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By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, September 27, 2018

How much does packaging affect your buying behavior? For me, it matters. First impression always matters to me. You know according to research brands have only 7 seconds to make a good impression on a potential customer, so an effective design that is eye catching can definitely draw attention. It is not only about the quick, first impression. Quality is an important aspect as well and this is how I ended up doing this review. I think this is THE ONLY Mask & Ampoule that has really gotten my attention in terms of packaging. I am please to introduce to you a new line ; SHO [ Special Homecare Origin ]

SHO is a Korean skincare brand that combines beauty treatment and science. SHO from offers a range of fine ingredients skin care products which given modern working women in urban areas a high-quality treatment at a comfort of own home. We, women are very busy people, don’t you agree? So when it comes to ME Time, we definitely want to use only the best.  SHO products are proudly manufactured in Korea under strict standard to ensure quality and ISO certified which is internationally recognized. All their products are free from harmful ingredients such as Triethanolamine, Benzophenone, Mineral oil, Sulfate, Paraben and Acrylamide, so its even safe for mummies to be.
SHO is packaged in a very beautiful tin tube, at first look you will be wondering how they could fit 7 pcs in a tube. Now, the SHO treatment mask is Made out of a nice cotton weave that’s not too thin to hold the essence nor too thick to fit and conform to my face comfortably, the sheets adheres nicely to my face and is highly saturated with essence. I could put them on for a good 45 mins without them drying out. Since SHO Mask is actually a treatment mask and not a daily mask you just have to  use it once or twice a week.
When and how to use the SHO Mask? After cleansing and toning but before the moisturizer, tear open mask packet, remove and unfold mask, and apply to face. Smooth out any air bubbles so that the material hugs your skin closely. Wear for 15-20 minutes. After removing, pat in any remaining essence and seal in the hydration with an emulsion, gel, or cream moisturizer. That simple, you will see the difference in just one use. I tried the SHO Aging Red Ginseng Ampoule Mask and also the SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule Mask and it was really good. After the Red Ginseng Mask I could see the difference in my skin brightness, they don’t look so dull the next day and the effect last for a good 3 days which is great.

The SHO Red Ginseng Mask contains ingredients such as Red Ginseng, Mulberry Root, Licorice, Pleuropterus multiflorus, it creates firmer and glossier skin. It also contains Camellia Oil which helps to achieve a healthy balance of oil and water on the surface of our skin and maintains the skin’s ideal condition. Portulaca extract and allantoin will wrap the skin gently which was stimulated from the external environment and became tired and sensitive, making it healthy. Use this mask often and you will experience a firmer glossier skin. It has anti aging benefits too!

If rough, flaky skin is your concern that you will be glad to know about the SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule Mask. I have added this into my weekly routine and I am glad to share with you that this Ampoule Mask actually does gives me bouncier and more supple skin. Yay! The SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule Mask contains Marine collagen composite which works to effectively moisturise your skin, and the Acetyl Hexapeptide -8 and the Adenosine components, well known for its outstanding anti -aging effects, will make your skin healthier and look younger. Active ingredients such as Glycosaminoglycans and Lecithin, it helps to achieve a moist and elastic skin texture. Say hello to firmer skin!

TIP: All the SHO Mask has a generous amount of essence in its pack, so if you have a old glass ampoule bottle, you might want to collect the essence. You could use it on your neck, elbows, knees, arms or even on your face in the morning.

Now, you all should know by now that I love and adore all serums and ampoules. If you have never heard of Ampoules, well they are considered to be a more concentrated version of a serum, think of it as a booster shot. Ampoule are 3X more effective and absorption if compared to Serum as They often contain a higher number of active ingredients and are used for a finite amount of time. In short, ampoules are more potent than serums. Ampoule absorbed immediately and provides long lasting effects. SHO ampoule is designed as daily use ampoule ( just replace serum step with SHO ampoule). This SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule will definitely help restore the balance of my skin the the long run. I like the fact that this ampoule is not sticky like others. Oh Ya, this too comes in a beautiful tin tube, just like a miniature version of the mask tube.

How to use the ampoule? After washing your face and applying toner all you have to do is apply an appropriate amount all over face and gently tap to promote absorption. Use it twice a day for best results. Where can you get SHO? Well, you can get them from SHO Malaysia Facebook or Instagram and selected Sasa stores. They are priced at RM189 [50 ml] for the ampoules and RM159 for the mask, where you will find 7 pieces in the tube. Don’t wait! Go grab your SHO today! Personally, I recommend this!

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