Suubalm, a rapid reliever for itchy skin! Kids friendly

By Gaylen KaSai - Sunday, March 03, 2019

As a child I have been blessed with great skin which I am very thankful for. My wounds heals fast, my scars fades fast, no breakouts and my skin don’t itch, but as I grow up my skin changed. It got really dry and sometimes It gets so dry that it itches. I guess that is what age does and also thanks to the air conditioned environment I am in 24/7 from home, to the office and in the car. Every I go it’s air-conditioned, simply because I cannot endure the heat. My eldest child, Heiley has very dry skin since she was born and is sensitive to several brands of shower gels. Since young she has been scratching ever so often, and I have always ask her to stay hydrated and stay moisturized since young. Lucky for my youngest, Vegas, who took up after me. Hubs has rather dry skin as well, so in our toilet there are so many brands of shower gels and moisturizers until…..

Suu Balm!

Suu Balm is the first sensitive skin moisturiser that relieves itch fast, Suu Balm is a
cream that is targeted at anyone with itchy, dry skin, to provide rapid relief from itch

and increase the frequency of moisturising. Itch goes away within 5 mins or less.

I learned a lot at the Watson x Suu Balm product launching which was held on 26th Feb at Nathalie Gourmet Studio. Suu Balm is a product formulated at Singapore’s National Skin Centre for the purpose of relieving itch. Dr John O’Shea explained to us about the ingredients used in Suu Balm and we even had some experiments done.

The Suu Balm range is designed for anybody with dry, itchy skin to provide itch relief and increases the frequency of moisturizing, breaking the itch-scratch cycle to prevent further damage from scratching. This cream has been specially formulated for our kind of climate which is really the best thing as most products in the market are formulate in Europe, US and etc. Their climates are totally different from ours, so creams formulated for these countries are too thick for us. Suu Balm is light, non-greasy and absorbs fast.

If you don’t already know  ceramides are crucial in structuring and maintaining the water permeable barrier function in the skin and it help skin renewal by forming a barrier against moisture loss, thus protecting and repairing dry and sensitive skin. Suu Balm contains a high concentration of ceramides if compared to other moisturisers in the market. Menthol is also another one of Suu Balm’s main ingredients and this makes it less suitable for kids under the age of 3, but you can still try to see if your child is ok with the cooling sensation. Some kids just don’t like it. Mine loves it. Menthol perceived skin cooling effect by activating the same nerve receptors as cold therefore helps relieve itch up to 80%. For those with eczema, you would be happy to know that Suu Balm doesn’t contain steroid and  is also Paraben free!

Suu Balm can be used to relieve all types of itches and skin irritations caused by dryness, sensitivity or irritated skin. Suu Balm can also help relieve bites itch thanks to Menthol. Suu Balm can be applied several times a day and it definitely helps in the reduction of dry and itchy skin, however it is not a permanent cure for skin dryness so please continue to moisturizes regularly. Suu Balm also has a range of products for the whole family such as Suu Balm Creams and Suu Balm ultra-gentle moisturising wash. Suu Balm also has their kids range;Suu Balm Kids, so this is safe for kids to use.

Stopwatch Experience

Suu Balm can be found in Watson’s nationwide with its special introductory price which is RM9.90 from today until 4th March 2019, and from 5th March to 1st April you can get Purhase with Purchase at 30% off Suu Balm Washes for Kids and Original! Visit any Watsons store nationwide or visit  

Menthol Experience

Ceramide Experience

Ceramide Experience

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