How can Stone Spa benefit your health?

By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, December 06, 2018

Day More Stone Spa Penang

We all work so hard to earn a living, and there is simply nothing better than being able to kick back, relax and pamper ourselves especially after a long hard day at work or a day of seemingly endless chores. Living in a fast paced world it is so important to take time out just to relax and have some me-time.
Waiting Room
My me-time mostly comprises of messages and spas as it is really the only time I can wind Mown and forget everything for a little while. So, last week I visited a new spa; Day More Stone Spa which has just recently open its doors. Day More Stone Spa Penang is located at EGate Penang and has recently opened another branch in Bangsar Village, KL. 

Bed of Stones which is great for our health
The concept of Day More Stone Spa is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Stone Spa originated from Tamagawa Onsen in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Stone spa has been confirmed to bring health benefits by experts as upon heating by volcanic activity, the natural ore emits far infrared rays and releases negative ions. Stone Spas promotes natural healing process, improved vitality, eliminate fatigue, accelerates metabolism and also expels toxins. So  if you've heard of onsen or Ganbanyoku then this would be somewhat similar. At Day More, 5 natural rare ores that radiates far infrared rays and releases negative ions. Far infrared rays will heat the body and improves blood circulation while  negative ions will increase overall well-being, improves mood, reduces negative emotions such as anxiety, worry, sadness. It is able to neutralize the effects of stress, eliminate sleep disturbances and improves mental immunity. I was also told that Stone Spa is actually very popular in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea and many celebrities actually does the stone spa to maintain their health and beauty.

Know it: An ore is an occurrence of rock or sediment that contains sufficient minerals with economically important elements, typically metals, that can be economically extracted from the deposit. The ores are extracted from the earth through mining; they are then refined (often via smelting) to extract the valuable element, or elements.

Magnetic Stones to release Negative Ion
Radium Ores, are known to release large amounts of highly concentrated quantities of negative ions and also emits far infrared rays which are beneficial to our bodies as it facilitates health improvements and promotes beauty. I have previously share before about the benefits of negative ion for a beauty device I use, you can read about it Here. Energy from the Radium Ores can regulate our nervous system, enhance blood circulation, lower body fat and visceral fats, improves heart and lung and overall health and beauty.

Negative Ions and Far Infrared Energy Stone, regulates the balance of human ions, which allows our body and mind to relax while activating cells and inhibits oxidation or aging of the body. Far infrared rays promotes skin metabolism, strengthening of sebum secretion and promotes blood circulation as well as cell regeneration. Negative Ion does a great job in enhancing our immune system and boosting out blood oxygen level.  We tend to sleep better with this energy too!.

Beitou Stones is a well known Miracle Stone in the east, these stones are most commonly found in Tamagawa Hot Springs in Japan, and it is said that this stone can heal almost all illness.

Black Lead is a kind of graphite found in the deep ocean hundred of million years ago, and has recently being pilled up on the seabed in recent years. It has being reaffirmed that black lead can improve water quality, soil deodorization or sterilization. When heated, black lead emits far infrared rays and releases negative ions.

Whole body is being warmed up by the stones just like in an Onsen

Head Guasa with specially blended Pure Essential Oil to relax your body and soul

Rest and relax as your body heals

Migraines can ease with the Head Guasa Treatment 
My Experience of Day More Signature Stone Spa. Before the session began my body stats were measured, weigh, BMI, Fats etc. This stone spa can actually give immediately results [depending on individual ]  I read that some individual have manage to lose a few pounds too. So I was provided with a towel and was ushered into the bathroom for a shower which got me a little confused as we usually shower after the session and I was told that even after the stone spa session, I do not need to shower again despite all the perspiration. I was a little bit taken aback because I am not the kind of person that could stand the stickiness or smell from my perspiration, oh well let’s see.  I like the fact that even the shower heads at Day More are infused with stones and all the necessary toiletries such as hair conditioner, shampoo are provided. I was then ushered into the treatment room where there were beds filled with stones, being skeptical I reaffirmed with the friendly therapist if I'm suppose to sleep on that bed of stones, it must be rather uncomfortable I thought to myself. As I lay down on the bed, I didn’t feel the rockiness or bumpiness instead it felt warm and comfy. The top cover will be closed down and only the area above my neck can be seen. This whole treatment will take approx 60 mins. The temperature of the stone bed is capped at 40 Degree Celsius which feels just nice, it might feel a little warmer in the beginning as our body gets use to it. This temperature allows our body to gently releases sweat while expelling toxins from the body.  I was reminded from time to time by their therapist to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated which I ignored and regretted, I will tell you why soon. 60 mins sleeping on this Stone Bed is actually equivalent to  running a 30km Marathon. They were not joking when they said this, I was drenched wet by the time the 60 mins was up. I was also given their  “Signature Head Guasa’ session about 10 mins after I layed down on the bed, the therapist uses a tool and massages my head and neck, truth be told I was scared because most massage places I go to, I do not allow them to massage my head because I will have a headache soon after they are done. I really wanted to see how this ‘Signature Head Guasa’ will be different because I have been suffering from the worst Migraine I have ever experienced for 3 days before I came here so I don’t think any massage can get the migraine worse than it already it, on the bright side of life this Head Guasa might even heal the migraine! I went home feeling all relax and happy, and the pain from the migraine has reduced significantly, I wouldn’t say its not there but it doesn’t bother me that much anymore compare to the day before, but that night I was so thirsty that I think I drank a gallon of water. Lol. I was running to and fro from the bathroom that I lost count. I think this is why the therapist keep telling me to drink more water and stay hydrated during the treatment, so please do remember to drink plenty of water when you go ok, actually we should be drinking at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis. So  completing the 60 mins ‘Stone Spa Treatment and being drenched wet, to my amazement  my skin wasn’t feeling sticky or smelly at all, it felt really smooth just like what babies skin feels like. Yup, I didn’t take a shower after that because there really is no need too. 

Signature Meridian Therapy
I also did the Signature Meridian Therapy and Signature Female Meridian Therapy at Daymore Stone Spa Penang. What is Meridian Therapy? Meridian therapy is somewhat like acupuncture where your acupoint is treated but uses other strategies to stimulate the points such as electrical probes and low-intensity laser. Meridian therapy techniques restore energy flow through the body’s twelve meridians. It works in a variety of ways to release blockages and restore balance in mind and body. This technique has been well know and used in the east for healing and energy balancing.

Signature Meridian Treatment  which I really enjoyed. I could feel my whole body loosen up
My Meridian Therapy Experience was really great. Before the treatment begin, a cream which is specially blended by Day More is applied to my back. This cream consist of ginger which is great to expel winds. A device is then used to go around my back. It feels like a pin and needles as it goes along the back, it felt funny a first but then soon the feeling becomes familiar and it feels rather comfortable. On some areas the intensity felt a little stronger, mostly on those areas that I have been hurting a lot such as my underarms and shoulders. This meridian therapy will help loosen our nerves and help increase blood circulation and is great to de-stress.

Female Meridian Treatment
The  Female Meridian Therapy  was totally different from the previous as no external devices were used but only the therapist bare hand against the body’s acupoint. This treatment is only for the ladies as this treatment can help ladies who has PMS, or disturbed monthly period and also women who is undergoing menopause. This treatment also help to release water retention and the digestive system. It is good to do this treatment once a month to keep our womb and ovaries in good health. 

Freshening Up 
Once you are done pampering yourself, you can freshen up at Day More Stone Spa Penang with  no worries as everything is already provided for you. A cozy section is available for you with amenities such as hair brush, hair dryer, lotions and all. So if you are feeling a little weary, allow me to suggest that you try out “Day More Stone Spa” since we don’t have onsen here in Malaysia to go too. The stone spa will surely help you relax and equipped your body with the elements that its deficient in. The warming sensation will improve your blood circulation and metabolism and you will see the effect preeminent in both beauty and health. Check out the links below.

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Lebuh Tengku Kudin 2,
11700, Gelugor,
Pulau Pinang

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