I beg your pardon? Fat Freeze?

By Unknown - Monday, May 21, 2018

Oh come on, we all have fats! No matter how thin and slender one is there is bound to be stubborn fats somewhere, belly, thighs, arms, you name it! We all want to get rid of it so badly, and tell ourselves “I’m gonna start working out”, 3 months down the line we are nowhere to be seen in the gym! Or “I’m going to start eating clean”, less than 24 hours we are caught with a packet of McDonald’s French Fries in our hands at 4.30pm.  Does any of this sound familiar? Well, it has happen to me one to many times that I have finally given up trying so hard. When I don’t try so hard to go to the gym, I actually end up in the gym. The harder I try, the more impossible it seems.

I still want to get rid of my fats without having to try going to the gym daily or trying to eat clean so I tried out Fat Freezing. I am thin, the last time I weigh myself I was around 42kg. Standing at 155cm and 42kg, I am the definition of petite. Lol. As petite as I am, I have stubborn fats in certain areas like my abdominal area,thighs,and back fat caused by pregnancy. How else was I going to carry a baby at 38kg with absolutely no fat to hold a 2.6kg [excluding the waterbag, mind you] little human. I guess after being pregnant and to be in my shape is already a blessing, I put on 12kg on the last pregnancy, tho I have gotten rid of the 12kg but there is still a layer of fat that will not go no matter how many sit ups or crunches I do so I had to find help as these fats cannot be removed without help. Who to ask for help? Premier Clinic. They offered me a solution which is called the CLATUU FAT FREEZE TREATMENT.

If you have not heard of Fat Freeze before this, please do read on. It may sound rather gruesome but fat freezing is a popular option for a lot of people who is struggling with stubborn body fat. There are many Hollywood celebrities that is using this method instead of Liposuction. So, what is Fat freezing? Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis , is exactly like what it sounds - fat cells are frozen for a period of time in the aim to reduce them, and this is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, which simply means No needles and No knives. Your fat cells are frozen just like how they would in a frostbite. No, you won’t be losing your skin, fat cells freeze before skin freezes. This treatment is should be done by a professional, I know of friends that actually bought a similar machine at around RM6,000 - RM8,000 and used them on their own at home. Well, yes you can buy them from China but how safe is the machine and how authentic is the technology is for you to find out.

Fat Freezing is a non invasive method, however do take note that fat freezing can cause bruising and numbness which can last for a few days. Fat Freezing will also not help you lose heaps of weight, after all fat doesn’t weight as much as muscles. Do not expect to minus 5kg after a Fat Freezing treatment, it is not going to happen. Fat freezing doesn’t add up on the scale but more to what’s spilling out of your pants or bra. It is highly recommended to exercise and maintain a healthy diet after Fat Freezing treatment. A brief of how it actually works, Fat freeze specifically targets fat cells and lowers their temperature to a range between -6 to -9  degrees causing them to crystalize [freeze] and will end up being dead fat cells. Other structures such as the skin is not affected by this process.  The remaining content of the dead fat cells is disposed of naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

You will be able to see results from Results will be noticeable 4 to 12 weeks after beginning treatment. Full results are measurable at approximately the 12 week mark depending on your body’s metabolic rate. Results from fat freezing is permanent as long as you maintain a normal diet and regular exercise. If you are going to go on a eating marathon after the treatment then it is pointless. Did you know when you gain weight, you fat cells can get bigger and when you are losing weight, your fat cells get smaller but the number of fat cells stays the same? Which means if you put on weight again these fat cells are just gonna expand again. But after a Fat freeze treatment actually reduces the number of fat cells in the area, about 20%-25%. These dead cells are eliminated so it won’t migrate to other areas of the body and won’t expand anymore. Think about it.

Now, with the above being said let me share my experience of the CLATUU Fat Freeze Treatment at Premier Clinic. I have mentioned above that I have fats in my abdomen, back and thighs. I did the Clatuu Fat Freeze Treatment in my Lower Abdomen. The doctors and therapist at Premier Clinic are trained according to the official protocol and they follow the highest standards of service which is why I almost always end up there.

The doctor will examine you body and mark the are that needs to be treated. Doctor Foo was my doctor for this treatment. After that I was ushered into the treatment room, it is a different treatment room from the ones I have been into for aesthetic procedure. This room has a TV and a list of movies to keep you entertained during the 1 hour treatment. The science of Fat Freezing treatment has been understood now, and developments in technology have led to more precise clinical results without the heavy price tag and this is what CLATUU is all about. CLATUU gives better results when compared to the older treatments such as CoolSculpting due to the advanced 360° cooling handpiece, which simply means it can deliver more cooling across treatment areas.

The Matrix gel pad is then placed on my abdomen, it is a a big piece of gel pad something like a mask;just bigger and then the applicator head will be place on top of the are that needs to be treated. As the machined is turn on, I felt a pinching sensation, like something was tugging my skin. It wasn’t painful but it felt funny. This happens because the machine uses a vacuum to draw the fatty tissues into the applicator head. During the first 15 minutes I felt intense  cold in my lower abdomen.

After that, I was numbed in that area so I continues watching a movie in that room After about 50 minutes, the machine will be automatically turned off and the applicator head and gel pad removed. I was quite shock I must admit to see my fats in a different form, like it was being moulded into the shape of the applicator head. Lol. The therapist will then massage the area and the shape will then be back to normal but feeling numb. There was no bruises for me after the treatment but the numbness continued for about a week. No pain, just very minor discomfort. There is no downtime and aftercare for this treatment is a safe alternative compared to Liposuction.

I am only on the 1 month mark since the Clatuu Treatment and I can already see that my lower abs is not as bulky as they used to be and I have already made my appointment for another Fat Freeze treatment, but this time not Clatuu or Premier Clinic. I’m going to be trying out a different one just to see the difference myself. Follow me here or on Facebook and I will share more.

Overall, CLATUU is perfect for adults of all genders who have stubborn fat bulges that just won’t budge no matter how many gym sessions or low-calorie diets are undertaken. It is great for women like me who would love to get rid of post-pregnancy belly or men that wishes to lose their love handles, however do note that CLATUU is not recommended for obese individuals as this is a body contouring treatment, and not a weight loss solution.

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