What goes up;must come down. THE REVERSE TAP BEER

By Anonymous - Thursday, June 21, 2018

It's the World Cup season,  are you watching? I have sacrificed my sleep for the world cup, it is after all just once in every 4 years. Sleep can wait. There is one World Cup questions I have been listening to since the first match. Friends have been asking, I have seen it on my news feed that one Question ‘Where to watch the match tonight?” Lol, now I will tell you where you can watch the match and also experience a totally different kind of beer! Remember! What goes up;must come down. This is such a familiar saying. Well, it is entirely true when it comes to the Reverse Tap Beer at Tree Bar, G Hotel. Lol. I am please to share with you Penang’s very first ‘Reverse Tap Beer’ which is just pure magic! Lol, I am joking. No magic but this is a very unique tap which is totally different from the traditional ones. Regular taps depends on the bartender’s beer tapping skills whereas the Reverse Tap Beer  uses a smart system which is able to dispense a pint of beer in 7 seconds, and that is 9 times faster than the regular tap. Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

Here comes the good news, Tree Bar offers 3 pints of ‘Reverse Tap Beer’ from RM58 nett onwards. That’s such a sweet deal isn’t it. This is a ‘must-try experience’. Tree Bar also serves a wide selection of beers such as Hoegaarden, Erdinger Weissbier, Kronenbourg, Asahi, Connor’s Stout and Carlsberg so there’s definitely something for everyone. However, Tree Bar is not only known for beers and the sports channel [World Cup Yay], if you remember me sharing with you about Tree Bar previously, you would know that Tree Bar is also famed for their signature cocktails namely Atlantic Breeze, Chocolada, Malaysian Dream, and Rum Jungle. The Atlantic Breeze is a mix of light rum, apricot brandy, Galliano, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine, as refreshing as a sea breeze. For a richer, creamy cocktail, try the Chocolada which is a blend of crème de cacao, light rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and chocolate. Malaysian Dream as the name suggests is a taste of Malaysian tropics, with a vodka, coconut cream, fresh pineapple juice and grenadine mix. Rum Jungle is a Malibu Rum mix with flavours of banana and pineapple, so sweet, fruity and fresh, forgetting all the stress and hectic life in a concrete jungle. Besides its signature cocktails, it's Mojito Breeze Jug, a whopping 1 litre blend of rum, mint leaves, lime, brown sugar and soda water in a jug, a bestseller and a hit amongst the happy hour crowd. For patrons who do not consume alcoholic beverages, there is non-alcoholic drinks section with choices of soft drinks, ginger ale, soda water and Red Bull.

We all get a little hungry watching football matches don’t we? No biggie because Tree Bar serves really good food and snacks. There are some new additions too. he Lamb Filo Pastry is a crispy, hand-wrapped minced lamb and potato with Asian spice filling in filo pastry.

It is a mildly spicy, crispy bite that goes well with Mint Raita dip. If you love bruschetta like me, Tree Bar offers a great variety of Bruschetta, choose from Salmon, Tomato & basil or the chicken, apple, mayo mix. Then there is the Tree Bar Oriental Slider which are mini burgers with chicken and prawn patty snuck in between some lettuce and tomatoes.

Other scrumptious bar bites include Crab Cakes, Chicken Pie, Sausage Puff, Buffalo Wings, Gyoza, Siu Mai, hand-tossed thin crust Seafood Pizza and many more.

Tree Bar is open from 12 noon until 1am from Sunday to Thursday and from 12 noon until 2am on Friday and Saturday. Happy Hour comes with Buy 1 Free 1 on all house pours from 12 noon to 4pm for afternoon drinking pleasures. So, if you are like me and loves afternoon drinking while working on paperwork, this is the place to be.

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