Zephyrine #6 Placenta Extract Mask, is it worth it?

By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, September 28, 2018

When I was a girl, and when I was still learning about skin care I used to get the shop assistant to label the bottle of skincare that I've bought  simply because there were so many steps and my simple mind back then could never comprehend.

The Zephyrine range actually brings back memories, and I am glad to have stumbled into Zephyrine. Zephyrine is a skincare brand that was founded in 2011 and they focus on gentle skin care segment which means it's suitable for everyone and anyone. There are 5 series of products which is the classic, whitening,  anti - aging, moisturizing and cleansing. Zephyrine uses professional and luxurious formula to create these products which is why it is even suitable for all, regardless of skin type! Sounds great?
I am pleased to share with you the Exclusive Essence,Invers3,. Yes, the one that has numbers on them. This range has passed the moisture,  sensitivity and stability test. The exclusive essence has the ability repair skin from the inside.

This is Zephyrine’s #6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask. The name of the mask itself sounds so atas right? But you know what? It really is atas! Ingredients such as Placenta is known to help maintain skin hydration and elasticity. It also helps reduce melanin which will help reduce spots and brighten skin. Oat is the other ingredients uses. Vitamin E in Oats is high which helps maintain skin hydration.  Other main ingredients such as pearl extract, seaweed and Kabbalah helps tighten skin, lighten scars and keeping skin moisturized. This mask has been rated the most comfortable mask sheet in Japan! And I can affirm to that.

Remove the blue and pearl layer, the mask cotton sheet is thin but do not let it

deceive you as it contains very powerful ingredients.

Zephyrine’s #6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask is great for those who've just done aesthetic treatments or is recovering from a episode of skin breakouts like myself!  The mask has a nice fit especially at the nose area. This mask is also great for those that has rather unstabilized skin, as it will help stabilize it. I'll be doing a full review on this in a month. I was so amazed after one use, my skin was glowing!

Clearer and definitely brighter than before!

#4 White Truffle Repairing Cream, we all know Truffle is a rather expensive item when it comes to food but do you know Truffle can also benefit your skin? White truffle aids in repairing sensitive skin and skin that has lost moisture. Among other ingredients such as Yeast (pitera) which is anti oxidizing and relieves irritated skin. Wheat Protein, protects skin from UV ray and brightens skin.

Lightweight cream and absorbs easily too!

Aloe vera and Hyaluronic which is known by all for moisturizing and healing purpose, and last but not least; Allantoin which exfoliate and regenerates skin. You know how sometimes we wake up with rough red patches on our face, well that's the beginning of a nightmare for me as I must  have had a sensitive reaction to something. This is when the #4 White Truffle Repairing Cream comes into picture. You can stabilise sensitive skin in 4 weeks. The cream is lightweight and doesn't feel sticky at all. Absorbs fast too. Skin will stay moisturized and makeup last longer too! It's easy to apply, warm the cream with your hands to promote better absorption and apply gently.

Warm the cream by rubbing your palms prior to application to promote better absorption

Caption: Trying out the texture of the lotion, light and watery

#1 Rose Essence Treatment Lotion which will replace your toner is the 3rd step in the Exclusive Essence, Invers3 range. This treatment lotion has 2 really unique ingredient which is the bulgarian ruby Damascus  rose, Firstly since this is a lotion so the texture is watery and light and secondly it does a great job to replenish skin's moisture. The other ingredient which is the pearl extract from uwajima  which will help control pigment spots and whitens skin from the inside. Other ingredients includes Red Pomegranate, kabbalah extract, aloe vera extract and allation. The lotion has micromolecu technology which has 20x better absorption thus it will be easily absorb by the skin, almost instant.

Use a cotton pad and dap it over your face or if you are like me who prefers my bare hands. Remember to Dap it into the skin!

The Zephyrine #1 Rose Essence Treatment Lotion, #4 White Truffle Repairing Cream and #6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask. is now added to my daily routine so I will diligently use them and I will share the results in 1 month! Check out Zephyrine’s website and you can also purchase it from there! Follow me on my Instagram stories and Facebook stories. I do share my routines there.

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