Does your child sing?

By Anonymous - Sunday, August 05, 2018

She says 'I like this book, because I like to sing'
What songs did you grow up listening too? I am not referring to Boy Bands, or KPop. I meant when you were 3 years old. I grew up listening to songs like Gelang Sipaku Gelang, Rasa Sayang, and Chan Mali Chan. These songs were part of my childhood and I realise that children today have less exposure to these folk songs.
My childhood songs

Vegas who is 2 this year can barely recognized these folk songs, all he knew was Baa Baa Black Sheep or The Wheels on The Bus because that is what is being taught to him a school, and the fact that Bahasa Malaysia has not yet being taught to him makes all these songs very alien to him. Heiley who is 9 this year, knew only one of the many folk songs which was Rasa Sayang because she did a performance in school during Primary 1. Being a Malaysia, I hope that my children is able to converse well in our national language which is Bahasa Malaysia. I can speak rather fluent Bahasa Malaysia when I want too, lol. I was part of the ‘Syair’ and ‘Pidato’ team in school and yes I am proud to say I won a few competitions too.

Kiddo is very amaze with the book.

Now, what better way to teach the children the the language but thru songs? Yes! I got my hands on this book called Rasa Sayang: Sing-and-Record Fun Book” which includes songs like Rasa Sayang, Chan Mali Chan, Burung Kakak Tua, Lenggang Kangkung and Gelang Sipaku Gelang, Anak Itik Tok Wi and Bengawan Solo.  The last song in the book I have not heard of, so I was very excited to hit the play button. LOL. The illustrations on the book is vibrant and a little abstract, so that the children’s imagination can run wild. Heiley did ask me about some images in the book and Vegas can point out the birds in the book.

This song gives me Nightmares, find out why in the video!

The book has two languages which is the orignal song lyrics in Bahasa Malaysia and translate into a second language English. This is great for children to learn, as they can understand the meaning of the Bahasa Malaysia word when looking at the English word. You can even sing it in English if you want. This book is very easy for toddlers to use as in the page there is an icon and on the sidebar the similar icon to play. The best part about this book is that you are able to record your own singing and you can playback. The Kids just loves it, tho Vegas is not able to communicate in full sentence yet but he smiles and giggles when he hears himself singing ‘Hey’ in the recording when Heiley is singing ‘Chan Mali Chan’. I love these folk songs because they were part of my and my hubby’s childhood and these songs has morale teaching in them too such as the ‘’Lenggang Kangkung’’.

Vegas is so into the SING AND RECORD Fun Book! 

He says 'Its a Bird'

I love this book because Vegas willingly plays with the book during his Television Time and Heiley is now able to sing at least 3 songs from the book without the lyrics, which is a great achievement for her. This book is great for family time too, because we do sing along with the kids although I find I sounded really funny on recording but that's the most precious time to me, to be able to put down my phone and spend quality family time with the kids. The Rasa Sayang: Sing-and-Record Fun Book” is sold online at only RM79, totally worth it!  You know what? This book makes a great gift to, parents will thank you.
Family Time

Check out the video and  Click on links below to find out more.

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