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By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Home is where the heart is. Nothing feels better than going home to the warmth of family and the goodness of home cooked food after a long day at work. We all know that the property prices has been on the increasing trend throughout the years which makes owning our ideal home very difficult if not impossible. I live in Penang, Malaysia. It's a little island off the Malaysia in the Straits of Malacca. If you still don't know where here are the coordinates 5°24′52.2″N 100°19′45.1″E, Penang is roughly around the 113 sq mile, and our highest point would be Penang Hill. Recently certain initiative such as ‘Rent to Own [RTO] has been taken to enable more young adults to be able to own their own home instead of renting one which I personally think is a great initiative, as more and more people would be able to own their own property even tho it might not be in the most strategic location or the location of choice but I guess its better than having to rent. 

Eco Palmera
Now, Penang is divided into 2, mainland and island. I Have been staying in the island all my life until 5 years ago here I moved into the mainland after I got married. I still travel everyday to the island via either one of the Penang Bridge because the kids goes to school in the island and most of the time I work In the Island. Before moving into the mainland, being a typical islander I have always complained about distance of mainland and island, now I sometimes do 4 trips In a day without complain. Over the years, I came to realise the distance is in fact almost the same as in my mainland home I enjoy the big compound, huge space and many rooms in our double storey terrace in the mainland  compared to my 1012 sq ft condominium. My condominium is around RM420,000 [5 years ago] while my residence in mainland is RM450,000 [ 9 years Ago] with a land area 3,500 sq ft in its own township. That's 3 times bigger than my condominium! Distance is worth it since we cannot afford a 3,500 sq ft corner lot terrace, I am guessing it would cost around 1.8mil - 2mil at least if our house were to be located In the Island. So basically with RM1mil one can only purchase a condominium with a built-up of ard 1,200 sq ft in Penang Island. 😂 No, not an ideal home. Not for Me. I need space.

All set, let's go
Now,  I wanna take you on a trip further UP North, to Bertam. Bertam is also in the North , in the mainland Penang, around 20 mins drive from where I live and 30 mins from the first Penang bridge. Why am I taking you there? Because I wanna share with you what kind of property can you buy with RM1mil in Mainland Penang. A single storey Bungalow with a garage! Yes, BERTAM ECO RESIDENCE developed by Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd. 

High Ceiling, perfect fro Big Family photos during CNY because you can shoot from the top floor!
Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd, is one of the main developers in Bertam, Penang.  Being one of the most reliable and reputable company here,  Bertam Properties is renown in the building industry in the Northern Hub of Seberang Perai. Bandar Bertam Perdana, its flagship, is strategically located in a vast area of 3,700 acres in the Northern Hub. It has been planned to develop this part of Kepala Batas into an integrated township for residential, commercial, institutional and recreational purposes. The completion of 6,800 residential and commercial units so far, is proof of Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd’s reliability and reputation. BERTAM Properties Sdn Bhd has  unveiled its latest residential component of Eco Residence in the sprawling Bandar Bertam Perdana township in Kepala Batas, Penang.

I love the girly design of this room! Heiley would be thrilled
Eco Residence is the latest freehold undertaking which comprises of a total of 203 homes comprising double- storey bungalows (Eco Florenz – 26 units), double- storey terraces (Eco Rosalva – 112 units) and single-storey bungalows (Eco Palmera – 65 units). I visited Eco Palmera and Eco FLorenz and I must say that I am in awe.

  I love the Cozy corner below the Stairway, I would have made it my own personal studio
ECO PALMERA - Single Storey Bungalow

Eco Palmera is a Single Storey Bungalow which is part of the Bertam Eco Residence development. Each unit comes with 4 Rooms + 4 Bathrooms, a Wet Kitchen and Dry Kitchen,Spacious dining area and Living Room. One of the uniqueness of the Eco Residence Development would be the Garage, and its garage is truly something to be amazed at because it is believe that Eco Residence is the first landed property in Malaysia to be installed with garage doors exactly like the ones I saw in Australia. Properties at Bertam Eco Residence are also Unifi Ready!

So excited to wait to be served by my Personal Chef

ECO FLORENZ - Double Storey Bungalow
Eco Palmera has already gotten me all hyped up but when I saw Eco Florenz, I didn’t want to leave. Eco Florenz is a double storey bungalow with a built up area of 3158 sq ft and a land area of 5600 sq ft. That is indeed a huge built up! With 3 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms, every room is indeed very spacious just to my liking. Eco Florenz also feature a wet and dry kitchen as well as 2 living areas, one at each level. The Main Living hall is something to shout about because it features a really high ceiling all the way to the upper level. I have always like homes with high ceiling as it gives the impression of a bigger space and surely better air circulation. Eco Palmera is also equipped with a garage just like every other Eco Residence Units and I must say this, if you love cars, you will love this property.

The Bertam Eco Residence may feel far to some especially those in Penang Island, but let me tell you that it is not especially if you are working in mainland Seberang Jaya, Kulim-High Tech and nearby as Bertam Eco Residence is easily accessible via PLUS, Butterworth-Kulim Expressway, Penang Bridge so from Penang International Airport to BErtam Eco Residence one will take approximately 35 mins [ 41km ]  and if from Butterworth it will approximately take 17mins [16km].  

Check out more photos below, I am sure you can see from our faces how happy and excited we were. I am sure Eco Residence will make a great home for many! Kudos Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd!

Find out more about Eco Residence by Bertam Properties Sdn Bhd from their website at  visit their Sales Office at the address below.

No.1, Jalan Dagangan 1,
Pusat Bandar Bertam,
Bertam Perdana 1,
13200 Kepala Batas,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

The opening hours will be :

8am - 5pm (Monday to Friday)

10am - 5pm ( Saturday and Sunday)

Tel: +604 - 578 2020  
Fax: +604 - 575 9364  
GPS: 5.5182471,100.4497153

Perfectly sized room 

Nice and Quiet for an afternoon read

Do-Re-Mi that is the tune to my home

She does the cooking

and I will do the baking

I always love corner units because of extra space!

Love how high the ceiling is for Eco Florenz

I love the walk in Wardrobe  Design so much

Comfy Bedroom for a goodnight's sleep

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  1. Wow the house looks so nice and comfy. I wish I could afford the house someday. I just finished my house renovation last year with really good results that changed the atmosphere of my house. Call them to enquire more!