Natural Remedies to keep your family healthy!

By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, March 22, 2019

It has never been easy to convince someone, moreover if its something that they've never tried or never being exposed too. Don't you agree? I'm here not to convince you but to share with you something I strongly believe in.

I've been a strong believer of Essential Oils since my youngest child was born 3 years ago. I used them in the house and in the car for smell purposes. I use them to treat minor ailments like flu, aches and pains because essential oils have great healing Properties. If you've never heard of Essential oils, you probably won't know that it's highly concentrated therefore these oils has to be diluted with a carrier oil prior to usage. The mixture ratio of each type of oil in order for the concoction is also important for it to be effective. Essential oil are rather pricey however I must say that it is worth every cent as Essential Oils are extracted from plants, and flowers so they include the actual essence of the scent of the plant, giving them a powerful therapeutic effect. There are so many different kinds of oil with different benefits and I will slowly share them with you.

Now, If you are new to Essential Oils, I would like to share with you AUDELIA NATURALS. Their Mummy Rescue Kit is perfect for the little ones. As parents, we try to make safe, smart and rational choices for our kids. Audelia Naturals Mummy Rescue Kit contains remedies to help soothe aches and pains, and is safe for children.

The kit contains 4 10ml's Roll-on to soothe your little one.
➡️ IMMUNITY for boosting Immunity
➡️ TUMMY to soothe tummy upset
➡️ BEDTIME for a good night's sleep ➡️ SNIFFLES to relief stuffy nose

Each bottle is blended with different main oils and carrier oils to serve different purposes. All these can be rolled your child's back, feet, tummy or neck where it will absorb faster. Every mummy should keep this handy and pack these in daily nappy bags. The packaging of these roll-on are also very cute with graphic animal labels.Vegas calls the IMMUNITY blend as Bear Bear 🐻 AUDELIA NATURALS are also very affordable. The Mummy Rescue Kit is priced at RM149. They also have other products which I will be trying soon like the BUG AWAY which is great for the Outdoors as it's a natural repellent and the GOGERM BUSTER SPRAY.

AUDELIA NATURALS also have oils for adults, you can try the ADULT WELLNESS KIT to see if you like it. The kit consist of PEACE, TRANQUILITY, WONDER & SPRIT. Things we all need every now and then. Lol. Find out more about AUDELIA NATURALS on the links

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  2. For me personally, Essential oils is one of the effective way to cure fever, cold, etc for my kids. because I've tried it before, especially when I have a baby, it's really hard for me to give him medicine, he always cried when I give it to him.

    I also use some oils after pregnancy, to reduce the stretch marks, after 2 weeks usage, slowly my stretch mark gone. this is very good belly oil that I use until today for belly

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