Mummies Best Friend. Joylee Olber Series

By Gaylen KaSai - Sunday, March 31, 2019

Last week, Vegas was rather excited to see such a huge box at home . To be honest I was myself too because I knew what was in it! His new Diaper Bag from Joylee. Truth be told I have never heard of this brand before and since they ask for a review, I thought why not since I have been searching for the right diaper bag since Vegas was born! I never found one! A good diaper bag is always a life savior  when you have 3 year old toddlers who is always messy at mealtimes, and clumsy at playtime. Mummies, I feel you. 

My first impression of the Joylee Olber Series- Traveller Backpack was 'So small, can fit?' The size is about 21cm [L]x 36cm [H] x 25cm [W] and the bag alone weight 800gm and boy I was amazed! I took everything out from the old diaper bag which is 1.5x its size and fit them all nicely + more stuff in the JOYLEE Olber bag. I could even fit in my phone and wallet.  The bag is coated with a material called JOYSHIELD COATED FABRIC which is waterproof and scratch proof! There is also a Key Leash attached to the bag to hold your keys. 

This bag is also super lightweight despite all the stuff in it, even hubs was amazed [ he's the one carrying the bag most times ] The Olber Bag also comes with straps to strap on to strollers and luggage's. Theres a special spine-care technology that is used and the straps of the bags are wide and padded with 3D memory foam so it relieves pressure off the shoulders and it feels comfortable to carry around all day.

With 20 compartments its so easy to organize all Vegas stuff and its easy to look for them too! There's a pouch which is detachable for time which I use when to put my cash and stuff so when I wanna leave the bag in the car I could easily take the pouch! Some of the compartments are stretchable too! Front pockets adn 1 side pocket are insulate

The bag comes in just plain black which is good for me because I could easily blend it in with my outfits and Hubs loves it because its color isn't mixed or super striking fun baby colors. 

The best part? This bag is so affordable at only RM168 [for the basic] and RM258 [For the professional] The professional one is the one I got which comes with the stroller straps, Ultra Light Flask, Multi Use Sponge and Baby Changing Pad. 

Honestly, this is such a great bag and I won't be changing it for the world. I am so glad that it came in the mail! Check it out yourself JOYLEE OLBER BAG

Check out this Video ' What's in his Bag' 

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  1. As a mum for 3 children, I just finished repairing bathtub crack in my bathroom. My children will be excited to play inside. This backpack looks nice and trendy to put everything inside for a vacation. Please keep writing and I love your blog.