Halloween Fest at Ocean Park HK!

By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, October 19, 2018

I love Hong Kong! This is my third time in Hong Kong and Hong Kong is a huge city which is densely populated. I love how the society is so competitive in Hong Kong. The people are hardworking, ambitious and tireless, just being in Hong Kong keeps me alive. No, I am not exaggerating, I love the fast paced lifestyle in Hong Kong tho it can be tiring and exhausting to many.  This time, I brought the kids and my parents to Hong Kong and it has been an experience. My folks definitely doesn’t like Hong Kong, the kids on the other hand loves it. I have never come across elderly who loves Hong Kong, perhaps it's because of too much walking and the fast pace, nevertheless it was an experience for each and everyone of us. So the highlight of this trip besides attending a friend’s wedding was Ocean Park Hong Kong! And yes this is what this entry is about.

Do you love Halloween? In Malaysia, Halloween is not widely celebrated, so we were anticipating Halloween in Ocean Park as they boasts having the biggest Halloween bash in all of Asia. was told at 5pm the ghost comes out!  This is my first time to Ocean Park Hong Kong, so I was very excited. I roam theme parks like a 7 year old!

We entered Ocean Park at around 11.30am, and the first place we visited was The Grand Aquarium as requested by Heiley. I was glad because the 12pm scorching sun is not my kind of thing. I think I got a shade darker already. Lol. The Grand Aquarium was shaded and air conditioned. There were so many types of marine life that even my parents were amazed. You think you’ve seen everything, I bet you have not! I could sit there all day just staring at the fishes and jellyfish! We spent about 1 hour and 30 mins in The Grand Aquarium, and that was with me rushing them or else I think the kids would've spent the whole day and night in there. We were hungry and wanted to dine at Neptune’s Restaurant where you can dine and the fishes will be accompanying you, unlucky for us the place was rather packed so we skipped.

We continued our journey to  Ocean Express Waterfront Station which was a ride Thrill Mountain. Here at Thrill Mountain is where you would find ride on attractions like The Flash, Hair Raiser and several more. Since its Halloween, there were many Halloween Attractions. I managed to persuade Heiley to visit one which was the ‘X-Dimension’ since there was no height restrictions, well she came out crying and I came out relieved. Hubs was the hero! Lol, Heiley refused to play in any of the attractions with me after the ‘X Dimension’ so we brought her to play some Fun Fair Games.

Next is the part I loved a lot! It was already 2.30pm by now and let me tell you the sun was hot so I was very happy to be at the ‘Polar Adventure’. Here at ‘Polar Adventure’ is where you will find ‘Artic Blast”, “South Pole Spectacular”,  “Arctic Fox Den” and “North Pole Encounter”. On a less glamorous term, it means Penguins, Seals and Walrus. Its my first time seeing real life penguins. They are absolutely adorable! Vegas saw a penguin dive into the water and poop/urinate [ I don’t know, first time seeing one], so now when I say Penguin he will say ‘sheet sheet’. The Seals here are really huge!  Oh ya, please remember to bring a jacket along when visiting because you definitely need it here. Heiley was so cold that because I kept her Jacket at the locker and I gave my Denim Jacket to Vegas, so only Vegas was comfortable at the Polar Adventure. It is cold. Tuxedo restaurant is also located here at Polar Adventure, and as expected it was packed. We were all getting hungry so we got Hot Dogs from the kiosk! No regrets...they were yums!

We continued walking past Adventure Land and into Marine World, We walk past the Crazy Galleon, Ferris Wheel,The Dragon, Shark Mystique.  We were greeted by Halloween Ghost along the way and I am very amazed at the effort that Ocean Park has put into the Halloween deco, Characters Dressing and Ambiance of the whole Halloween thing. Simply amazing. After all the noise, we continued walking by the Marine Mammal and Breeding Centre, which was an enjoyable walk as it was quiet with soft background music and the view of the ocean is beautiful and took the escalator up to the Pacific Pier and there we were greeted with a magnificent view! The Sunset view, I spent almost 45 minutes there just admiring the Egg Yolk and taking lots of photos. I am blessed to be able to watch the sunset with all the people I love here at Ocean Park. It was already 630pm when we took the Ocean express and headed back to Aqua City via Ocean Express.

Remember I said, 5pm and the ghost comes out! The scarier ones. Its true because I see Zombies everywhere and to be honest I was afraid. Heiley was already hiding behind the stroller with me behind her. While my parents and Vegas camped around The Aqua City Lagoon to watch the Water Fountain show, the 3 of us went for a quick walk to hell ; Elope from Hell, we walked around the area and there was so many characters dressed up like ‘Meng Po’ which is the s the Lady of Forgetfulness in Chinese mythology. Meng Po serves in Diyu, the Chinese realm of the dead. It is her task to ensure that souls who are ready to be reincarnated do not remember their previous life or their time in hell. Then there was this character Ox-Head and Horse-Face which are the two guardians of the Underworld in Chinese mythology. They are the first beings a dead soul encounters upon entering the Underworld; in many stories they directly escort the newly dead to the Underworld. There were so many other characters, we couldn’t find them all. I especially like Pumpking and also the Lady dress like a Mushroom.
We headed to have dinner at Lakeside Chill by the Aqua City Lagoon. The pork knuckles are to die for, and guess what? We got the best seat in the house for the 8pm SYMBIO! DANCING FOUNTAINS AND DRAGONS. This is Ocean Park’s signature night show. The beautiful circular fountain comes alive with the lights and projection accompanied by the fireworks. After the show and dinner,  we lingered a little bit more and realize we still have a lot of places uncovered. It was getting late tho Ocean Park closes at 11pm but everyone was already tired so we had to leave.
Thank You Ocean Park for having us! We really enjoyed Ocean Park, and I know we will be back because with the kids in tow I didn't had enough time to cover all the attractions and there was a Height restriction for Heiley too! I'll most definitely be back For Halloween because they’ve been the best thus far. Theme parks by itself is already the best place to be but do you know Theme Parks during festivities such as Christmas and Halloween is even better. For more information on these check out https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/ from time to time. Enjoy the Video we have for you!
Our first visit to Ocean Park Video.
Things to bring > Water Bottle for water refills at Water Stations > Umbrella [ if you are afraid of the sun and depending on season] > A Jacket for Polar Adventure > Spare change of clothes [ incase you get wet at Adventure land ] > Small Compact Camera/ Go Pro
Friendly reminder > Download the map and study it so you know where to go and what you want to do > Get Fast Track tickets if possible so you can skip the ques
> Wear comfy shoes as there is going to be a lot of walking

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