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By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, March 22, 2019

I am sure that you already know that I am into fitness since Jan 2019.
There is no doubt when you are a mom, you wished that you had 48 hours in a day. Thankfully all moms are granted with superpowers the moment the child is born. All of a sudden we have an additional brains, an additional invisible pair of arms and legs. We automatically up our level in multitasking and planning. Regardless if you are a working mom or a Stay at home mom, the struggle is real. Mummies, Give yourself a pat of the back, you deserve it! Like I said being a mom, we often put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to the family and more often than not, our health has always being neglected. We are always busy with work, with household chores and the family. Going to the gym or working out at home is the last thing we can think off. Jan 2019, I decided that the time is now. I signed for a gym membership, so far so good.

Over the years I have put on some weight especially on my lower body specifically the thighs and behind. The gym does wonders but wouldn’t it be great it there’s something else that could wear throughout the day that helps to burn the fats even while you are working or doing household chores? Heat pants are very common these days and they seem to be the in thing. There are several brands in the market and believe me I have tried them all. Let me share with you one of my current favorite pair which is from PANAZ.

PANAZ which originated from the word PANAS [hot in Bahasa Malaysia] Panaz Sweat Booster Series is specially designed to help boosting sweat and burning more calories when being active for better fitness performance and weight loss results. I don’t have much time to spend in the gym, usually around an hour and half including shower-time so every minute is important to me ad by wearing PANAZ Heat Pants I am assured that every active moment counts. The PA+ Material in every Panaz Sweat Booster active wear increases the body temperature and heart rate while I am being active in the gym doing cardio or weights. What is great is that even doing daily household chores in my PANAZ Outfit helps me sweat even in an air conditioned room. The PANAZ Heat pants is also very durable and flexible, so your movements are not restricted at all.

I specifically love the designs of the pockets are for this Sweat Booster Pants, the pockets are located at the sides and its deep so there's no fear of your phone or pods falling out which I find much joy in because when I work out I need to have my phone with me at all times. Lol

PANAZ Heat pants also feature a Ultra-Thin design compared to the other few in the market. Personally I feel that the PANAZ pair suits me best when I am being active on the road or doing household chores at home as the material is much thinner and comfortable to be worn all day long. I have friend who has given me feedback on heat pants giving them skin allergy, in the beginning I never understood why until I found out that it could be from Polyester, poor sweat absorbing ability of polyester can result in serious skin allergy issue which is why PANAZ Sweat Booster strictly disallows any form of Polyester material. My friends who was allergic to my other pair find no problem in PANAZ.

I am sure you would be curious to know the effectiveness of this PANAZ Heat Pants, well everyone’s body reacts differently but what I can tell you from my own personal experience is that when I am wearing PANAZ Heat Pants in the gym I sweat more than when I wear normal pants. If you are not being active in the gym, you could actually be wearing PANAZ Heat Pants throughout the day especially when doing household chores like Cleaning or washing the car. I have tried it and I sweat so much I needed a shower after mopping the floor and windows. Lol.

PANAZ Heat pants is easily cleaned, all you have to do it hand wash and hang it to dry. It dries pretty fast because of its material. Do not put it in the washing machine or soak. Do not iron and do not use the dryer. No bleach and No detergent.

One more thing that I love about the PANAZ brand is that it is affordable compared to many and the designs and variations are plenty from Heat Top, Heat Bras, Heat Arm Bands and such. I would highly recommend this to all mummies who wants to start working on a healthier lifestyle. You can find out more about PANAZ from their Official Website and Social Media! Follow me IG Stories  [Workout Highlight] if you want to get some tips for working out in the GYM! Watch the video below! Lol. Its my first video in Mandarin, yes, I don't speak mandarin very well. Lol. Well that's another story to tell.

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