Are you ready to challenge the Mighty Mighty Squad?

By Gaylen KaSai - Tuesday, March 26, 2019

School Holidays are in! I am always excited about the school holidays because that's about the only time that we can spend more time with the kids doing fun stuff instead of homework or school activities. I have always been the type of mother that believes in balance when it comes to education. As important as education is, so is outdoor play which is why I was very excited to bring them to experience their first obstacle course challenge. I like teaching my kids the way of life through experience instead of through the books. 

Photo credited to IPC Facebook Page
Last weekend we brought both kids to experience the Mighty Mighty Squad at IPC Shopping Centre. IPC Shopping Centre has always been one of my favourite shopping centres because it is child friendly with fully equipped baby changing rooms and now that it has been redeveloped, it is even better than before. Kids will be very happy at IPC Shopping Centre as Level 2 has been converted into a new kids’ play area ; FUNLAND!
The new IPC Shopping Centre is definitely one of the most family friendly shopping centres around, even before the revamp, the women’s parking lots has increased so it's more convenient for Mummies to bring their kids here. I can easily put my groceries or shopping in the car and have lunch at one of the many restaurants available. I also love that they have more seating areas around the centre, especially if I am out shopping with my parents, these seats are very useful for them to rest after shopping.

Register for IPC Små Club [ Opposite Padini ] if you are still not a member

Now let’s register ourselves at ‘Mighty Mighty Squad’

Now, let's go back to ‘Mighty Mighty Squad’. This School Holiday, IPC has introduced ‘Mighty Mighty Squad’, a Superhero themed school holiday activity for kids aged 1 to 12 years old. Yay, even Little Vegas can participate in the challenge. Now every kid loves superheroes don’t they? Now they can be the superhero by challenging the obstacles course. The activities involve a range of kid-friendly games and obstacle courses that will stimulate their physical and mental development and kids who completed the course will walk away with some IPC goodies as well as a certificate.
One of the many obstacles! This one Vegas loves a lot…
he walked over so many times I lost count.

Concentration is power my child! Glad she learn about focusing on something. Lol.
How to take part?
1. Participation is free for IPC Små Club Members (to register:
2. For non-IPC Små Club Members, a minimum spend of RM50 at any IPC outlets is required to redeem a free 1 day pass
Heiley passed this obstacles smoothly while little Vegas needed some help

Little Vegas didn’t understand why he had to turn around at first, he wanted to slide down.
Heiley & Vegas had real fun trying to complete the 11 obstacle challenges and I had fun watching them. There are 11 checkpoints of which can be found HERE  I was really impressed that Vegas actually walk through Checkpoint 1: Lightning Speed, where you are actually supposed to keep your balance and walk on a narrow plank. I honestly didn’t know my boy has such good balancing skills. Lol. Heiley enjoyed the huge Snake & Ladder game [Checkpoint 7]  Photo speaks louder than words and you can check out the video HERE!  Lol. It’s nice to see that every time Vegas completes a task he would clap his hand and I find that really cute. Heiley who is much older, thought that she could complete the course challenge without difficulty was wrong. The kids kept wanting to play that I had to drag them to get their Certificate of completion! Kids who completed will receive a certificate, which I feel is such a great initiative as this will teach them that success comes from hard work.  
Heiley and a grumpy Vegas [he didn’t wanna leave the squad]
with their completion certificate
Don’t miss out this event happening at IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara. 10am - 10pm until 31st March 2019. This is definitely an event your kids don’t want to miss! Also remember to sign the kids up for the Små Club membership to redeem [One] free pass or spend a min of RM50 at IPC and redeem your free pass at their i-Counter. ! For more information . Do follow the links below for more updates!

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