My Take on Zephyrine. Yay or Nay?

By Gaylen KaSai - Monday, October 29, 2018

Hi Girls!! I hope everyone’s doing fine! We are already in the 4th quarter of 2018! A month ago if you guys still remember I shared about a new range called Zephyrine. Yes, the ones with numbers. I've stopped all other skincare for the past 1 month and was diligently using only Zephyrine. So let’s do a little recap and also the results after 1 month of usage.
You already know that Zephyrine is a skincare product from Taiwan which is formulated with luxurious ingredients to naturally and effectively care for our skin. Basically this product is suitable for any skin types so anyone and everyone can use this with ease and with 5   series of products which is the classic, whitening, anti - aging, moisturizing and cleansing there is something for everyone.

So I have been using Zephyrine for approximately 1 month; twice a day. It's a much easier routine compared to my usual as I stopped all my other skin care for the whole month and concentrated on this. This is how my Zephyrine Routine goes.

After I wash my face I will apply the #1 Rose Essence Treatment Lotion which replaces my toner and other rose water. Well, this Rose Essence Treatment is different from the other. Let me share something about the roses used in the Rose Essence Treatment Lotion with you. This is a special type of rose, not just any kind of rose you find at the florist. Rosa Damascena (or Damask Rose) has a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena has over 280 components thanks to the special climate and soil it is grown in, which makes its aroma, longevity and intricacy extremely precious and desired by the most famous perfume brands in the world. These flowers are picked only once a year [ Mid-May – Early-June]and that is what makes them so precious. I have rather dry skin, so I depended a lot on products that contains hyaluronic acid. I was skeptical when I started using this and felt really funny skipping my HA Serums, but after a few days of use I realise that my skin is just as moisturized as before, not only that I also felt that after applying the essence my face isn’t sticky or oily, but felt so soft! I am sure you know that I am not a fan of essence but Zephyrine #1 Rose Essence Treatment Lotion which is selling at RM190 [Single product]  has definitely made me consider adding this permanently into my routine. Would I repurchase this? Most definitely because I swear my skin is as soft as a baby’s bum.

After the essence, I will use the #4 White Truffle Repairing Cream, which aids in repairing the skin and making sure skin is moist so I use this at night which is when the skin is resting.  When I started using this, I had some very stubborn scars in between my nose bridge due to acne/pimple because of my itchy hands. They are half healed and I will go picking on them again. 2 weeks into using the Truffle Repairing Cream, I realise that my acne wounds heal faster. I am not sure but I think it did, I would assume that it's because of the ingredients such as Truffle and Yeast. I will scoop a generous amount onto my palm and rub my palms together to warm the cream a little before applying it on my face to increase absorption. The #4 White Truffle Repairing Cream is very lightweight if compared to the other cream I am using so it doesn’t feel sticky At all! A month’s use has given me less oily skin [when I am outdoors] and also very moisturized skin.  This product is selling at RM270 [ Single Product] on their website. A jar could last you up to 3-4 months. Would I repurchase? Yes and No, well reason being I still have so many creams at home but I might repurchase when my skin is giving
me problems on scars and hydration.

Over the month long I used 3 of  Zephyrine’s #6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask and other mask
as well because I apply mask at least 5 days a week. What I like about the Zephyrine’s #6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask is that my skin is so much softer the next day and it last for about 3 days too. I also find my skin glowly and I realise old scars are lighter than before. I really love the fit of the mask, it's not easy for me to find a mask that actually wraps around my face nicely and Zephyrine’s 6 Placenta Extract Repairing Mask  which is selling at RM90 [Single product ] did it perfect. Will I repurchase? Yes! Yes! Yes! I mad love this mask….because my face was glowly even after 3 days!

Overall I would give this product a thumbs up! This is a product that focuses on using premium ingredients and do not use alcohol, artificial colours, preservatives, does not contain heavy metal or silicone and is not tested on animals. If you like what you read you may purchase them on Zephyrine’s website and remember to check out their PROMO tab because you will find fantastic combo deals there! Follow me on my Instagram stories and Facebook stories. I do share my routines there!

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