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By Gaylen KaSai - Saturday, September 15, 2018

Do you see the scars? 
No matter how great your skin is and all there comes a time when those nasty nasty pimples and acne decides to visit. Yes, after so many months with clear looking skin and they decide to not those tiny one, they were the type that hides underneath the skin and is painful as hell! I just cannot keep my hands of them, and I just had to try to dig em’ out. I know I should not. Really! Now, I am left with scars which is gonna bother me for quite a  while, thankfully scars last about 2-3 months for me but then I am used to just a thin layer of BB creams and concealers on normal days, now I can’t do that because of the damn pimple/acne scars. Well guess I gotta live up to my own actions.
HKCPlaza Penang, ample parking space for you

An invitation came from a Aesthetic Clinic and I was rather thrilled, since these stupid scars were actually bothering me I was actually hoping that I could get rid of them faster. Laser treatments most definitely. I was invited to HKC or also known as Hankook Korean Skin Aesthetics which recently just opened its first flagship store in Penang! Yes, my beautiful island Penang!
Feeling happy because its my turn!

Hankook Korean Skin Aesthetics is a Singaporean entity that manages up to 50 affiliated salons and also its own franchise and license outlets. Hankook Korean Skin Aesthetics has been around for some time and there have more than 10 years of experience especially in manufacturing, trading, and wholesale. HKCPlaza concentrates more on cell and skin regeneration instead of extraction on the surface like many other beauty salons
I need it so badly now I visited their outlet with the squad, yes. We like sticking together, for the good and the bad! Lol. #squadgoals We were briefed about the history of HKCPlaza and also types of treatments available here. HKCPlaza Skin Aesthetics  also carries their own brand which has solely been used in dermatological clinics. The brand is called Histolab. I will share more about this in another entry. This outlet is a new outlet, so there were a few machines that hasn’t arrived here yet so I guess no laser treatment for me. Lucky us, their signature treatment which is the Guerison Treatment is available.  
Enjoying the facial massage
What is Guerison Treatment? Well, Guerison means ‘Healing’ I need it This is the next generation skincare device for healing and recovering of the skin. Yes please Also means as “LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY”. Low-level Laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is a novel treatment option available for non-thermal and non-ablative skin rejuvenation,which has been shown to be effective for improving skin conditions such as wrinkles and skin laxity. A wide range of different light sources have been used to deliver light for these treatments, particularly to the face. LLLT provides increased rates of wound healing, while also reducing post-operative pain, edema and several types of inflammation, making it a highly desirable modality. This machine can be used not only on the face but the whole body. It can also help joint pains and inflammation. Such a great machine, so great I wish I owned one.
The Guerison Machine
There is totally no downtime or side effect after the treatment and its 100% safe. This treatment starts off with your face being cleansed and removed of make up, dirt and grime following the usual extraction I really should let the professionals do it from now on to avoid future scars and then a machine will be used together with the Double Effect Ampoule which helps to activate cells, improve blood circulation, eliminate body waste and sterilize damage skin. Healing from within. You will be asked to hold the silver rod while the machine is being turned on and the laser applicator is used on your face. There is no pain overall except for certain areas with pimples which I felt a little bit of needle poking feeling or electrical waves. Lol. Pain level rating? 1/10, I believe I have experience worse pain such as childbirth. Lol. The treatment will end with a mask,, just like the usual.
This is Iris, not me. Lol
I love how the whole treatment took place and how gentle the aesthetician was. Even the facial massage and shoulder massage felt great! Thumbs up! I am amazed with the results immediately after the treatment, actually I was already amazed when Iris finished here treatment as her skin was glowing! Yes! I was so excited to start mine hoping for the same effect as we all know how each individual has different results. I came out satisfied for sure, my skin was much more supple and I could see that part of my face was more lifted compared to the other halfway to the treatment. My dark circles seemed lighter too! The only thing that bothered me was still the ugly pimple/acne scars, nothing happens in 1 treatment ok? But I am confident this treatment is sure to expedite the healing process. In my head, I was already ready to make my 2nd appointment and once every month. A Guerison Treatment a month will definitely keep me looking like I am 28 when I am 40! Lol. On a more serious note, I know that after a few more session I am going to have translucent and flawless skin!
Thank You for the Birthday Gift!
 Since it was my birthday month, the nice people at HKCPlaza presented me with a gift.  The HISTOLAB WHITE SCIENCE SET. I can’t wait to start and share with you! I will do it in about 2 months, we need time to tell if the products works, don’t we? For now, I can tell you that the Guerison Treatment is really worth a try and I can assure you that you are going to love it! Check out their first trial promo at 3x Package at RM288. Follow their social media for more info! Deets below! Always remember, good skincare and skin regimes, more H2o is the key to flawless skin! Check out our video too!

HKCPlaza Korean Skin Aesthetics Penang

26N Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 Georgetown, Penang

Tel: 60-4-655-3958

Operating Hours

Monday ~ Friday

10.30am ~ 08:30pm

Saturday ~ Sunday

10.00am ~ 06:00pm

Close on Public Holidays 

Goodies from the Goodies Bag, Perfect fr upcoming travels 
No more bad skin during travels

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