ALTHEA EXCLUSIVE: 10 Seconds is all it takes to detox with the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

By Gaylen KaSai - Tuesday, September 04, 2018

I love K-Beauty and my experience with Althea has been nothing but great. If you've been 
following, I'm sure you would already know that I've been welcomed by Althea to be their Angel. I am so grateful, but being an angel also means I have my duties to fulfill! That duty is to share updates with you, to review items and share with you. That's what I will be doing today.
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Althea first launched their very own baby, the Althea Petal Velvet Powder last year. Now there are 3 variance already, Translucent, Warm Beige and the latest addition Pink (Lavender).

Early this year, Althea created something which I am still raving about to friends until today. A simplified skincare routine! Althea Bare Essential is a 3 steps skincare routine which will suit any skin type. Read about it HERE or join my giveaway HERE

Last month Althea launched another product which came with the Althea Angels Welcome box! I must say the box is very pretty, all Althea boxes are not only pretty but useful too! I use the boxes to keep my masks and my daughter uses the box to keep her precious toys. In the first Althea Angel box was an Althea Tote bag, a Mirror, a pink Angel make up bag and of course 2 tubes of the latest Althea Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.

Althea Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a daily 10-second wash-off mask that comes in morning and night recipes. All you need to do it just leave im on your skin for just 10 seconds and you will get that dewy glow! I love it as it makes a great in shower mask! 10 seconds, not more because this Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is powerful enough to revitalize the skin in just 10 seconds. It is made with natural ingredients, and helps promote blood circulation and detoxification through massaging it in.


Use this in the morning, the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer helps to protect and balance the pH levels of your skin so its prepared for your morning skincare routine and makeup. Trust me make up stays on longer with this. The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer - Rose smells really good too, a very good morning pick me up! Better than coffee! Lol. The tube contains premium rose petals which can only be picked once a year.


After a busy day at work or running errands, soothe your skin at night with this Night recipe. The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea will purify and calm your tired skin in just 10 seconds and prep it for your night skincare routine. You will find bits of green tea leaves in the tube. These leaves comes from a plantation in Jeju, a place known for producing the finest ingredients used for skincare products.

How to use?

Step 1. Cleanse your face
Step 2. Squeeze out a generous amouby of Real Fresh Skin Detoxer on your palm
Step 3. Apply like how you would a mask
Step 4. Leave it for 10 seconds [nothing more,its way too strong]
Step 5. Massage your face in circular motion
Step 6. Wash of thoroughly

You can store it in the fridge for the extra coldness and if the tube changes colors don't  fret. Its normal.

I love this product a lot. Its like a must now for me every day. I only do paper mask 2 times  week instead of daily since I started on the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. My skin is definitely smoother and make up holds in well. You have to try it to believe it. You can get it from

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Loved your review on this too.... so much love to Althea

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