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By Gaylen KaSai - Monday, October 01, 2018

This might be the weirdest entry that I have written, but trust me it is informative! I may be loud and old but let me tell you I have never walked into a lingerie shop alone! I shy shy when they ask me to try!  Lol. Until 5 years ago, all my undergarments were bought by my mom! And yes I don’t try before
I buy. Lol. I am pathetic. I know!

So, when Butterfly Malaysia X Neubodi had a workshop in Penang. I went along because I knew they girls were thrilled and since they are going so why not? You must be wondering why I don’t go and buy my own Boobie Holder, well I do actually. I do it online. Size? Really? Well, if you need me to type it out THE SMALLEST! “You buy online then can’t wear how?” you ask. Well, I think out of 10 pcs I but only 2 can wear, the rest will just stay in the wardrobe!  So I read up on Neubodi before I went. It is said that the Neubodi Consultant has magic hands, they are able to determine your bra size just by using their hand to hug your bust area. Oh Wow!

Now, let’s talk a bit on Neubodi and who are they! Yes, besides that fact that they sell ‘Boobie Holders’ and lingerie. Neubodi was established in 2008.  Neubodi has sizes ranging from 65A to 100I *OMG! There are more than 600 Stylist and Chic designs and if Sexy is your choice, they have it too! So, now what did I learn from the workshop?

Here goes….
  • Neubodi Consultant does have magic hands, they were accurate on the sizes for us!
  • Consultation is free,  just in case you are like me and don’t know your size
  • If you were your Boobie Holder the correct way with the correct size and type,  you can actually have bigger boobies over time.
  • There are ways to put on a Boobie Holder so that those flabby armpit fats and the ugly back fat doesn’t show! 
  • If you wear right, your boobies cup look bigger! And you slouch less
  • Wear it right and there will be No more slipping straps and loose fitting holders
  • Wearing the correct ‘Boobie Holder’ can actually reduce those Armpit Fat and Back  Fat for good! 
  • Some Lacey designs are really pretty and caught my eye!
  • I also learned the correct ways to wear the "boobie holder" and I was told that if I wear it the correct way for 6 months I will have bigger boobies and a better posture! Check out the steps..are you doing it right?

With all that is said, I have some good news, ladies! You can now get 25% off Your First Purchase when you donate your old bra! We all have more than one old bra, according to research 1 in 4 women in Malaysia owns more than 10 bras and 86% are poorly fitted or stretched out. 15% is recycled or donated and the rest goes into landfills, giving textiles one of the poorest recycling rates of reusable materials. So now, it is your chance to  start saving the planet by Recycling your old Bra at Neubodi. How does this work?
  • Find your old bra. Any brand; An condition
  • Drop it off at any Neubodi Bra Bin
  • Scan the QR Code to enjoy 25% OFF your first purchase
  • The donated bras are then sent to be sorted and packed
  • All the wearable bras are then shipped to third world countries to support underprivileged women while those non wearable ones will be recycled into fibres or bio-fuel to power cement kilns *whatever that means

I personally think this is a great effort from Neubodi. Did you know the Neubodi is now attempting the Malaysian Book of Records for THE LARGEST SECOND-HAND BRAS COLLECTION FOR RECYCLING. Lets make it happen shall we? Ganbateh Neubodi!

Now, ladies. Go search your wardrobe and visit any Neubodi Outlets and do your part to save the planet and give the underprivileged a chance to wear ‘boobie holders’. If you are wondering did I walk out of Neubodi with new “Boobie Holders”, well I did! Two pairs of Boobie Holders and 2 pieces of Underwear!

Here are the list of Neubodi Stores in Malaysia

KL & Selangor
One Utama Shopping Centre
Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
Bangsar Village II Empire Shopping Gallery Mid Valley Megamall Robinsons Four Seasons KL Encorp Strand

Gurney Plaza

Sabah & Sarawak
Imago Shopping Mall
Suria Sabah Shopping Centre
Vivacity Mall

Check out their website for more information!

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