the name of Beauty. The pain I would allow myself to go thru. My face was already numb but I was still cringing and making a fuss throughout the procedure.  Do note that my tolerance of pain is really low. After 10 mins, its finally done! Yay ...now the last too japs, the botox. So, most people will feel more pain on the forehead area instead of the lower part of the face. I felt less pain in the forehead while my lower face felt the pains. The botox injection wasn't painful at al, i felt nothing maybe its because its injected into the muscles

The whole PRP + Botox Procedure took nothing more than 45 mins thou the 10 mins felt like forever 😂 I am very happy with the serviced of Premier Clinic. They have never let me down. After the whole procedure was done, moisturizer and sunblock was applied on my face. I check the mirror and my face looks like it was stung by bees. Lol. There is downtime with PRP Treatment, as there's going to be bumps and bruises, not to forget injection marks, however I walked out like I just strike a million dollars because I know 2 weeks after this, I am going to look like a million dollar. 😁

I checked myself in the mirror about an hour later and I couldn't stop smiling. My face was glowing. Since the procedure I have been looking forward to waking up because every day when I wake up, my skin gets better. I Have realized that my scars are lighten too, and that's such a relieve because they've  been a pain. I strongly recommend to apply mask every night after the treatment for a week, this will help with the bruising and swelling if any, do not apply any 'whitening' mask as they might contain acidic ingredients that might sting, try to stay to hydrating mask. I am using the Dr Morita Hydrating Mask alongside the Clinique Moisture Surge. You should also apply mask on the same day after the treatment as it will absorb more into your skin than usual since it has been PRP-ed. Lol.

If you are still considering this treatment, I highly recommend this and I believe you will have no regrets. Skin condition after PRP will tend to get better over the months, I will be doing this treatment again in another 2 months at max. A little personal advice, go to a reputable aesthetic clinic instead of beauticians. When it comes to needles, I always opt for the professionals.

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DAY 1 After PRP Treatment with No Makeup, Only Sunblock.
That is not oil you are seeing, the skin is really glowing!
DAY 1 After PRP Treatment with No Makeup, Only Sunblock
That is not oil you are looking at, skin is glowing!

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