Biolife Evening Primrose Oil - Can EPO cure laziness?

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Age has a funny way of knocking some sense into me, which is good. I am becoming more health conscious after I hit the 30 mark, and I regretted not practicing all of this in my early 20’s. Thankfully It's never too late. Today, people are becoming more and more aware of their health and living a healthy lifestyle is becoming a trend. I see friends strive to abide living a healthy lifestyle which includes workout sessions, eating clean, sleeping well, staying hydrated and even meditation.

All these does only good and no harm to us but did you know that for anyone conscious about their health, good nutrition is the foundation and usually the starting point for anybody looking to improve their health. Whether you opt to increase your intake of organic vegetables, choose all-natural meat over factory farmed versions, adopt a plant-based diet, or have a daily green smoothie, the key idea is to give your body the nutrients it needs to keep you looking and feeling your best.

While the common rule is always food then supplements. What kind of supplements to take. How does supplements benefit to an already healthy diet? The best supplements will vary from individual to individual depending on their needs. Lifestyle, age, nutritional deficiencies, and gender all play a role in what type of supplements would best suit their lifestyle. No matter how healthy anybody’s lifestyle may be, supplements should be part of a healthy and balanced diet.

So what supplements do I take? Recently I started my self on : Biolife Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E [EPO]. Biolife EPO is a Basic health supplement that should be taken by all women because of the benefits it will give us.

What is EPO? Evening Primrose Oil is an oil extracted from seeds of the evening primrose plant. The evening primrose plant is one of the few native wildflowers in North America. As the name suggests, the yellow evening primrose blooms at night. It produces lovely yellow flowers from May to July. The evening primrose oil is known to have many medicinal uses such as relieving headaches, inducing labor, curing baldness and even as a treatment for laziness. *yes! Leaves, flower and all would be boiled in a tea which was believed to be a treatment for laziness and fatness. EPO is known to me as a health supplement for the skin, the oils extracted from the little yellow flower has many benefits for the skin.  EPO is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids which can only be found from certain sources like plant oils and fish, Gamma-linoleic Acid [GLA] and Linoleic Acid [LA]. Just so you know, no matter how smart our bodies are there are some things it cannot produce which is why we need to rely on supplements. Here’s something you might not know, we women complain a lot when it's that time of the month, the time when we bleed so much but is still alive. Lol. Have you ever thought about when you don’t bleed? Yes, Menopause. It will happen to every women and just like PMS we can actually do something about it if we know what causes it . Women suffering from PMS or Menopause has a deficiency in Gamma-linoleic Acid [GLA], GLA is required to help symptoms such as headaches, depressions, irritability and bloating. It also relieves PMS Breast Pain and tenderness. Apart from helping to improve hormonal balance, other benefits of EPO are reducing inflammation and retaining the skin’s moisture which is very important to me as my lifelong goal is to achieve flawless skin.

What are the benefits of EPO? Here are 22 Benefits which I gathered, some which I find relevant to me and some not yet,but prevention is better than cure.

1. Helps Treat PMS And Menopausal Symptoms *Fingers cross
2. Induces Labor
3. Improves Fertility
4. Controls Diabetes
5. Helps Manage Osteoporosis
6. Aids Weight Loss
7. Treats Scleroderma And Raynaud’s Phenomenon
8. Helps Improve Heart Health
9. Reduces Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
10. Cures Asthma * Fingers cross, have been living with Asthma since young
11. Treats ADHD
12. Treats Hepatitis B
13. Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
14. Treats Psoriasis
15. Treats Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
16. Enhances Skin Health * I definitely see this because my skin is much more hydrated and feels firmer too
17. Treats Acne  *Yes! Yes! I used to grow these type of acne where it's hidden beneath the skin, but since I started on the EPO I haven’t experience it. Touch Wood!
18. Treats Eczema
9.  Nourishes Nails *This is very relevant to me as I love to keep my nails long and since I started on Biolife EPO my nails doesn't crack and break as easily as before.
20. Lightens Dark Spots  *The spots from my acne has significantly reduced and because of this I will diligently take the EPO’s
21. Treats Hair Loss
24. Treats Scalp-Related Problems

Which Brand of EPO is good? There are so many brands of EPO in the markets it is indeed hard to decide. I have done countless of research on what’s good and what’s not. For health and also easy on the bank accounts as we all know supplements are a long term thingy. There is no point to take supplement for just a month or two. I finally decided on BIOLIFE EVENING PRIMROSE OIL1000mg PLUS VITAMIN E. What contributed to my decision these.

BIOLIFE is also a well known brand name in Malaysia for 28 years and BIOLIFE products are easily accessible in Malaysia. Biolife has a team of Nutritionist, Biochemist and Food technologist and Microbiologist bringing the nest to consumers. Biolife also has a wide range of products for the whole family from general health to children’s wellness. The kids are Biolife AB Junior Pre & Pro and I have been taking Biolife Non-Acidic VItamin C & Bioflavonoids since the beginning and now Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E

It is important to choose the correct brand of Evening Primrose Oil. I chose Biolife based on the strength of Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg Plus Vitamin E per capsule is 1000mg, which is great as the recommended dosage for an adult is 1-3g a day. There is also 10% GLA per capsule. Now, I already told you that EPO is derived from flowers but how are these oils derived also plays an important role. Biolife Evening Primrose Oil is derived via the cold pressed method which doesn’t impose any external heat and is able to retain the natural profile of the oil. There’s also an additional ingredient in the Biolife Evening Primrose Oil which is Vitamin E, Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant for our skin.  Biolife Evening Primrose Oil comes in a huge glass bottle which contains 180 capsules and is sold at RM63. 180 capsules is good for 6 months, which make each capsule RM0.35. That’s very affordable for our health right? The recommended dosage is 1 capsule a day, however I do take  3 capsules a day when I find that my skin is getting too dry

So all that being said, I would strongly recommend every women to start taking Biolife Evening Primrose Oil. Biolife Evening Primrose Oil can be bought from Leading pharmacies nationwide such as Watson’s, Guardian and local Pharmacies.  Do check out Biolife Website or BIOLIFEFACEBOOK for more information and promotions.

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